Owen Wilson ruins Kate Hudson’s marriage

August 16th, 2006 // 51 Comments

Us Weekly’s cover story is claiming that Kate Hudson’s marriage with Chris Robinson fell apart because of her growing relationship with Owen Wilson.

Sources tell Us that Hudson has spent several nights at her You, Me and Dupree costar


  1. Carolicious


  2. Sheva

    Hmmm, a little post Wedding Crashers action. Nice.

    First ya biatches!

  3. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I like my Butterscotch Sundae with extra Scotch.

  4. trophywife

    i’d let the stallion rub butterscotch all over my fine ass and let katie lick it off.

    she is completely utterly pathetically way too hot for him. she should come give trophywife a try ;)

  5. tito

    I love it when tabloids tell us the secret feelings of celebrities. “He is secretly falling for Kate. He has told nobody, but … well, we KNOW. He is also craving chocolate this very second, and will go take a shit in exactly 1 and a half hours.”

  6. The marriage fell apart because Chris Robinson looks like he just came off the set of “Easy Rider.” That and he looks like Jesus.


  7. ezra

    mm, butterscotch. and stallions. i like nothing better than those awesome little butterscotch candies and riding horses. it’s all so innocent

  8. LAST!!!

    Come on over here!


    She’s had stuff posted since 7:00AM
    …including this story.

  9. RichPort

    Can you actually make a career out of fucking ugly guys? I mean it’s works for Pam Anderon, but she’s a whore.

  10. ashley86

    sorry i would NOT want him to lick my butt at all, let alone 2 hours

  11. jrzmommy

    I see Kate is hooking up with another Adonis. hot hot hot. nice going. who’s next, Kate, Andy Dick? Should we tell Heather Locklear to keep David Spade under lock and key? That skinny white kid from Hustle and Flow???

    #5–very funny!!

  12. SuperShallow

    maybe he can convince her to give her son a haircut…

  13. That fucked up nose, I can’t bear it during a two hour movie – how can she stand looking at while he fucks her. And that Butterscotch Stallion moniker, he probably made that up to help with the ladies. After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that the reason why these fugly guys do so good with these actresses is because the majority of good looking guys in Hollywood are in fact homosexual. How else can you explain Chris Robinson ever getting that ass in the first place? Does the name Fisher Stevens ring a bell? He cornholed Michelle Phifer when she was still hot. The list could go on, but I digress…

  14. owen is such a dedicated ass licker that even his movies suck ass…

  15. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    8 – I would, but unlike most of you people, I have a job. And at my job, I cann’t access sites like “blogspot” or “myspace”. And, yeah, that’s right. I said “you people”. Tell spankcheeks I said so. And tell her I said “wassaaaaaap”, but do it like Martin Lawrence.

  16. DancingQueen

    I think the chick he licked for two hours must have passed out on him because there is NO WAY I’d last that long in a similiar situation. The reason all these hot chicks like the ugs is because usually the really hot chicks are super insecure. Whether they are famous or not, they’re all nutjobs. Seriously. Too perfect looking = fucked up.

  17. Jacq


  18. andrewthezeppo

    Their kids will be SOOOO funny and have so much curly blond hair…can the world stand it?

  19. Iseult

    I CAN’T STAND Owen Wilson. He’s an ugly moron. Kate is an Idiot.

  20. @17 – oshie, don’t you have a computer at home, LIKE most people? I don’t mean “like” like I’m yelling, but more to emphasize.

    I’ll tell Spanks wasup”, but like those guys on the Budweiser

  21. Ok, it’s official. Kate Hudson likes ugly men.

  22. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    22 – No, I don’t have a computer at home like you rich people. I have a broken Intellevision that I plug into a cordboard box to which I tape pictures from Taboo and Hustler. And I wrote “IBN” on the side so if I have company over they might think it’s a knock-off IBM instead of just a box with extreme close-ups of pussy taped all over it. You’d be surprised how many people I’ve fooled.

  23. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I heard that Owen Wilson fucked up his nose eating Nicole Ritchie’s asshole. That’s just what I heard, though. Quiet is as kept.

  24. ImSuicidal

    25 – Let me talk to Michael Dell about getting you a knock off computer. He lives down the lane in the smallest house on my block.
    I’ll get back with you.

  25. Doc

    I smell a Wedding Crashers sequel… call it “Marriage Crashers”… nice…

  26. 86

    I am thoroughly enjoying this thread. Especially # 16.

  27. 86

    I’m just picturing Owen’s eagle-beak on their future kids. Don’t ruin your gene pool Kate!!

  28. Her mom met Kurt Russel on the set of a not very good movie….and now Kate, always trying to outdo mommy decided to meet a guy on the set of the shittiest movie of the year.

  29. DancingQueen

    Owen Wilson has a penis on the end of his nose.

  30. Brak

    Oh, crazy Butterscotch Man…

  31. Bitch has some truly fucked up taste in dudes.


  32. Chodite

    Bitch has some seriously fucked up taste in dudes.


  33. Ahh, butt licking… you would be surprised at how many people are into that.


  34. RichPort

    Let’s see, ass cheeks on his chest, tongue in her ass, nose that would make a Hasidic jealous firmly planted in the cooter simutaneously, I get it now. So the ugly fuck is a show off. Well she’s a few bad burritos and hits of Ex Lax away from ending this harmonious relationship. I mean, shit (literally), even pretty girls get the runs.

  35. MollyPoo

    OMG, #32, I was thinking the exact same thing…

  36. AmericanMcKrout

    Big, f*cking surprise.

  37. Italian Stallion

    Butterscotch Stallion?
    What kind of gay ass shit is that?
    There is only one Stallion the ladies need to worry about, and he’s typing this fucking comment……….
    That motherfucker look’s like he’s been snorting rock’s or something………….
    I can’t believe you ladies think this tool box is good looking, he has nothing on the Italian Stallion in the look’s department or in the sausage department……….

    Italian Stallion = O.G.

  38. It was the kid’s hair that broke up that marriage, not the butt-licker. Well, not in the first instance, anyway.


    As you were.

  39. jrzmommy

    I have no idea why this guy is as major of a star as he is. He always plays the same kind of smarmy wise ass character, he’s definately not good looking. I just don’t get it.

  40. 86

    And his nose is the reason his voice is unbearable. Anyone see Armageddon? Wahhhneyyyyyaaaammwww. That is my Owen Wilson impersonation.

  41. dupababy

    two hour ass lickings notwithstanding (hell, i’d date his crookedly nose for that action)i think the real reason kate’s banging the scotchie is cause she’s so overwrought that her son looks like curious george..

  42. cole007

    That movie sucked so bad – it seems to have come to life to ruin a perfectly good marriage of an old druggie rocker and a young blonde bad actress. She’s gonna dump him soooo fast. Loser.

  43. Warren Rose

    We should’ve picked up on this last month! Check it -

  44. Chodite

    Watching Leno last night, a repeat from July, it was obvious her and Wilson were f*cking. Check it -

  45. darthelvis

    Chris Robinson is a god amongst singers. He’s better off without that slutty hollywood trash. Too bad they have a kid together. You people are trash.

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