P. Diddy knows how to dispense a courteous ass-whoopin’


P. Diddy got into a scuffle over the weekend at club Kiosk in SoHo. Diddy allegedly had an argument with an acquaintance Steven Acevedo and decided to settle things with a gentlemanly punch in the mouth. The victim called the police later that day and Diddy is expected to turn himself in for questioning today. NY Daily News reports:

Combs and the alleged victim, Steven Acevedo, 31, at first just traded insults inside the Spring St. hot spot. But after the dust appeared to settle, Combs and some of his bodyguards came back, Acevedo told cops. Combs then knocked Acevedo to the ground with a punch to the mouth. When Acevedo got up, Combs allegedly punched him a second time, sources said.

As Combs’ fists flew, a member of his entourage allegedly boasted to Acevedo, “We won’t shoot you. You can even hold our guns,” a police source said.

That’s just good manners right there. Sorry, old chap, no bullets today. Just a hearty punch or two. Bleeding internally are we now? Very well then. Might I trouble you for our shooters back? That’s a good sport. Lovely day, isn’t it? Cheerio!

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