Owen Wilson and Le Call go to Hawaii

November 20th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Owen Wilson took his new girlfriend supermodel Le Call to Hawaii for a couple of days of sun and relaxation. It’s good to see Owen Wilson enjoying life and getting back to the simple pleasures. Like banging supermodels and jet-setting to Hawaii at a moment’s notice. You know, normal day-to-day stuff that the rest of us take for granted. Kind of makes you stop and think about how good you have it. This afternoon, on my third flight of the day to Hawaii to have sex with a model, I’m going to really enjoy it this time and not just go through the motions. Somebody fetch me my Superman cape and giant #1 finger.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. russ

    Happy to see Owen back on his feet again. A little poontang like that will fix you right up.

  2. thatgirl

    uhm. she’s not a supermodel. gisele is a supermodel, because people other than superficial and US weekly readers know who she is.

  3. Bigheadmike

    Sweet Jesus!!!!! i have to go the bathroom and uh…. Whack till my arm falls off.

  4. Heal Brother

    I am happy to see he is healing nicely. Her tail is healing a broken bone as we speak.

  5. How do we know Owen is in Hawaii with these two chicks?

  6. JVM

    Maybe tapping that piece of ass will help him lose his vodka gut.

  7. EllyBell

    the one on the left in the first pic looks like heather mills

  8. woodhorse

    If he sucks it in any harder, his titties will blow.

  9. jena

    hope she doesn’t get his nose all bent out of shape.
    AHAHA see what i did there? see?…… I’ll get my coat

  10. veggi

    I think I can actually hear the collective *click click click * of every single male’s keyboard .

  11. fart knocker

    Um…why does it look like there is a giant penis in the corner of the last three pics?? Creepy!

  12. woodhorse

    Oh yeah. And where did we see this recently single and rich woman? Perhaps it was on BikinisAndMoney.com. I’m not sure.

  13. woodhorse

    #12 Jebus Mary & Joseph! Where do you look at penises? MorbidGenitalAccidents.com? I thought they shut that site down.

  14. josh

    why isnt he crazy glued to he her ass? whats wrong with him?

  15. veggi

    I wanna fucking go to hawaii! fuckers..

  16. Veggi – I am going to Hawaii..

  17. Me

    I would lick the sand off both those girls asses

  18. combustion8

    what’s she got peeking out her ass in pick 14?

  19. #14 no , it’s still up and running..

  20. Looks like a panty liner. Why would you were one of those to the beach??

  21. caljenna66

    Are they even together? Are these pictures from the same day? Is that even the same girl in all of them? Did he bring a spare? I’m confused…

  22. Anexio

    Own Wilson needs to concider why he left Kate. He always make the mistaqkes that have conciqences and dosnt care who he hurts in doing so. He is fat to and I dout that he will be happy until he realises that he left a good woman.

    Its not fair for him to treat Kate like this and he rubs it in her face all of the time and agin.

  23. Pap

    Yes, that’s my penis in the pic, i couldn’t help but rub one out while looking at her ass.

  24. Stink Finger

    Pic #6 and #7… I would totally do my Little Dutch Boy impression.

  25. Vince Charming

    I don’t know who those girls in those pictures are but I DO know they are not Le Call. I personally know her and I can tell you that’s not her. Plus, just do a search…………not her.

  26. ph7

    That would help me forget my problems, too.

  27. a non meat eater

    23: an example of how our kids are becoming illiterate because of texting..

  28. ph7

    Perfect! She’s the larger breasted version of Kate Hudson. Nice upgrade.

  29. theShizaan

    Way to go Owen!!

  30. Huh. I don’t care..

  31. Conky

    I’d be happy to help Owen satisfy these young ladies if his anti-depression meds make his weenie limp.


  32. This model looks not so super.

  33. GWB

    I’d poke her with my giant freedom fry.

  34. Owen

    I love it when she begs for a Rear Admiral!

  35. veggi

    I, for one, am surprised that Jimbo knows what a panty liner is.

  36. KC

    Whenever I feel like committing suicide, I look at picture #8.

  37. veggi

    36- I for one HATE your face..

  38. Monkey

    Uh, I know Le and the one in the blue bikini in all of the pictures is not her. I can’t quite make out her face but I’m pretty sure the one in the flower bikini is.

  39. BaconMessiah

    Pasty= Owen

  40. tim

    down side is that she had two helpings of 3-bean salad

  41. Doc

    Eh, nothing special about her… cant say that anything really distinguishes herself from any other model out there… given Owen’s track record, that doesnt surprise me… bland girls are his thing…

  42. veggi

    38- shaddap. Why do I get such a retarded troll? That wasn’t funny and didn’t make any sense at all.

  43. George

    Attractive enough, for a cheese-eating surrender monkey. Guaranteed she smells bad.

  44. veggi

    43. mmmm, my troll just called themselves retarded. How fitting..

  45. You guys want to see something hilarious. Check out Madonnas little girl. Her eyebrows are a fucking riot…………

    Click the link…….

  46. veggi

    45- shaddap. Trolls are ruining this place. It’s not worth the hassle – I’m leaving now.

  47. Thank GOD the troll is leaving.

    Hey veggi, is it manhatton time yet? I don’t really know what a Manhatton is. What is it? And who is buying??..

  48. veggi

    A Manhatton is an alcoholic drink for retarded people. People with functioning brains drink Manhattans.

  49. XFILE102

    Really nice to see Owen getting back to life and moving on, in a positive way. Enjoying all the “Fruits” of the earth.. Felt bad for him lately, so it’s cool to see him getting back out there.

  50. veggi

    FRIST!!! I want a chambord kamikaze!!..

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