P. Diddy on letting Chris Brown & Rihanna use his house

March 11th, 2009 // 93 Comments

P. Diddy stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and defended his decision to let Chris Brown and Rihanna to use his Miami mansion for working through their problems, and more importantly, riding jet skis. People reports:

“It’s my house, and I’m allowed to give my house to whoever I want to give my house to,” Diddy said on the show. “I don’t cast a stone – cast judgment on anybody. So, if friends ask me for a favor, then I’m going to be there for a favor as long as I know the energy of the favor is positive.”
Plus, Diddy added that he believes it’s positive for “two people to sit down and talk about a situation they’re in.”
He also cautions to be wary of jumping to conclusions, saying, “We don’t know exactly what’s going on. There are two young individuals [involved]. We need to pray for them.”
But, he told DeGeneres, “I don’t think it’s right for anybody to hit anybody.”

“I don’t think it’s right for anybody to hit anybody.” Except when some dude talks trash to you at the club. Am I right, Diddy? I’m right. High-five!


  1. @50

    Great inner-city education you have.

  2. #44 Thanks Jen, and yeah it’s stupid, but they don’t bother me, once I read the first few words and realize they are retarded, I skip to the next comment..

  3. Caucasoid

    Perhaps some of us do not understand why our country is overrun by street gangs and millions of unwanted Mexicans who are too lazy and stupid to speak English? Some of us actually have served in the military to defend our nation against external threats only to find our problems now internalized. This does not bother the average non-white or whore of course.
    Some of us make light of this in our brand of humor here. If you don’t like it don’t read it or just go away and we will replace you and your fallen heroes of comedy. Plenty more lemmings where you came from.
    Go on, get!

  4. Massa'

    #50 yes, and have you had a look at every inner city in every city in America? Completely decimated and destroyed, and no white people to be found.

    Look at every prison in America. Blacks are a minority in the population of the country but are an overwhelming majority in prisons.

    And I like how you darkies bring up the Catholic priest “pedophile” thing. There’s 2 or 3 out of hundreds of thousands. And most cases are frivelous and unproven anyway. As far as incest goes, it would happen alot more with blacks if the fathers ever stuck around after conception. So it’s like saying I didn’t rob the 7-11 because I was busy robbing the Liquor store.

    what else you got coon? bunch of made up shit. everyone knows your race is worthless. you’re just outdated farm equipment that spontaneoulsy reproduces.

  5. Jennyjenjen

    Uhhh yeah.. *girly star *girly star rebel spelled with a rebellious number 6 *girly star *girly star … I’m really out there creating 16 different handles to comment under. Those I mentioned are amusing and the reason people come to this website is to be amused.

  6. RichPort's Ghost

    Jennyjenjen, I always thought you were a stupid fucking whore with a stench cunt.

  7. Jennyjenjen

    @56 Fuck off troll, we are all sick of you.

  8. Elliot_Spitz_On_Her

    Jennyjenjen, I also always thought you were a stupid fat fucking whore with a very stenchy cunt.

  9. Mimi, Jackson, & Veggie

    Yeah Jennyjenjen, we always thought you were a stupid fat cunt whore with the odor of rotten ass emulating from all of your lame ass posts.

  10. Elliot_Spitz_On_Her

    @Jjj, same goes for me, your name’s not even worth typing out.

  11. WOW, you should be a private investigator realizing I was female after only like 15 posts over the past 2 years stating so. Good Work Sherlock!

    Elliot_Spitz_On_Her. Veggie & Rich Port’s Ghost arent here because they got their asses handed to them (on a dialy basis) for their stupid, ignorant, FAR left wing ideological comments…of which they couldnt back up with facts, only whiney, mamby-pamby, bleeding heart subjective opinions. They couldnt hang with the debates they started (and were the ones responsible for half the debates started on a hollyweird gossip site) and showed their true selves when smacked down with facts with their name calling etc.

    You must be a SAHM sitting around nursing your 8 kid…er…wait…OCTO-MOM? IS THIS YOU OCTO-MOM? How is the new house your parents bought you, that you tried to say you bought on your own?

  12. haha…see, JennyJenJen is all of the following:

    Rich Port’s Ghost
    I’m With You

    Thanks for proving it DummyDumbDumb!

  13. Right wing pigeons must DIE

    There are no debates here. Just a few fucked-up, over-privileged, shameful examples of the white race. Dumping your shit on people because you can. What a waste.

  14. all i heard

    Jenny: Do you love me?
    Rebel: Yes.
    Jenny: Are you sexually attracted to me?
    Rebel: Yes.
    Jenny: Are you a lesbian?
    Rebel: …What the hell do YOU think?
    Frist: I love Jenny too! But I sleep with men only.
    Rebel: Shut the f*** up straight girl.
    Frist: Kay.
    Jenny: Does this mean I’m a lesbian because I’m with one?
    Rebel: No, you could be bisexual.
    Jenny: Oh, well…let’s go make some love.
    Rebel: Gladly

  15. Chelle

    People who say things like “I don’t cast stones. I don’t judge” like they’re some kind of expert Bible-type people are the stupidest fuckers ever.

    Do they REALLY THINK that Jesus meant that we shouldn’t say it’s WRONG for a guy to beat up on his girlfriend? Really?

    P. Diddles: Thoughtful, Bibley scholar, uh huh. Yep. I can tell that he and Jesus are justlikethat.

  16. Still White on the Outside

    I really wasn’t racist till I joined the Army and moved to the south. In my little NY suburb we didn’t have too many (it is now over run btw) but I was mugged in my Jr. high bathroom by 3 blacks.

    With high hopes and a hooah attitude I headed off.

    After being an infantryman and being subjected to blacks in a line unit I was appalled at their attitude and work ethic. I was there to defend our country and without exception, they just didn’t give a fuck about anything. My platoon sergeant spoke his own disgusting version of ebonics which was barely intelligible and I was called racist white names simply for being white. the blacks had formed street gangs in the on-post housing neighborhoods. WTF? those “hoods” were fine till they fucked them up.

    In contrast most of the hispanic soldiers I served with were hard working good soldiers who we rarely had problems with. Some were former gang members etc but IMXP seemed to be trying to leave that life behind.

    It seems blacks have never evolved past a tribal society. You only have to look at africa to realize that. If there were nothing left but blacks in the US what would the country be like? I guarantee it would degenerate into a feudal/tribal society.

    This is what happens when you plop a lesser evolved race into a society above them. They are unwilling or unable to adapt or even compete (without help, thanks affirmative action!!) and become criminals to survive.

    In contrast look at asians, who excel in american society. Why? Work ethic, conformity, drive, intelligence, weird sexual fetishes. Funny thing is blacks had a few decades on them and still wallow in self pity and handout mentality.

  17. Jennyjenjen

    Huh? What? Oh sorry, I couldn’t get past how rebellious those posts were.. Can you repeat yourself? This time with a tad less rebellion so I can catch it? That’s be great..

  18. Right wing pigeons must DIE

    Don’t you realize you are judging all black people by the worst examples? I know plenty of hardworking, decent black people who try hard not to be associated with bullshit stereotypes, the same way I’m embarrassed by less evolved white people. You can’t judge anyone by the color of their skin, that’s basic fucking decency.

  19. Caucasoid

    It makes me sick to here people speak the truth. It shouldn’t be allowed. We should be force to love those we hate. Yeah right.
    I was mugged on my way to class in 9th grade for no reason. But I shouldn’t have let that bother me either. I should have the love of dead Jesus in my heart. And intestines.

  20. Right wing pigeons must DIE

    Hey man we have all been stomped at one time or another. It takes more courage to forgive people than to wallow in self-pity or stew in your own anger.

  21. selina

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  22. missywissy

    I never realized how fucked up and racist this country was until Obama became president. All the racists are coming out of the woodwork left and right. One of our neighbors won’t do business with us anymore because we voted for a “jigaboo” and we live in the southwest! Our other neighbor throws around the word nigger like it was just invented and is a cool thing to say.
    I can’t believe the shit I’m reading on this sight. Nobody can tell me only black men beat their women! Is this country THAT STUPID? If folks are that scared of blacks they need to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE USA.

  23. HUH?

    Who is Chris Brown?

  24. me

    When negroes are in need they beg for everything. They act like they’d be the most grateful people just for a chance.. and then when you give it to them, they show their true colors by acting like thuggish nlggers. This is why we should just stop supporting them and watch them turn into crying pussies who just want the white man to give them a chance. They’d starve to death without whitie.

  25. @ 21 – Why don’t you take some new pics for the people? Always the same stuff over there.

  26. Kim666

    Let’s face it – the guy is a marketing wizard, but he’s not very smart. He has money, but no class. He doesn’t speak educated English, he’s been involved in various criminal acts over the years, he has a variety of baby mamas – if he was being studied by a social scientist, he is a classic case of lower class with money. So, he defended another member of the lower class (with money) who also believes it’s okay to physically intimidate and brutalize someone. Not surprising really.

    Ellen should have come down harder on him.

  27. All of you stupid damn disgusting white racists need to click on the link to my video. You could learn a thing or two about treating black people with DIGNITY AND RESPECT by watching how black people interact with each other. Seldom have I ever seen such interpersonal KINDNESS AND GENTLENESS between human beings as these humble but beautiful people show each other.

    You white racists make me sick. You would do well to emulate these GENTLE VILLAGERS in your dealings with other races. And remember, it takes a village to raise a child.


  28. Missywissy has a stench cunt

    I love how guilty white leberals always try to elevate the Negro apes to the status of human beings. The only place where Porch Monkeys are educated and succesful is on TV sitcoms. But we all know in the real world that Negros are an equivelant to a herd of sheep, completely dependant on white people’s handouts and welfare, all the while stealing and killing everything they can get their greasy hands on. Time has told the truth of the Negro Ape species, as they have had 150 years to succeed at life, and have failed miserably. Ever other race of people have come to the US and thrived within a generation, yet the Negro’s are still a perpetual failure. It’s time to cut our losses and rid this country of the plague of the Negro. It’s bad enough that every city in the US has been completely decimated and overrun by Negro Apes, and now we’re allowing these farm animals to swing elections? It’s time for the Negro to go away, everyone knows it, and it’s the only way this country can survive.

  29. Still White on the Outside


    Do you realize that in my vast experience, the educated and “nice” blacks are in the VAST minority of the race as a whole?

    I tried. I really tried to ignore facts due to my liberal NY public school brainwashing. I was only exposed to a few as I was growing up, (that were in special ed or bullies, btw) but I was willing to live my life with my head buried.

    The appalling truth was revealed to me time and again. Of course there are exceptions to the stereotype, but those are exceptions clearly in the minority to anyone who doesn’t suffer from white guilt.

    Ask an NYPD cop what Airmail is. NM, I’ll tell you. It’s when they respond to a crime in the projects and one of the savages that lives there, throws something (a refrigerator or cinder block etc) from a high rise building at their car while they’re in it. Clearly the person tossing the deadly weapon isn’t involved in that particular crime but felt the need to try and kill a police officer for no other reason than they hate the POPO. Why? “cause dey locked up my cousin dat’s why” Who was probably committing a crime anyway.

    This sums up my point. Their culture as a whole is subversive. the hiphop/rap culture condones criminal acts and people like diddy support this complete bullshit. They feel no guilt or remorse in hurting people, including their own. They’ve been given a really long time to assimilate. Why haven’t they? Why do they ask for reparations, when without slavery they would be in the wonderful paradise that is Africa? Why do they get affirmative action and eeo yet have the lowest graduation rates in college? Why do they wallow in the welfare system popping out kids so their welfare check can become larger? Why does their modern music include “bussin’ a cap in dat ass” or shit about selling drugs or bangin ho’s?

    Answer these questions honestly. Truth is not racist. Truth is truth.

  30. If ignorance was money, you wannabe tough guys would be rich.

  31. RichPort's Vaginal Wart

    Everyone read my comment #80. See how funny and clever my quips and observations are? You should all print out my posts and frame them and hang them on your walls so everyone that reads them can see how ultra-intelligent and sophisticated I am. I am so much more mature then everyone and I am so much more intelligible too. My words are like gold. I am a supreme master of my universe.

  32. Still White on the Outside

    I sincerely hope you weren’t referring to me. I can’t see how opening my eyes to my surroundings is ignorance. It’s quite the opposite actually.

    For you to deny or discount my experience is the height of ignorance. I have no reason to lie. I have no reason to think you would change your mind either. I can only explain my point of view and how I have come to this conclusion.

    As far as “wanna be tough guy” is concerned, that’s a little hilarious don’t you think? Isn’t Chris Brown a wanna be tough guy with his gum commercials and beating on women? Also, I DARE you to call an Infantryman a “wanna be tough guy” to his face. DARE you. I have no doubt that you have never served, but if you can find one, go ahead. See what happens to you.

    As far as how you define “tough guy”, if that includes Gangsta’s then I’m no wanna be. TYVM. I’m just a normal person who would defend my family, or your family even at the price of my safety. Guess that makes me an ignorant, wanna be tough guy, who clings to guns.

    Nice argument btw.

  33. Uh . . . missywissy . . .

    . . . uh . . . what exactly were white racists supposed to learn from that video?

    Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
    Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.
    Give a man a fire, he’s warm for a day.
    Set a man on fire, he’s warm for the rest of his life?

  34. Apes in the White House

    That video could’ve been taken in Kenya or in downtown Detroit. The Street Ape acts the same in whatever continent they are currently destroying.

  35. me

    Imagine if negroes were the only people left on Earth. Jesus, money would have no value, there would be no more electricity, there certainly wouldn’t be a job to go to. There would be no one around to educate them, feed them, clothe them, house them, and provide for them. The whole Earth would look like Zimbabwe. A bunch of criminal monkeys stealing what is left over from the white man.

  36. Still White on the Outside


    Well, they are out breeding whites approx 4.5 to 1 sooooo I believe 2030 should have you covered. My poor son. I guess I’ll buy him some baggy pants.

  37. Still White on the Outside


    Maybe sheep is poor analogy. Perhaps Jackals. They roam in packs and scavenge what other animals have killed or prey on weaker animals for what they need. Unless there are a sufficient number of them to attack a larger animal and bring it down.

  38. Still white, you and your ilk are a bunch of douches. You have absolutely no clue about urban culture or the adversarial relationship the police force has created with the community at large. If I keep my foot on your mother’s neck, provided the bitch didn’t like it, then let her up, she’d probably take a swing at me. If you or any or your wannabe tough guy friends responded and I was the “law”, I could conceivably call you ignorant savages too. You ain’t John McClane… shit, you ain’t even Cindy McCain (TYVM). So keep to the topic of the post, and stop trying to wax poetic about your justifications for being a racist douchebag. No one hear gives a rat’s ass about a racially charged comment or two, but your constant rantings about utter bullshit disguised as Americana is laughable. Please say that shit to your boss, who I’m sure you only call n!gger when no one’s around and he’s already home resting comfortably with his family, while you’re mopping and washing dishes. Moron.

  39. Still White on the Outside


    It’s “no one here” not hear. c’mon man. watch the moron comments.

    Adversarial? Wow, you do have a lot of white guilt don’t you. In case you didn’t know, cops are in general lazy. They don’t just drive around saying “hey theres chris brown, wanna fuck with him?” They respond to calls for their assistance most of the time. That’s generally because there’s a fucking crime being committed. Unless you are a criminal or an asshole they generally won’t stand on your neck. So what you’re saying is: people who throw heavy objects out of windows at police (and sometimes ambulances and fire trucks too) are justified because of the adversarial climate the POLICE have created. WOW liberals really do suffer from a form of mild retardation. If these complete and utter wastes of oxygen didn’t commit CRIMES, the police wouldn’t even be in their ‘hood. they’d be at dunkin donuts you fool. There you go, making other people responsible for your actions. Typical

    Why do you keep calling me a tough guy anyway? When did I mention anything about my badassness or my busting caps. I didn’t, you pussy, but I guess 2 tours in Iraq make me a wannabe as opposed to what? Have you served? You’ve done 2 tours in your mom’s basement, with your hand playing Call of Duty4 I bet. Smoke another spliff and post again tough guy.

  40. Still white, you’re still wrong and still a douche. I don’t play video games much, as I’m too busy working to pay taxes that pay for a stupid fucking war that you pretend to have served in. I’m sure all the Black soldiers in your unit (more likely with their unit in you) were just thrilled to be in the presence of such intellectual incompetence. And sadly, for you, while you were deployed I was probably the guy making sure the wife or girlfriend you left behind was getting fucked. Well. In the ass. That’s exactly what the US Army needs, racist fucks who’s cut and paste world view is languishing in 1950s Alabama, and who shoot first (in this case from the keyboard) without all of the facts and with little perspective, experience, or analytical ability. Lemme guess: when you mention your supposed “tours” most people recoil and revere, right? Ok… wait for that… bottom line, you obviously scour the internet looking for places to park your dated material. Here’s some free advice: say something, ANYTHING, even remotely approaching humor and keep it reasonably related to the topic at hand, (in this case 2 douchey singers who apparently have been kicking each other’s asses for some time) and save the bullshit tough guy act for your next Daughters of the Confederacy meeting. But I will take your advice and smoke another spliff, thanks.

    HERE this: you’re a douche, my little homonym sensitive bait taker. Actually, I guess I should ask you to REED, as it were…

  41. Massa'

    It’s a shame that so many real Americans went to war and fought for our freedoms just so complete self-righteous douchebag treehugging liberal commie fucks like BichPort’s Ghost can grandstand about how awful America is. It’s a shame BichPort isn’t being burned alive in that third world monkey country, because human burnings are so often wasted on the wrong people. Fuck you BichPort, you anti-American cocksucker, you’re so brainwashed and predictable it’s pathetic.

  42. I’m only anti-American to those assholes like yourself who swear it’s a white man’s world. You in particular are a special piece of shit, making Still White seem like the brains of the operation. At least he types in coherent sentences with a semblance of an opinion. I pay my property taxes, how ’bout you, bitch? I donate to my local PBA… you? Don’t on the one hand post inane bullshit about the hilarity of Mississippi Burning then on the other hand call me anti-American for not putting up with that moronic nonsense. The Army is really, in its most basic societal essence, a case study of an affirmative action success story. That must piss you off. Try spouting that “n!gger” crap at your drill sergeant and see how tough you are then. I can almost guarantee that my family’s got as many if not more veterans than yours. You are your ilk are as anti-real America as it gets, so save the sardonic commentary. Seriously, if you were any more clueless, we’d have to feed you through a fucking tube, cupcake. Go to redstate.com with that assholery… just an FYI, they don’t put up with the bigoted bullshit either. Thankfully, your kind is a dying breed.

    And “BichPort” is sooooo 2 years ago. But I’m not surprised that you can’t be more creative, being that your ideology is mired in the 1800s.

  43. goes to another guy that finally silenced him around and will continue to abuse others. You can not just do it every time. I hope that if he goes on, is because it is grown in, not on what people told him to do.

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