Owen Wilson wants you to watch him pee


Owen Wilson is doing his best to prove he’s not using drugs. He’s even gone as far as keeping the bathroom door open at all times no matter where he’s at. Page Six reports:

The recently hospitalized “Darjeeling Limited” star attended a ball in honor of artist Takashi Murikami. “He was with a girl with blond highlights,” said our spy, “and he went to the bathroom and peed with the door open.”

What’s so unusual about that? I keep the door open all the time when I use the bathroom. Whether at home or in public. Mostly to inspire people. You know, they see my physique and wonder how I keep myself looking like the Greek god Adonis. So I make sure everyone knows I’m not on steroids. Nope, it’s actually the human growth hormone which I inject straight into my chest with a turkey baster. My tears mean it’s working.

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