P. Diddy is an 8-year-old girl

November 9th, 2008 // 70 Comments

P. Diddy celebrated his 39th birthday and Barack Obama’s presidential victory at Mansion night club in New York Tuesday night. Diddy apparently had a diva moment when he saw the decor and started flipping out on the decorator. Thank God, Jay Z showed up with a pony and chilled everybody out. Okay, that didn’t happen. It was a jet made of diamonds. Page Six reports:

“He was given a budget of $7,000 and 12 hours to create an all-white décor, including 1,000 white roses, blow-ups of Diddy and Barack Obama, and $2,000 of white fabric,” our spy said. “Diddy declared it dreadful and went into a major hissy fit, screaming, ‘Show me the receipts!’ and ‘Get the money back!’ to his assistant. Then he began ripping the fabric off the walls saying he hated it. He berated the poor young decorator to the point that the guy gave back $2,000 of the money he had spent.”

Hey, you know what’s a good thing to do after ripping up all the roses and taffeta at your birthday party? Get a Pap smear.

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  1. Cuntychops


    What a fucking boring story.

  2. Cuntychops


    What a fucking boring story.

  3. Cuntychops


  4. Cuntychops

    fuckshitpiss. What a big brown wang

  5. Childish demands and temper tantrums, plus demanding money back.

    Get used to it folks: THIS is how it goes when you hand over the country to the nigs.

    No wonder all the black-ruled African countries are total failures. In a way, it’s cruel – asking blacks to behave intelligently is like asking white people to run fast. A thoughtful, kind-hearted nation would agree to leave the leadership to the folks with the triple-digit IQs and leave the sports and entertainment to the genetically irresponsible but sun-resistant folks.

  6. dork

    Wah, wah, wah. You should expect a hissy fit from a guy that wants to be known as Diddy. Wah, wah, wah

  7. Cuntychops


  8. Hollywood Insider

    After talking to a few of handlers, I learned he felt better about the evening later after opening a present containing a $4000, life-like vibrating dildo.

  9. Bill Clinton

    Worthless Porch Monkeys!

  10. Plenty of Ammo in 4 years

    I guess its easy to forget how rough growing up in the streets are these days.
    Especially easy if you make 431% of your actual net worth in society.

    This is an easy one though, and get used to it for about 351 days, just blame it on the white guy…..

  11. Bill Clinton

    oBama diddy will soon be smoking rock in the oval office!
    Nice choice amerikkka!

  12. Bill Clinton

    the USA now has the status of canada, or mozabique!
    US of A in now “u sad of a”

  13. havoc

    Estrogen much?


  14. kelley

    No, he’s just a fuckin’ goof is all.

  15. nope

    #5 is both a chump and douche.

  16. Clem

    A punch in the mouth would have shut him up.

  17. Why is this sad ugly excuse of a man even famous now?

  18. Lisa

    What an asshole!

  19. hudy

    He was said to be found at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^ not long before, and he was hot there. Quite a few girls and ladies …

  20. Its the assistants fault! who would work for a guy name Diddy or Puff Daddy! ill bet there wouldnt be any problem if the name was Sean Combs!

  21. #5 get bent and get your own fucking name you racist piece of cow dung..

  22. Although that was pretty childish, I don’t care WHO you are..

  23. lol so you dont have problems with sun resistant folks frist?

  24. English Bob

    This is reminiscent of that ”My super sweet sixteen” show, you know where spoilt little American rich kids either get their own way or have a hissy fit…Muppets…On my sixteenth Birthday i got a packet of fags, a second hand book and got to finish work early!!
    Hey Diddy, if you ever wonder what it’s like to be a real man i think BA are doing cheap flights over to Manchester now …

  25. Sport

    Always hated this guy.
    He should have married Mariah Carey so they could be divas together for all eternity…

  26. missywissy

    Barack Obama and Sean Combs? Like, a celebration, together? So Puff Daddy thinks him and Obama are at an even level? Dumb rapper and Harvard educated US PRESIDENT. Sometimes I think our country has a little TOO much freedom.

  27. Anna

    #12 – you’re a fucking retard.

    #5 – you’re not even worth the effort.

  28. hitler'z corner

    this kountry iz bee’in ovar run buy da animal

    let us leeve dis place brittney

  29. Rob

    P-Diddy (or whatever that faggot is calling himself) is a giant pussy.

  30. Sport

    I hate Obama as much as Diddy, but some of the comments in here are pretty disgusting. Cant you hate on these people without insulting an entire demographic?

  31. sport butthole

    No, so F.O.

  32. maggie


  33. Mos

    This was such an accurate and insightful post made by #5, I’ve reposted it. to all you haters; the truth hurts, don’t it?

    “Childish demands and temper tantrums, plus demanding money back.

    Get used to it folks: THIS is how it goes when you hand over the country to the nigs.

    No wonder all the black-ruled African countries are total failures. In a way, it’s cruel – asking blacks to behave intelligently is like asking white people to run fast. A thoughtful, kind-hearted nation would agree to leave the leadership to the folks with the triple-digit IQs and leave the sports and entertainment to the genetically irresponsible but sun-resistant folks.”

  34. Yeah, made by some dumbFUCK using my name……
    Hahaha very funny motherfucker, now if you excuse me i have to read my hatemail now, asshole..

  35. MassGrrl

    I hate to state the obvious, but, how the hell was the decorator going to create cutouts of Diddy and Barack Obama in white?

  36. Dar

    This doesn’t sound like an 8YO girl hissy fit. This sounds more like a 16YO debutante with PMS on her coming-out party.

    What is this idiot famous for again?

  37. Me 2

    To the usually funny writer of this blog: if a woman makes a pap smear joke, it’s generally funny. If a man does, it rarely even makes sense.

  38. Brock

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the SOB is a pussy. A god damned spoiled brat pussy that couldn’t fight a grown man to save his life. He fights women.

    That little punk should be bitchslapped before having his punk ass reamed out.

    Fucking fairy is what he is.

  39. PDiddyfag

    P Diddy = Kanye. Same retarded self absorbed niggerness.

  40. squirrel

    You know I find this black adoration of Obama quite sad and comical. We have a HALF black president elect who was raised by WHITE, TOP OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, HIPPIE RADICALS, and he is the answer to black America’s problems. You didn’t elect Martin Luther King, Jr. I wish you did, but you didn’t. Give me a break.

    All these rich people (even the black ones) who are so in love with the whole concept of “black man-as-president-equals-things-are-going-to-be-different” will be scrambling to put their money offshore ASAP if any of his almost socialist ideas on helping the poor take off. That is, if they are not doing so as we speak. But, they won’t say this publically. I guarantee it. These people are probably already making plans to move their money overseas if it’s not there already.

    Yeah, “Go Obama” with your money out of the countries reach. That’s extremely patriotic. The hypocrisy of the wealthy and notable, once again, knows no bounds.

  41. killtherich

    Typical rich person. When I did back breaking manual labor to deliver high end audio and video equipment and then later move furniture to people, the rich and wealthy NEVER tipped.

    People in regular houses and condo’s usually did.

    Hate the rich. Despise them. Refuse to do work for them. Never let them talk down to you. Treat them as if they are thieves because all the rich are thieves.

  42. I hate Frist

    Face it granny, your troll is funny. You aren’t. No wonder noone likes you.

  43. mafme

    Did someone highjack FRIST’s account, or has she always been this big of a piece of shit?

  44. FRIST!!!

    Fuck this porch monkey. I’d like to piss in his orangutan face right before I drag him to death behind my car. Then I’d throw his scraps in a port-o-poty so his remains would be floating in shit for eternity.

    You can’t give money to porch monkeys, this is what you get. We should’ve never freed the slaves. That’s going to go down as the biggest political blunder in the history of man.

  45. Frist only cooler

    The only thing blacks are good for are the massive cocks are now require from all the heavy dildo action from my previous masturbation adventures.

  46. FRIST!!!

    “Diddy” or “Doody” or whatever this fucking orangutang wants to be called needs to be enslaved. This is what happens folks, when you free these animals and try to treat them like humans.

    Even if you raise the little porch monkeys under the best of circumstances, and give them every opportunity to succeed, they inevitabley will fail. They’re like wild animals, you can raise them in a controlled peaceful environment, but it doesn’t matter, because sooner or later they’ll smoke crack, rape your daughter, carjack your ride, and bust a cap in your ass. They’re genetically programmed to commit felonies.

    Plus when you allow the Darkies to name themselves, this is what you get, names like “Diddy”. In the coon mind, the opposite of normal is what they see as being “normal”. That’s why they talk like complete bafoons, dress like circus clowns, and go against every one of society’s conventions.

    Go sickle cell !!!!!!

  47. grobpilot

    Why do we keep enabling worthless fucks like this guy? He totally believes he is entitled to behave anyway he wants, abuse anyone he wants, with no repercussions. People continue to buy into a flashy persona, money, cars, women (or men, depending on his position on Prop 8) and what has he really contributed that is worth a shit to anyone? Discuss……………

  48. The New Frist!!! (this one's attractive)

    Dark folk are indeed very amusing animals. On that note, where is SueMe?
    Sick that a faggot like “P” has been enable to believe that he is an important person. What does this chimp offer this world? He acts like a spoiled homosexual.

  49. The One

    someone put a leash on this Boo-boo.

    Can you even begin to imagine how great the USA would be if we had sent all the porch monkeys back to Africa when we abolished slavery?

    There’d be no welfare system, there’d be no projects, every major city in the US wouldn’t resemble a 3rd world country at war, there’d be no crackheads, there’d be no need for lowjack. There’d be no rap music!!!!

    On the downside, there would be alot less police officers, corrections officers, prison officials, and 911 operators, that would be the only negative effect of not having to live amongst the porch monkeys.

  50. to First

    #5, you spend your days on this website to write in remarks about every race, it’s SO obvious you feel treatend by other races. Get a life, i would like to see your wife, i’m sure she’s a typical American girl, overweight, unintelligent and easy. If you knew anything about international relations you would know other countries, particularly those outside of Europe are oppressed by Caucasians , partically Americans and English so therefore they can’t exceed. But obvious you just look on the outside which is why there are many dumb American people like you around, ohh, we call them rednecks and white trash. How do you like your new 1/2 black president and his black wife? Again, you are losing your appeal slowly but surely.

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