Peter Dinklage Made A ‘Clueless Gamer,’ POUR IT INTO MY EYES

If you’ve tried to visit the site on a smartphone, tablet, or basically any device that most people in the year 2016 use to gorge themselves on sweet internet, you’ve almost definitely been hit in the face with an embarrassing, impenetrable wall of app spam that’s entirely out of my control and is making me have one of those lame white guy existential crises that you can’t turn on TV without tripping over 86 of them. Fortunately, the latest installment of Clueless Gamer showed up, and it has Peter Dinklage playing Overwatch with Cersei, so maybe I won’t have scotch for breakfast. Or this bullet with all its hope and promise for a brighter future. — Wow, I really thought that would make a hot chick who’s way out of my league show up and have sex with me so I can complain about how meaningless it was later. Damn you, Flaked!

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Photos: YouTube