P. Diddy knows how to dispense a courteous ass-whoopin’

October 16th, 2007 // 67 Comments

P. Diddy got into a scuffle over the weekend at club Kiosk in SoHo. Diddy allegedly had an argument with an acquaintance Steven Acevedo and decided to settle things with a gentlemanly punch in the mouth. The victim called the police later that day and Diddy is expected to turn himself in for questioning today. NY Daily News reports:

Combs and the alleged victim, Steven Acevedo, 31, at first just traded insults inside the Spring St. hot spot. But after the dust appeared to settle, Combs and some of his bodyguards came back, Acevedo told cops. Combs then knocked Acevedo to the ground with a punch to the mouth. When Acevedo got up, Combs allegedly punched him a second time, sources said.

As Combs’ fists flew, a member of his entourage allegedly boasted to Acevedo, “We won’t shoot you. You can even hold our guns,” a police source said.

That’s just good manners right there. Sorry, old chap, no bullets today. Just a hearty punch or two. Bleeding internally are we now? Very well then. Might I trouble you for our shooters back? That’s a good sport. Lovely day, isn’t it? Cheerio!

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  1. Rick Roll


  2. mkell

    What an ass.

  3. Hang 'em all

    what do you expect out of an Ape? These creatures should not be out of cages. Put them all in prisons, where they all belong.

  4. JVM

    Uh oh…here we go again…

  5. stepherz


  6. tbojangles

    damnit.. just when i thought 50 cent was the biggest pile of dog shit ever..
    p.diddy showed up..

  7. Joey V.

    don’t let the glasses fool ya!

  8. Italian Stallion

    When you can’t get noticed for your music anymore, just act like a normal nagger…………

  9. The Great Bamboozler

    hang em all @ 3

    oh you have blue eyes, oh you have blue eyes, oh you have grey eyes…truth be told i cant tell what color your eyes are. the slits in your pointy white hood aren’t big enough and might be causing your short-sitedness.

  10. The Great Bamboozler

    stallion @ 8

    or you can act like an italian and be proud of the contributions your people have made to this nation…

    still waiting…

  11. kb

    He sure is a little cowardly punk. He brings back his bodyguards so he can then punch the guy? One time, someone will catch him without his bodyguards and they will beat the crap out of him as he richly deserves

  12. me

    Ummm….way to check your sources. Don’t trust everything the Daily News writes.
    Kiosk is a STORE not an afterhours place. you might want to check out their website…

  13. MrSemprini

    Related question: Why do gangstas hold their pistols sideways? Coz thass how dey came in da box!

  14. LL

    I think in addition to chronological age, everyone’s license should have their emotional age. Better yet, tattoo that bitch on everyone’s wrist or hand and only people of certain emotionial ages are allowed into certain places. For example, I’d place P. Diddy’s emotional age at about 12. Booya, he’s not old enough to get into clubs, problem solved. Britney’s emotional age seems to be about 8 or 9, she’s not allowed to go into most public places without a parent or guardian. Paris Hilton’s emotional age, about 13, which makes her an assholish teenager, not fit to be public anywhere, really. She’s on permanent house arrest.

    Seriously, these people act worse than children, which is really an insult to actual children.

  15. I bet he aint even gonna pay

  16. Italian Stallion

    What? You don’t like meatballs? You must be one of these apes #3 speaks of, stick to your hot wings. We perfected organized crime, you naggers ruined it……….

  17. combustion8

    somewhere there’s a bullet with his name on it… hope it finds him soon.

  18. Riotboy

    Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

    /take that, take that!!

  19. nipolian

    Proving once again – You can take the nig out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nig.

  20. d3l33t

    everyone on here is only good for talking shit my god.

  21. D. Richards

    Agh, the life. Big, black, wealthy, covered in bodyguards. Oh, god, you merciless devil; why did you curse me with pale, useless skin? Fucking bodyguards are funny. Hey, here we are, “wit diddy”. We’re powerful! Being paid by a billionaire makes us something. What do you think that ghetto-ass bodyguards would do if there wasn’t a need for their neanderthal like behavior? You’re right, work as garbage men. Neanderthals, I’m truly sorry. I’m sure you had class.

  22. All the money in the world can’t buy class

  23. C

    This guy is just an ass. When was the last thing he did anything that was worthwhile?

  24. havoc

    I don’t believe it.

    Wait a minute, yeah I do.


  25. TS

    Clearly The Italian Stallion #8 is not Sicilian. Everyone knows the Sicilians are half black anyways so he wouldn’t be saying that shit. Dumbass, yes. Sicilian, nope.

  26. sportsdvl

    The biggest shock is that Pussy-Diddy actually punched someone himself! Of course, he probably only did it because his bodyguard was right behind him.

    Oh, and #1 – you are as lame as Pus-Diddy for being happy about being the first post.

  27. stevenholt1@mac.com

    Pussy Diddy….that’s funny. What a no talent, no class ass hat.

    Bamboozler…nice spelling! Geez! Make it past 4th grade?

  28. T

    Trendy NIGHTCLUB????
    I work in SOHO 3 blocks from Kiosk. It’s an art gallery/retail store on Spring right off Broadway. What the hell would Diddy be doing there? Shopping for eclectic art with his bodyguards?

  29. Clayton

    Vote or die, mother&*%$#@, vote or die!

  30. P-Douchey

    What a dingleberry.

  31. Ript1&0

    Dude, you aren’t being very subtle are you? At least PRETEND you’re still American…

    Or not. Subtlty was never my strong point either. Huzzah!

  32. tommy salami

    the guy should be glad that diddy only punched him and not bit him……….. motherfucker has those sharp ass DOLPHIN teeth!!!

  33. P Diddy is a fag

    He comes back with his bodyguards because he is a spineless coward. I hope P Diddly squat gets ass raped and catches the super AIDS.

  34. pissy skank

    p-shitty sucks.

  35. wtf

    ” Sicilians are half black anyways ” uhh WTF are you talking about. Youde be lucky to whisper such a comment in an Sicilian neighborhood and escape with your skin.

    every ones hating diddy because his income and lifestyle, yet not one logical reason (except dolphin teeth comment). your never going to make it with your pompous attitudes.

  36. Balls Johnson

    Whats wrong with an ass whoopin. He did nothing wrong

  37. P Diddy should be hung for his stupid name. Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy. Fuck off! Then theres the fact he hasn’t produced a good tune since 2000.

  38. blah

    LMAO @ the insecurity of white boys. Funny little faggots

  39. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague

    Diddy makes music? I thought he was some kind of two bit gang refugee from the 80′s…… Sounds like Mr. P-Douchey should share a cell with OJ/Vick/TI….talk about some ass-love/Salad-Tossing in that ghetto….hahahaha

  40. tommy salami

    thanks wtf for the props about the dolphin teeth…………………

    what diddy did was ” unforgivable”…………..just like his cologne……………whicah actually is a good smelling cologne…………….when i wear it i wants to smack a bitch or two around ……….

  41. jacknasty

    Diddy is British?

  42. 1MILF Hunter

    What kind of legit rapper wouldn’t pull a piece and blast that asshole? Diddy will lose his cred.

  43. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Mindless violence aside, Diddy should be smacked for ripping off Daft Punk. It’s just a mistake to rip off the riffs of those far more talented than you. But then, P. Fuddy Duddy has no talent, so anyone he rips off is more talented. I guess if I were him I’d want to strike out at the world too–”I’m P. Dorky, I can’t write a decent song to save my life, so I think I’ll go out and punch someone.”

  44. Blondamnation

    #37-haha True dat mofo…he couldn’t have picked lamer names if he tried. How can you fake being a badass with names like Puffy and Diddy? Names that you picked yourself, that you change every fucking 6 months??
    He should go by Marvin Johnson or Lance Manyon or some random name, he’d be less of an ass. Before you-(and you know-who YOU-are) get your tighty-whitey’s in a bunch, I know his real name is Sean Combs, but then why change it?
    It’s not like his real name is Steveland Judkins (real name for Stevie Wonder) or Marrion Morison (John Wayne’s real name)……

  45. whatever

    Too bad someone didn’t pop a cap in his dumb ass.

  46. whatever

    Why the fuck doesn’t the NAACP and the black community move to ostracize these piece of shit rappers? Let’s face it, they are promoting racism. Any white person who has had no experience with or exposure to a normal black person would take one look at asshats like 50 cent or P. Diddy and start to agree with the KKK.

  47. ghisfr


  48. IKE


    With bodyguards behind him waiting to kick your ass if YOU KICK HIS. What can you do?
    He might as well be one of the Olsen twins. He’s no bad ass. HE’S NO TUPAC!!!

    He’s still living in those two’s shadows.
    DIDDY!!! YOU AREN’T HARD!!!!!!!!

  49. Pete

    Time to throw his dumb black ass in jail …

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