Ben Stiller, Jack Black, P. Diddy dye their pubes (Those words just happened.)

November 30th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Nancy Jarecki is an entrepreneur who sells dye for “hair down there.” While her product line Betty Beauty is taking off, Nancy needs to learn rule number one in the cutthroat pube dye business: Never out your celebrity clients. Page Six reports:

It’s not just women who are interested in matching the carpet to the drapes: Jarecki says so many men have bought the product that she plans to launch a “Betty for Men” line early next year. “I guess man-scaping for guys is really big these days,” she says, adding that she recently sent the entire assortment of colors to noted waxing enthusiast Diddy and got back a thank-you note from his assistant.
A Betty spokesperson adds that “Law & Order” brunette Mariska Hargitay, country singer Vince Gill, Jack Black and Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor also use the product.

For the record, I fancy myself a man-scaping enthusiast as well. Which is why my dude shrub comes complete with a gazebo, lawn gnome and barbecue pit. Also, cookout next Friday. BYOB. (There will be badminton.)

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  1. Rhode Island

    The next poster sucks on P Diddy’s black balls

  2. Al

    well that’s just alright

  3. Aerialgreen

    Don’t know, Ben Stiller looks like he really gets off on heavy bondage stuff… his wife probably just watches with frozen nipple clamps and a “bunny” at all times.

  4. Johann

    I’d fuck Ben Stiller’s wife in the ass if he let me

  5. pointandlaugh

    hell I’d dye my pubes too if my wife was as hot as Ben Stiller’s wife. DAMN.

  6. Angel

    I could totally see Diddy with flaming red pubes. He’s such a little ginger bitch

  7. Notorious P.I.G.

    I didn’t think Piss Daddy had any pubes, the half-fag

  8. Choco Taco

    Who knew people even still kept carpets. I could see this just be a bs story for the lady trying to sell pube die. I know I like to keep mine nice and trim, no die needed

  9. Well I just cannot belive that someone has started selling hair dye for your Pubes
    I did see someone at one time using paint down there…Oh well another new trend from Hollywood

  10. max

    So, diddy dies her pussy hair…who gives a fuck what that sissy does?


    I just google christine taylor !

    It look less like a kidnapping cause ben is so successful!

  12. why would you touch down there unless youre going gray! whats wrong with these people!

  13. I bet her formula is exactly the same stuff the put in the regular hair bottles.

  14. Rhode Island's Mom

    Diddy, pull those balls out of my mouth and rub them around on the spunk Plaxico left on my titties before it dries.

  15. as you mention it..

    Funny enough it was just this morning I was thinking I’d like to get a heart shape and dye it pink! No I’m not joking, I think it’ll be kind’ve cute?!

  16. Cartman

    Gay, gay, and more gay.

    All of Hollywood is a bunch of fudgepacking faggots.

  17. sarahhhhhh

    OMG! OMG! I’m 35 and going gray! Thank god this is out there…

  18. Beckers

    I personally find pubes to be disgusting. It makes everything even uglier down there.
    Plus, when you get rid of them, sex is about a million times better.

  19. RaraAvis

    Too. Much. Information.

  20. Beauty Expert

    Just so you all know, and this tip will save you a lot of money, any hair color product that you apply to your head, can also be applied down there, too.

  21. mee

    would anything bad happen if you used regular hair dye on your crotch????
    You think it comes in red? going to go look Betty Beauty up

  22. It does come in red, also blond, brown, black and HOT PINK…omg

  23. huh… ben stiller again..

  24. still waiting for new ideas again..

  25. nice post mate :)

  26. Commented on this photo:

    Hi there, I ethically like reading your posts, thank you!

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