Owen Wilson to Jennifer Aniston: Kate who?

March 12th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Owen Wilson is apparently tired of Kate Hudson’s heavenly ass and is moving on to Jennifer Aniston. The two are currently filming Marley & Me in Miami and their on-screen romance is moving off-screen, according to Star: Or at least easily rumored to be thanks to tons of pictures of them, oh, I dunno, playing husband and wife:

“The hugging didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling,” one crew member tells Star. “They were very flirty together, far more than you would expect. In between takes they were hanging onto each other. They are very friendly.”

It looks like Owen Wilson is picking up Brad Pitt’s leftovers. In the future, look for Owen to be romantically linked to Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and finally George Clooney. What? You know it happened. Or was that a dream I had which I vowed never to tell anyone… Ah, shit.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. hey wait

    Hey! Guys! Your dog is facing the wrong way!

  2. Lauren

    Sucks for Kate. Didn’t she just go up to see him for that movie too? Ah well….

  3. D. Richards (Slob.)

    I bet that gigantic watch strategically covers Owen’s slice.

  4. She’s pretty. They seem like they would be a good couple. Funny…after Brad, she tends to like guys that aren’t too pretty.

    Funny thing about girls, I find that a lot of girls (at least my friends) don’t like to be with guys that are TOO good looking because they’re afraid that the guy will cheat on her. Brad = exhibit #1.

  5. cute couple, but I think she has a man.

  6. Axle

    If true, Aniston has to be the shallowest, lamest woman on the planet. I mean what kind of douche thinks that the love of your life is whomever happens to be co-starring in your latest flick? Hope they never cast her in Black Beauty or a Jurassic Park re-make.

  7. LL

    I think Owen and George would make a great couple. What? I’m just sayin’.

  8. mike

    Notice these pictures aren’t candid, they seem to have been taken during shooting for the film.

  9. MoralsofSpitzer

    She is TOTALLY checking out his wrist! Move the watch Owen, Move the watch!

  10. tobor the 8th man

    Desperation is setting in. She’s got land somebody before her transformation into Dustin Hoffman is complete.

  11. The Laughing God

    She was not my immediate Friends girl. Mine was Phoebe. All those crazy outburst, you know that would have made for some awesome orgasmic sex… Couldn’t leave someone like that alone with the kids though…

  12. fergernauster

    They both have clay noses; his, a perfect replica of the male genitalia; hers, a smashed elephant-garlic bulb. How appropros is this pairing!

  13. Anal Fistula

    @#1 that is hilarious!

  14. lapluie

    to #6 Axle what kind of douche thinks that the love of your life is whomever happens to be co-starring in your latest flick? ……………….ugh, Brad Pitt?

  15. I don’t buy this story. Besides, I think he would be better suited for Paris Hilton. You know, with his dick-nose and her dick-knee, they would make the most beautiful dick-kids..

  16. misty

    I like Owen. And Jen for that matter. And the dog. And they are just filming a movie. Lets move on please.

  17. havoc

    That lucky sonofabitch…….


  18. jrz

    Imagine the conversations?

    Jen: I was just so heartbroken.
    Owen: Me, too.
    Jen: I wanted to die.
    Owen: Me, too. I tried.
    Jen: Oh, well, yeah, I didn’t actually really want to die… I mean…I’m Jennifer Aniston and you have a dick on your nose….so it’s a little different.

  19. i think they would make a great couple, but i doubt they are dating. probably just bonding over the bong.

  20. candyass

    Meh I think they make a good couple and this would be a good thing.

    #1. Owen needs to screw over Kate Hudson. Jennifer Anniston needs to screw over Vince Vaughn, not because he did anything to her (like drive her to suicide by providing and then quickly depriving her of a sumptuous ass) but, more because he’s Vince Vaughn.

    #2. These two people have had a very humiliating highly publicized personal crisis, so they will get each other. Awww… vomit.

    #3. Jennifer Anniston needs to be with someone at her own level. “Penis nose decent body man” meet “weird face hot body lady”.

    #4. Owen was the Angelina at one point, except thankfully it didn’t end in a baby collecting obsession. So in strange way Jen would get a healthy glimpse of the other side and that might bring complete closure. She says she’s WAY over it but, until she finds a man to have a family with she won’t have complete closure.

    Honestly I want Jen to remarry and find a suitable man. Not because I like her because I don’t (she should have kept it classy and kept her mouth shut like Nicole Kidman did when Tom left her for horse face because look where Tom is now he’s the laughing stock of batshit crazy land and that’s no coincidence his good guy image was ruined when he left Nicole and then people started digging for dirt to bring the midget down). But, I digress crazy scientology boy has a way of leading off topic; I could make fun of that tool for days. Now back to Dustin face, the reason I want her to remarry is because then people might finally shut up about the whole Brangelina thing both parties can have pathetic Hollywood marriages and it will finally be over. Is that too optimistic?

  21. Please Eff me Someone

    Oh, and by the way – Yes. It is 12:19, I am here in my apt. alone and I am on this site.

    I’m old, I’m high, I’m single and desperate and I’ll never have kids because no one wants to fuck me. There, you happy? For fuckssake man, it’s whatever you want to call it.

    Now that we’re past that…
    Does this chick actually have the last name Loose? Who the fuck is she? Ah well, no reason necessary for showing tits, I suppose.

  22. jrz

    20–you put entirely too much thought into that.

  23. fergernauster

    candyass, next time, kindly condense.

  24. Jay

    Both these pathetic individuals can cry on each others’ shoulders.

  25. Anything would be better than Vince Vaughn. I fail to see his appeal.

  26. sla

    I like them together — cute, funny and not all full of themselves like Brad and Ang.

    Doing bong hits with these two would be a blast. Uncontrollable laughter followed by delicious pizza.

    As for Owen’s nose — yeah, it looks like a dick, but he’s workin’ it. Takes a lot of cojones to plan a male model with that.

    And maybe his penis looks like a nose, so it all balances out.

  27. This will probably make you smile.


    Check it out.

  28. tight lipped smiler

    The dog can act better than either of them.

  29. Ted Mosby

    Butterscotch bandit’s nose is what gets the ladies.

  30. agree

    He is my favorite. I saw his profile on millionaire personals site “WealthyRomance.com” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.

  31. Trover

    The BS is in it to trim it, and that is it. The dude will never settle down. He just wants the punta. And will tag it whenver the ladies give it up.

  32. edgar suit

    He owes his career to blowing Ben Stiller one darkand steamy summer night…..not that I was there or anything……..

  33. candyass

    I knew someone would say that but, really your comment reflects poorly on you because it suggests that it would take YOU a lot of time, effort and thought to write that. It took me 5 minutes and it was all based on gut reaction, it’s a relaxing hobby of mine to mock celebrities. I was talking on the phone about finances while I wrote it. It’s called being a GENIUS, ho.

  34. veggi

    31. Your teen lingo is astounding!!

    I wonder if they’ve made each other a mixed tape yet..

  35. candyass

    That was for #22.

  36. martygras9

    Um…dude, this is on the set of ‘Marly & Me”. The two of them are in a movie together. You can even see the bounce board in the photo where he’s holding the dog’s leash off camera.


  37. lies

    Aww, I think she’s beautiful. Leave her alone and let the girl make a movie already! She’s not hurting you…and neither is he. Anyone who would make fun of someone who’s had a tough time is one major a-hole.

    And to the idiot who said falling for costars is bad – don’t you know Jolie’s rep is ALWAYS EVERY SINGLE TIME doing or at least trying to do her costar? (Only sometimes those damn pesky wives get in the way by grabbing the phone and screaming “I’m gonna kill you jolie!” She’s chicken-shit, so she hangs up…) Her serial fock record is on the net, check it out, stupid.

  38. Aniston is slumming again…

  39. Harry Ballzack

    Kate Moss = Very High Maintenence – self absorbed bitch
    Jennifer Aniston = Lesser High Maintenence – self absorbed yet friendly bitch
    Can’t get those pictures of that cute ass on Kate Moss out of my mind though.

  40. commish


    You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha…



  42. HuckyDucky

    #31 – That is a cool way of talking. What does BS mean?

  43. Observation

    #27 Cara, go away. Leave this site, don’t spam for your own blog. You are boring.

  44. gus

    Jen looks really nice. Brad was mad to give her up for Angelina. I bet he’s kicking himself now that the mother of his children considers her own child, and his, to be second to the poor ‘suffering’ adoptees.

  45. Samhain

    26 – Your last sentence – thanks for the huge laugh!

    * Trying to imagine what that would look like…. *

  46. magickal

    I think Jennifer’s bangs look absolutely amazing. She is 1000 times prettier than Angelina.

    P.S. #39 – I think you mean Kate HUDSON, but it’s ok, I’m a chick and I am mesmerized by her ass too.

  47. jrz

    shurr ya were, candyass. shurr ya were.

  48. Trover

    #42 BS means “Butterscotch Stallion”

  49. surlywench

    I’m sorry, but there’s no way I could kiss him with that giant proboscus on his face. Just. Plain. Gross. I have no idea why women find him attractive.

  50. Trix

    She’s obviously had a little work done on her face.

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