Owen Wilson to Jennifer Aniston: Kate who?

Owen Wilson is apparently tired of Kate Hudson’s heavenly ass and is moving on to Jennifer Aniston. The two are currently filming Marley & Me in Miami and their on-screen romance is moving off-screen, according to Star: Or at least easily rumored to be thanks to tons of pictures of them, oh, I dunno, playing husband and wife:

“The hugging didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling,” one crew member tells Star. “They were very flirty together, far more than you would expect. In between takes they were hanging onto each other. They are very friendly.”

It looks like Owen Wilson is picking up Brad Pitt’s leftovers. In the future, look for Owen to be romantically linked to Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and finally George Clooney. What? You know it happened. Or was that a dream I had which I vowed never to tell anyone… Ah, shit.

Photos: INFdaily.com