Owen Wilson was hooked on drugs

August 29th, 2007 // 78 Comments

Owen Wilson was reportedly struggling with depression and hooked on heroin and cocaine, and it was his drug addiction that caused his breakup with Kate Hudson. And who’s to blame for all this? Apparently some British guy named Steve Coogan. The New York Post reports:

“I went through it with Steve,” Coogan’s former girlfriend, rocker Courtney Love, told US.

“I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs. I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy.”

Wilson’s addiction was so severe, his pal Woody Harrelson tried to stage an intervention at his home in Maui.

“Owen went to Maui, Hawaii, to kick his habit,” a longtime Wilson pal told the mag. “He was like a baby on that couch.”

The friend said that heroin was the first thing that came to mind when Wilson and Hudson split and he suddenly “disappeared off the face of the earth.”

“I thought, briefly, he might be back on heroin, but we all really felt he’d kicked that ages ago,” his friend said.

It’s bad enough this Steve Coogan guy basically made Owen Wilson want to kill himself, but you seriously have to reexamine your life if Courtney Love calls you a bad influence. I saw her make out with a hypodermic needles once and the only complaint she had was that it was “kind of pokey.”


  1. Chauncey Gardner

    Is it me, or did Steve Coogan’s cool points just shoot way the fuck up? I always thought he was funny in his movies, but now I’m viewing him in this mephistophelian light. In fact, he might even really be a demon, reaping the souls of rich Hollywood fucks who only stay alive because they have staff around them that makes it difficult to die.

  2. Caroline

    Does he even realise that Kate Hudson is actually a deformed mongol? What’s he so “depressed” about. He done himself a favour when he ditched her. Give me his money and status anyday and I cerainly won’t be attempting suicide. He could always TURN DOWN those typecast roles he’s offered…

  3. I’m sl glad Kate was there for him.
    Oh, wait.

  4. Bugman4045

    #3 said it.
    Steve Coogan was good in “Coffee and Cigarettes”, but beyond that being a junkie seems to be his main talent.

  5. Astute Eagle

    Isn’t Kate Hudson another mother-about-town? She has at least one kid at home too doesn’t she?

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  7. Perverted Cowgirl

    mmmm… Owen has facial hair AND a penis nose.

  8. 58

    Help me out here someone?

  9. alf oldland

    he didn’t REALLY try to kill himself b/c were that the case, he WOULD have killed himself. ok, so say he’s wacked out of his brains on ‘dynamite,’ and that his perceptions are skewed to say the least, he’d still have enough of a sense of awareness to CUT DEEPER or cut BOTH wrists or perform something DEFINITIVE. this is the cliched “cry for help”.

    luke called it in as a suicide attempt to expedite the rescue squad.

    lastly, to #19, my understanding isn’t that he’s hung, but that he gives women (i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) oral to their ass — like jamie foxx.

  10. Sixty


  11. 61

    61 bottles o’ red bull on the wall, 61 cans, take on down pass it around….

  12. buzz_clik

    #46 – Well played.

    #54 – are you kidding?! He’s Alan freakin’ Partridge, for crying out loud. And if you don’t know what that means, then you’re not even qualified to pass comment.

    Speaking of people not qualified to pass comment, since when is Love a credible witness to anything?

  13. Kristin

    Some of you are so fucked up.

  14. woodhorse

    #20 People who say “um-kay” also use every other over-used catch phrase like “think outside the box” and “Hellooooo!” and “what, are you 12?” – you are abrasive and irritating and no one likes you. Sometimes your co-workers pretend to like you but they don’t, not really. Try to find some original thoughts in a thesaurus of some kind and switch ‘friends’ frequently – that should increase your social accomplishments.

  15. woodhorse

    #44 Samuel L. Jackson is a truly fine man. And truly married. *looks heavenward and sighs*

  16. eric c.

    um-kay (or mmmkay) is catch phrase – or catchword – of Mr Mackay, the guidance counselor on South Park, who is notably knee-jerky and humorless. i’m pretty sure that was the reference. just fyi.

  17. Avarice

    I’m going to just come out and say it.. isn’t he looking a wee bit chubby for a heroin addict? I mean maybe it’s just this picture but.. eh..

    And blaming someone’s drug addiction on another person? That’s not a low blow, that’s just pathetic nonsense. Unless Steve Coogan attacked Owen and shot him up against his will, Owen’s addiction is not his fault.

  18. mywellrehearsedmistake

    wow, I’m impressed, 67 comments and only one or two that said “awh leave him alone… blah blah” way to go Superfish people. You’ve given me a renewed belief in the intelligence of human kind.

    I was always expecting all the little schoolkids to get on here and defend this lameass dipshit for his scagtaking, life-ending escapades.

  19. MJ

    Waw .. I never saw that comming, a drug addiction… shocking!

  20. Owen Wilson has asked that the media leave him alone. Should he be left alone? Or does his status as a celebrity dictate a public interest into every aspect of his life? Join the debate on pollsb.com:


  21. little_witch_boy

    HA what a loser. well, i guess if i had a penis for a noise and only had one character i played in every crap movie i made id do myself in 2 – but id do it right.

    lets say im a whiney bee-ich with a slew of idiots that watched my movies and gave me much undeserved fame and recondition –

    im sitting there and crying in my soiled hundred dollar underwear and i want to take the chicken sh_t way out and punch my own ticket – BAM!! a double barrel right in the head!!
    none of this slit your wrist wussy crap!!

    give me a break… there are people out there with lives so screwed up it would turn his little wrist slitting tantrum in to a elmo cries because he spilled his milk sesame street episode. a lot of those people though it out for better or worse.

    in a way im glad he he did not die – because he’d only be martyred and celebrated as a freaken fallen hero – and id probably never stop hearing about ” The Giant Statue of Owen Wilson Goofy Noise” they’d build in his honor.

    oh well- all i pray for is that his so called suicide attempt starts another dumb trend ( like wearing snow boots in the g dam summer ) and all the crap actors and worthless celebrities start sending there stinking souls to the bottom pits of hades!!!

  22. Xtina

    Thank you Frist, #14, for laying it on the line. That’s the trouble with that shit – it’s so good. And there are certain people out there, with a certain kind of emotional pain and body pain, that this drug is especially attractive for. I know I have to stay well the hell away from users because I’m afraid that I would still mess up and do it if I had the chance, and I’m too damned old for it.

    Good luck to him – he can be a statistic or he can try to survive – it’s up to him.

  23. broncos country

    Jesus- what is it with people? doesn’t anybody have any respect for their own health anymore? Fucking drug addicts- how can you be that STUPID???
    anyone ever heard the phrase “your body is a temple?” Have you ever sat down and actually thought about what that means? RESPECT YOURSELF – like you would respect walking into the church. The only thing worse than a street junkie is a RICH junkie- life is so hard that the only thing people feel they can resort to is shooting up/smoking h to make all the “pain” go away??? Give me a fuckin break. I have a sister who is a junkie and anybody with half a brain would run the other way from that shit… how pathetic.

  24. Nats

    Who’d of thought that Alan Partridge would be slagged off be Courtney love of all people as a bad influence?
    Nobody forced Wilson to snort crack and infect crap into himself

  25. Poor guy… I feel sorry for him.

  26. Julissa

    Owen Wilson addiction to drug was the sole reason for the break up with Kate Hudson…Depressed guy was not aware of what he is doing…I pity him greatly!!!


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  27. “I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs. I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy.”


  28. I feel bad for him. He is struggling with depression, I think he need help.

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