P. Diddy on letting Chris Brown & Rihanna use his house

March 11th, 2009 // 93 Comments

P. Diddy stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and defended his decision to let Chris Brown and Rihanna to use his Miami mansion for working through their problems, and more importantly, riding jet skis. People reports:

“It’s my house, and I’m allowed to give my house to whoever I want to give my house to,” Diddy said on the show. “I don’t cast a stone – cast judgment on anybody. So, if friends ask me for a favor, then I’m going to be there for a favor as long as I know the energy of the favor is positive.”
Plus, Diddy added that he believes it’s positive for “two people to sit down and talk about a situation they’re in.”
He also cautions to be wary of jumping to conclusions, saying, “We don’t know exactly what’s going on. There are two young individuals [involved]. We need to pray for them.”
But, he told DeGeneres, “I don’t think it’s right for anybody to hit anybody.”

“I don’t think it’s right for anybody to hit anybody.” Except when some dude talks trash to you at the club. Am I right, Diddy? I’m right. High-five!


  1. pimp

    first!!!!!! yeyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Mdiz

    Brown bitch slap diddy please!

  3. Joey

    I think this is the longest story you people have ever kept up with. It’s nothing more than a stupid rich version of Jerry Springer. Just show more bikini pics. :)

  4. missywissy

    In all reality, he’s kind of right. If they don’t face their demons now, she’s going to end up with another dude that slaps her around and he’ll continue abusing others. You can’t just run everytime. I hope if she moves on, it’s because she grew inside, not because of what people are telling her to do.

  5. RMC

    Man…diddy needs to stop being such a pussy or he is going to end up being the non-ral man of the week on http://www.ikeepsitral.com…and no one wants that honor

  6. Dude

    I’m sure that interview with Ellen did wonders for Puff Daddy’s street cred. He has become a tool of the MTV system.

  7. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    Diddy is a douche.

  8. Jane Goodall

    The North American Street Ape commonly changes it’s birth name to an illegible senseless jumble of letters with no identifiable meaning. I’ve concluded that they do this as an attempt to seem intelligent, as many of the apes claim to have developed their own language, called ebonics, though my research has shown that there is no such language, and it seems to be just a collection of shreiks and grunts and mispellings/mispronunciations of proper English words. This primitive, childlike attempt to appear intelligent is not suprizing, since the North American Street Ape does not emotionally or intellectually mature further than that of a 2 or 3 year old human. Much like when a human child says “I didn’t eat the cookies” while it has cookie crumbs all over his face. So for the apes to come up with “Play” names for themselves is not inconceivable for someone with a 2 year old intellect. Although we humans should not encourage this childlike behavior, even with a species that is simply incapable of normal human behavior.

  9. RMC

    haha oh man #8 you keeps it so ral

  10. NlGGERS Can't Swim

    fuck, don’t let Chris Brown in the water, now there’s gonna be a grease ring around the ocean…..

  11. tanya

    @ #*
    Errr you spelled “surprising” wrong….

  12. tanya

    @ #8
    Errr you spelled “surprising” wrong….

  13. question

    I find it interesting that the black community has embraced and implicitly defended Chris Brown while the remainder of the country has not.

  14. Diddy don’t hit anybody. He throws Benjamins in their eyes and shoots em in the leg.

  15. Ok, I understand that Diddy is trying to be a friend to both Chris and Rihanna, but when do you draw the line. He told Ellen that he isn’t judging Chris for allegedly beating the crap out of Rihanna. Fine! But then at what point would he judge someone? Anyway, was this Miami escape really relaxing? I envision all of Diddy’s homes to be wall to wall stripper poles with half naked women trapesing through every room. That would probably put a smile of content on any man’s face. No wonder Chris was nice enough to Rihanna to get her to want to go back to him. :)

  16. Why are people making racist comments? I believe this should be considered inappropriate, childish and morally wrong.

  17. Bill

    What, he’s supposed to act apologetic during an interview with a fucking lesbian? He should have said “Sorry, Ellen, I didn’t hear that last question over the sound of Baby Jesus crying because of you and Portia.”

  18. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Diddy has no right to judge anyone and he admits that. I don’t like him or his crappy “music”, but he’s right about that.
    Are you new? Read some other posts, there is at least one racist fucktard (maybe more, but it’s more than possible that it’s the same person creating multiple screen names) on this board. If you don’t like it fuck-off, you don’t have to read that shit or bring attention to it.

  19. Vanilla Gorilla

    #8 #10 The trailer chimp is the retarded half cousin of the North American Street Ape. When studied closely both display almost the identical behavior patterns. Check your local trailer park for further details.
    P.S. Just in case you do not own a mirror the next klan meeting is Thursday at 8. You should find many trailer chimps there.

  20. majeeda

    p.diddy can do whatever he want
    he a grown ass man
    and people need 2 stop being so hype about the chris and rihanna situation because they really don`t know neither of them personally.
    the only people who can really say anything is their family`s!
    so everyoneelse needsto shut up

  21. Today is my birthday. I am making a list of things I want.

  22. Tom K

    I just don’t have the energy to call Diddy or Chris Brown names. I’m just really tired of this story. Everyday it’s like three stories on the same topic what chimp #1. did to chimp #2.and what chimp #3. thinks about it all.

  23. edamame

    Diddy is a little bitch, and Chris Brown is an even bigger bitch. Now, all they need is Kanye to complete the trio. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t tell Rihanna that Chris would be there…and had Chris and a preacher waiting! Nice.

  24. Frank N. Stein

    Diddy probably has security cameras trained on Chris Brown to learn his technique.

  25. i<3Fish

    @16 – First time to the site?

  26. Apes in the White House

    #19 Gorilla Ice, you can try to make fun of white people all you want, but white people aren’t the ones who LOOK like monkeys, and dress like fucking retarded neon signs, and speak like fucking cerebral palsy victims. Throw in the porch monkey’s high crime, violence, and unemployment rates, and they just open themselves up for criticism…

    I mean honestly, what can you say about white people?

    Whitey works? Whitey takes care of his kids? Whitey stays outta jail? Whitey pays his bills? Whitey owns his home?

    You don’t have to look to hard to find the inferior race here…..

  27. Carlos De Tirado

    I will never understand the black communities lack of moral convictions in matters such as these. It just seems like they see OJ as a folk hero, and Chris brown as being polically executed. Very few black African american have come out and denounced this hideous acts of violence. Usher took back his comments and Oprah was less than fierce. They look at the photos of Rhiana, and say what the hell she deserved it because she started the fight. I say that this is an act of a true As a race, we need to see things as right and wrong and not in shades of grey . I personally make no difference between a person who hits a woman, and a man who endorses a friend who hits a woman. They are both cowards.

  28. Chris Brown

    @21 – How about I give you a good ass woopin’ you ghey little fucker?

  29. Vince Lombardi

    What Combs (please, grow up and use the name your mother gave you) fails to understand is that the public has seen the evidence photos – right, wrong, or indifferent, they are out there. There is outrage over it. That was a pretty serious beat-down he put on her. So when you align yourself with the perpetrator, when you fail to condemn his actions, you appear sympathetic to him. And when you appear sympathetic to someone who has committed a criminal act, you appear to condone the act.

    Why, with all their millions, do celebrities fail to hire someone who will explain to them – support privately, say nothing publicly.

  30. The Real Deal

    my 2 year old made a p-diddy in his pants.

    I have to agree with #8 on some good valid points, blacks do have some really fucking stupid names.

  31. So many bitter republicans!


    You’re the only one looking for an inferior race… the rest of us have grown up. And BTW there are plenty of unemployed, thieving white people. Honestly, I think you get most of your information about the human race from watching Fox News. You should get your head out of your ass, the weather’s fine out here…

  32. Yup

    Why do so many of Rihanna’s “friends” have such a lax attitude towards BEATING THE SHIT out of a woman? “Sit down and discuss problems,” Diddy??? I have a good way to deal with this problem: give Jay Z a baseball bat, tie Chris Brown to a fence post and see what happens because that’s the equivalent of what Chris “I’m famous for making a song about gum” Brown did to his girlfriend. At least Jay Z keeps his mouth shut and simply orders one of his henchmen to shadow Brown like R. Kelly does minors at a sweet 16 party and attempt to keep an already too publicized issue out of the public’s consciousness. Unfortunately Diddy has as much foresight as Bernie Madoff at a seniors’ mixer and would probably assault his own mother for wearing a Rockaware beanie.

  33. Chris Brown

    I’m gonna beat all you haters! women line all ya all ass up

  34. feckless

    Unless the general public produces more Bill Cosbys, I might have to side with Jane Goodall.

  35. Massa'

    The funniest thing about the “million man march” (actually it was only 30,000 but the negro apes were never accused of being able to count)

    not one black man missed a day of work…..

    It actually started out at around 250,000 people, but when word got out that there wasn’t any foodstamps or welfare checks at the end of the line, most bailed out….

  36. shar

    Diddy Do thinks we should all pray for Chris Brown, as if that will help. People in their world have no idea what prayer means. They all like to thank God and their Momma’s when they receive awards (cause they don’t know who their dadda’s are) but prayers, oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Let’s pray for our soldiers, sick men & women battling diseases and children losing a parent.
    Chris Brown because he is a spoiled, self centered, rap whatever, I don’t think so.

  37. FLCutie1981

    I still believe Diddy was associated with both deaths of Tupac AND Biggie. Someone please find the evidence and get rid of this idiot!

  38. Newcastle

    Everyone so far has failed to notice the fact that Jackass is wearing a beanie while on a jet-ski…..fucking retarded shit.

  39. feckless

    No we didn’t fail to see it – it is just too commonplace to remark upon

  40. Massa'

    @ #37 – It’s kind of like the movie “Highlander”…..”There can be only 1″….only with negros it’s: ….There can be only 1 rapper with the most ridiculous childlike retarded fucking stupid ass play name out there…..

    @ #38 – The negro race’s entire wardrobe is based on “fucking retarded shit”, why would this ape be any different.

  41. Chris Brown

    Thats it I’m giving all the females a good beat down! Puff dingle too

  42. Shes always feelin on my niggy niggy nuts corn smack cornflake crackerjacks

  43. Anthropologist

    Negroes must really hate their women and children as evidenced by their behavior. Don’t tell me what causasions and negroes and orientals are the same animal either we are subspecies and are variations on the theme of humanity. Some of us do not behave very human though and more like wild animals.

  44. Jennyjenjen

    Happy Bday FRIST! I dunno about you, but my wish would be that all the racists would retreat back to their own Klan websites and eave the superficial to the rest of us. They have ruined this website. Everyone who was once funny and posted on here is gone due to the racists. Mimi lost her mind, Jackson won’t even comment on Kim Kardashian but once in a blue moon. Elliot_Spitz_On_Her and Veggie, Rich Port’s Ghost… all gone. Thanks to the worthless racist fucks. They claim blacks ruin everything, yet their relentless hate spewing has ruined this site.

  45. I'm with you

    Yeah and most of them are actually the same loser posting under different names. I don’t understand why he/they would bother. It’s not like anyone will suddenly turn into a white supremacist because of his obsessive hateful shit….

  46. Miaoudeminou

    I’m not racist. I’m racist against every single race out there. It’s just the trash, druggies, losers, living on welfare (a.k.a playing the system) and the likes that I hate in each race.

    Especially losers like Chris brown that get away with shit like this. Why is everyone siding with this excuse for a man? Hell if I was Rhianna and some [pussy] attempted to pull this shit on me, I would’ve beaten the shit out of him! He would’ve been the one the cops were taking pictures of!

  47. Jennyjenjen

    True.. it’s actually totally pitiful, making up different handles so it looks like he has support. He’s clearly got a small penis and can’t get past the stereotype that black men are well hung. He must have been humiliated at the gym one time when his tiny unit was exposed and the brothers got a look at him and fell over laughing. He then ran back to the trailer park where his momma said he was old enough to know the truth… there was a place for men with small penises.. all you have to do to join is where a hood and leave your brain at the door.

  48. @44 DummyDumbDumb

    oh yea, those you mentioned were shining beacons of intelligence, right? Gimme a fucking break…and thanks for basically admitting that you were them as well as #45…

    Fucking Idiot…

  49. Jsun

    idk I think all these people supporting that fool chris “the beater” brown need to be beaten too. OPRAH IS THE SMARTEST PERSON ALIVE NOW!!! yes!!!!

  50. Ummm...yeah...

    The race card is so played, it is boring. The only reason anyone uses it is to get attention. I feel sorry for people who have nothing better to do than to cry, whine, bitch and moan about other races.
    It’s a shame really. I don’t give a fuck what race you are, men are always going to beat thier women. White men do it all the time too, they’re just not stupid enough to do it when they’re famous.
    How many of you racist assholes watched your mother get beaten by your father after he drank a whole case of Bud watching the baseball game? Hmmm…
    The white race hates any race that doesn’t emulate them.
    All white people do not pay thier bills…have a job, take care of thier children, or have a house.
    Most white people breed sadistic, mentally imbalanced, pedophiles, not to mention seriel killers. White people kill thier entire families, rape thier children…etc. Talk about morals? White people have none.
    Take the Catholic priest worldwide pedophile ring, for example. Where was the outrage there? I’ll bet half the assholes on this page was raped by thier priest when they were little….haha
    I guess that’s why they hate so much.

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