Owen Wilson to propose to Kate Hudson

November 28th, 2006 // 34 Comments

Rumors are spreading that Owen Wilson is getting ready to propose to Kate Hudson after he was spotted shopping for an engagement ring Friday with his mom at the Harry Winston in Dallas.

“They were looking at a huge, pear-shaped, flawless diamond engagement ring,” said our witness. Though the bauble was an engagement band, a rep for Wilson said, “Owen’s mother was looking for jewelry for herself.”

I was gonna post some pictures of Owen Wilson but I figured you’d rather see some old shots of Kate Hudson in a bikini than a documented butt licker. Did I make the right choice? Only time – and possibly your erection – will tell.


  1. buzz_clik


  2. Ruby

    Great bod for having a baby!

  3. Italian Stallion

    This broken-nose-motherfucker does know Pamela is single now, right?

  4. serial snarkalec

    You’d think the pecs would be bigger the way she can curl the kid. Go figure.

  5. buzz_clik

    Are these guys even hot enough as a couple to warrant comment? It just seems like such a banal union to me. Then again, what’s the lesser of two evils: average stories about a ho-hum Hollywood couple, or blisteringly horrid (yet very comment-worthy) glimpses of Britters’ snatch?

    P.S. You leave my possible erection out of this. That spam email guaranteed that the product would work, and I’m gonna keep applying the cream until Mr Winky twitches, alright?

  6. girl69

    owen looks sexy!!! he really got in shape. i wonder why he’s wearing a 2-piece?

  7. jrzmommy

    she’s gotta thing for ugly guys, what can I say.

  8. Fisher55

    as boring as co-co & dav-arq

  9. jesseeca

    only in hollywood do people get engaged before their divorce is even final.

  10. *sigh*

    If only Chris looked more like a surfer, they would have lasted. Come to think of it, if he looked like anything other than a Skeksi…

  11. Braintrustfund

    Cutest Flatchested Milf Divorcee Evar!

  12. mikeski

    My pants are tight.

  13. ponk

    i would hit that so hard, the first person to pull me back out would be proclaimed the king of england.

  14. Kate looks great, but the boy is in desperate need of a haircut.

  15. whitenavel

    I’d eat that ass. And enjoy it.

  16. Jill

    Kate and Owen are both hot.

  17. frenchtoaststix

    Well, just looking at engagement jewelry doesn’t mean one is automatically engaged. Like, Paris could just look at a bottle of Hypnotiq but that doesn’t mean she’s automatically going to pour it on Hohan’s tits and lick it off. Oh, wait…

    And Kate, get your son’s prissy hair cut. He looks too much like his fugly daddy that way.

  18. ImaCracka

    Imagine the flat chested crooked nose little freaks they will have………

  19. S.P.F.R.S.

    Owen who?

  20. They would make a wacky couple. What do you think? Two-three months?


  21. happy_bunny

    Didn’t she just break up with that hairy guy like a week ago?

    And by the by, I love that Kate Hudson never got breast implants.

  22. happy_bunny

    Didn’t she just break up with her baby daddy just a few days ago?

    And I love that she never got implants. I hope she never does.

  23. happy_bunny

    Sorry for the duplicate post. It didn’t show up the first time. :/

  24. Googolygoo

    Since I’m not a latent homosexual pedophile into flat-chested girls whose bodies resemble 13 year old boys, sorry, no erection to report.
    And she’s a gal who DEFINITELY needs make-up to maintain the illusion that she’s as attractive as her 61 year old mother.

  25. DmdFreak

    If I were him, I would lick her ass too…

  26. llllllllll

    This broad has absolutely no lips and tits.
    P.S. Goldie Horn’s smile is the most annoying shit on planet earth

  27. llllllllll

    #13-why does Anchorman come to mind? hahaha

  28. llllllllll

    Yes I said Horn not Hawn…she is the devil

  29. Mike

    She needs to get butt implants.

  30. Eye-Dish Lass

    Cute baby.

  31. meh, not a big deal

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