So Who Wants To See Jax Teller Turn Into A Transformer And Punch Sea Creatures In The Face?

December 13th, 2012 // 25 Comments
Pacific Rim
WATCH: 'Pacific Rim' - Official Trailer

The trailer for Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim popped up online last night which is apparently the long-awaited tale of some sort of mecha warriors battling Ninja Gaidens while collecting Pokemon if I’m reading this synopsis right. (No Gamera, no deal, Del Toro. These are my terms.) Anyway, it stars Charlie Hunnam, Jax from Sons of Anarchy, as the only white guy in Japan who knows robot samurai fighting which he then uses to punch the shit out of a bunch of giant sea creatures from another dimension because Stringer Bell wants him to “cancel the apocalypse.” So already I can see my brain sitting home alone when this thing comes out, drinking a white wine and wondering what would’ve happened if it stayed with its college sweetheart. Maybe they’re on Facebook…


  1. Schmidtler

    I hope he beats the hell out of some whales. Stupid fucking whales shitting and pissing in the ocean, every goddamned day. wtf, I’m supposed to swim in an ocean full of whale piss & shit?

  2. h8tr

    dumbest looking movie….ever

  3. Colin

    When I complained about movies not being original any more, this wasn’t the solution I had in mind…

  4. hatersgonhate

    why why why does Charlie use the Jax voice in every role (he’s British for Christ sake) and yet being Jax means you sound exactly like christian bale from batman?????

  5. Deacon Jones

    I actually liked the look of this trailer, lol

  6. astutecugel

    And the monsters always fight the USA, again and again …
    please monsters, attack the europe or africa or india or …

  7. Cock Dr

    Makes me wonder just how much the blogger pockets for these movie trailer postings. 10k? 20k?
    Case of Pabst Blue Ribbon?

    • Frank Burns

      Six-pack of Milwaukee’s Best Light, and an autographed picture from Jennifer Nicole Lee. In any case, more than I am paying him.

  8. Joanne

    actually I think Jax is originally Australian…anyway the trailer looks good and I really love Dell Toro UNLESS there’s a romantic plot line involved. Please God, let there not be a romantic plot line in the film.

  9. Juch

    Never liked the giant-suit-of-armor thing in anime, and no white guy should be allowed to hold a katana unless he’s a Highlander named MacLeod.

  10. SIN

    Any chance of a Godzilla cameo?

  11. Edg

    Pure Crappppp this movie is so unoriginal and pathetic

  12. old man

    Monster: ROAAAAARRR
    Jax: *facepalm* Jesus Christ.

  13. JonG

    The patients have taken over the asylum in Hollywood. How does this moronic stuff get funded? I guess they are counting on the nearly infinite stupidity of the moviegoing public.

  14. Wheatley

    I will see this movie just to hear Glados and pretend its portal the movie…

  15. A mixture of Portal, Gundam Wing, and Evangelion.

    Oh Hollywood, you so original.

    • A ton of Giant Robot shows came out before Evangelion, and this doesn’t look like Evangelion. Why, cause there’s a robot in it?

      It seems like people keep using the name Evangelion, but that’s not what this movie is inspired by. It’s inspired by older anime.

  16. CakeLover

    Afterwards…after the test, they will have cake.

  17. Sandoucheky

    Trailer’s pretty disappointing, but that rocket behind that mecha’s elbow firing its fist into the monster’s face gave me some wood

  18. bob

    no originality but hey, the closer i get to a Mechwarrior movie the better

  19. Battleship 2.0?

  20. kamiG

    Where’s Ultraman when you need him?

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