Overheard: Angelina Jolie has a due date

According to the super delicious Heather, Angelina Jolie was overheard talking about her pregnancy and said that her due date was June 4th.

My roommate’s Mom and stepdad were in L.A. last week, the day after the Golden Globes, so there were a ton of celebs around. They stopped into some little cafe near their hotel and Angelina was having tea with some guy (not Brad). There wasn’t anyone else in this place, so she could hear everything that Angelina was saying…including that she is due on June 4th! They were just talking about how she was doing and feeling etc.

If only Angelina could have pushed it back a month to July 4th. Then we could forget about all this pesky ‘declaration of independance’ nonsense and focus on the important events in history, like the birth of the world’s first aesthetically perfect child. They could call it “Brangelina Day” and then kill themselves for being idiots.

UPDATE: A commenter noted that Angelina Jolie’s birthday is also June 4, which has me a little bit confused. Either our reader got Angelina’s birthday confused with her child’s, or June 4 just happens to be the day to be born if you want to be outrageously good looking.