Ozzy Osbourne slams Pete Doherty

ozzy_osbourne_thumb2.jpgOzzy Osbourne says he’s angry that Pete Doherty – who was recently dumped by supermodel Kate Moss for his ongoing drug use – is unwilling to quit his wild lifestyle.

Ozzy says: “I get angry seeing this little f***ing junkie, Pete Doherty. Doesn’t he realise that if he carries on he’s gonna die?” Ozzy also talked about his experience with groupies, saying “When the thought of sex finally filtered through the haze of booze, all the good-looking groupies had gone home. You’d wake up and there’d be this thing lying there looking like something Picasso had painted on a bad day.”

There’s a joke here somewhere about pots and kettles (not to mention black), but suffice it to say that the only advice Ozzy is really qualified to give is on eating vomit, pissing on the Alamo, or turning your daughter into a hungry muppet. The thought of him having sex with anything is kinda terrifying.