Diddy flips out during Michael Jackson tribute party

June 29th, 2009 // 71 Comments

Sean “Diddy” Combs flipped the fuck out Saturday night when guests at a Michael Jackson tribute party dared to celebrate the King of Pop’s death by, gasp!, enjoying his music. What a bunch of dicks. NY Daily News reports:

Diddy became irate when party guests at L.A. hot spot MyHouse seemed to be having too much of a good time while celebrating Jacko’s life.
Toward the end of the evening, the rapper abruptly stopped playing a remixed version of “Man in the Mirror” to dedicate a moment of silence to the singer and then told guests like Queen Latifah, Taraji P. Henson, Wesley Snipes and Hill Harper, “While you guys are talking and laughing, you’re not hearing his words. You’re not listening to his words. I need you to hear what he’s saying! Listen to the message that he is telling us.”
He then resumed his lecture while blasting “Mirror” at full volume, shouting over the music, “Michael, I hear your words — I hear what you’re saying!”

Isn’t the message to “Man in the Mirror” about changing one’s ways? Then why did Diddy keep acting like his usual drama queen self? Maybe it’s because, I dunno, he wasn’t listening to the words either. Great. Now Michael’s never gonna get into Heaven. Way to go, Diddy. Now look what you did.

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  1. “A moment of silent in a freaking club”? what a dickweed! phony….

  2. immune

    i thought wesley snipes was in the can??

  3. P Doody

    God please….take P-Diddy-Sean-Combs-Puffy-Puff-Daddy-Dick-Weed-Douche-Bag next. Amen.

  4. as if we’re surprised

  5. This surprises me about as much as Kanye West’s temper tantrums. Doink!

  6. fax

    “Great. Now Michael’s never gonna get into Heaven. Way to go, Diddy. Now look what you did.”

    The drugging/molesting of children won’t help either.

  7. Superbiggerevil

    @ #1 – Thug with lotsa cashish! Hard to kill unless he’s in Las Vegas driving around with Suge.

  8. Tom K

    If I say what I want to say I will be labeled a racist but aren’t his antics similar to the ones conducted by a group of people that annoy you?

    (See South Park for reference)

  9. Jeezy

    Sean “Diddler” Combs is played out and irrelevant now.

  10. adam

    Hey Puffy, Michael Jackson didn’t write those words.

  11. dirk

    These egomaniacs have no shame. They will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get the attention on themselves. It’s really a psychosis.

  12. Lucy

    (hey look at me, I’m relevant and I want to be attention too!! ) Diddy, no one cares about you!

  13. anyway

    #9 What you’ll never get is that he acts like a douche because he’s a douche. Not because he’s black. Talk about the douche, not about the race. One person isn’t a group. Do you want everyone to go around saying, oh that Tom K, he’s such an ignorant fuckwad. All white people act like that? No, you do not. Stop going for the ignorant and easy.

  14. justifiable

    #13 You should have seen his father on the red carpet at the BET Awards last night. Self promotion, thy name is Joe Jackson. Diddy needs to get in line.



    NEW MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE HIT TUNE ! //www.break.com/index/michael-jackson-is-dead-by-jon-lajoie.html

  16. me

    Some reporter said something like “The Jackson family prays that the world will keep Michael’s message alive” or some horseshit like that.

    What message? That loving young boy anus is ok? But Im with the other commenter. Why couldnt God take this Mega Douche and come back next week for Michael? Ok, just come back next week for this ass clown and will call it even.

  17. JG

    Maybe he will do a song about michael to exploit him like he did Biggie.

  18. JG

    Maybe he will do a song about michael to exploit him like he did Biggie.

  19. Frank

    Fuck! I can’t stand this prick! It’s always amazing how pieces of shit like this thug get catapulted into stardom. I put this prick in the same category of annoying shitbags we could do without as Heidi and Spencer.

  20. Bruce

    Puff Daddy, Diddy, or whatever the name he will use until the end of his life, is an abortion. The dude killed the hip-hop, made it of what it is today: horrible crap with 50c and other similar shity artists, and now tries to give moral lessons.

    Let’s cross our fingers, so that Diddy aka Shity, be the next one to die. Amen.

  21. JungleRed

    It floors me how this tool takes himself so seriously. I guess when you have an 8th grade education, rap lyrics seem profound. As does the smell of your own asshole. Hopefully some thug at that party will take offense to Diddy’s patronizing shit and put a bullet in his head.

  22. Me

    Him and Kanye should get together and compare pussies!

  23. Andy S.

    At least Mr. Combs can rest easy knowing that nobody will bother celebrating his death by listening to his music. Primarily because nobody listens to his music even now.

  24. misty

    Go Bruce!

  25. Tracey

    Whenever a celebrity dies, you can count on scores of other celebrities trying to make it about them.
    The bigger the celeb, the more hangers on.

  26. czar

    Diddy IS A DOUCHE BAG!

  27. Mr.Nevermind

    Why in the hell is P. Shitty still allowed out in public?! Well, they say it comes in 3′s. Ed, Farrah, Michael. Now Billy Mays… Come on two more to go! Come on P. Shitty, you can do it!!!


  28. misty

    Is it me, or does this place just SUCK big time today? Really boring.

  29. Hilton Hunter

    Keeping it real Diddy boy!

  30. Laa-who-sir

    Poo-poo Daddy break it down…..

  31. Pdiddylol

    Someone get Pdiddy a violin and a box of razors asap!

  32. PDiddy

    Someone get P Diddy a violin and a box of razors asap.

  33. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  34. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  35. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  36. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  37. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  38. jules

    he is not dickweed

  39. jules

    he is not dickweed

  40. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  41. jules

    he is not dickweed!

  42. Beastman AIDS

    holyshit jules – lay off the crack.

    And for those people talking about tribute videos, the best one has already been made by Jon Lajoie and it’s the balls:

  43. Burch

    he is a dickweed!
    he is a dickweed!
    he is a dickweed!
    he is a dickweed!
    he is a dickweed!
    he is a dickweed!
    he is a dickweed!

  44. misty

    @44….”holyshit jules – lay off the crack”.

    LMFAO that was great. So was the video.

  45. Hubert

    Diddy’s probably trying to figure out ways he can exploit MJ’s death like he did B.I.G’s…

  46. Sara

    “Maybe it’s because, I dunno, he wasn’t listening to the words either.”

    Maybe that would mean something if it weren’t coming from a shameless turd-brain.

  47. Jane

    Diddy is grasping to be relevant because he believes he’ll get the same treatment as MJ in the media when he finally kicks it. He doesn’t realize he’ll be a quick footnote and a blip on CNN.

  48. Ice - Tea bag

    Hey P. Doodie. Where were you to defend Michael when the media was tearing the guy apart during the child molestation or during the “Wacko Jacko” articles, or the Elephant man stuff? Huh?

    Oh, sorry. Its cool now to act like your in the guys corner. Ass hat!

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