The 82nd Annual Academy Awards

March 8th, 2010 // 77 Comments

And now for the final roundup where I just give everybody nicknames because if I see another red carpet photo I’m 90% positive I’ll shit an Oscar statue.

Butt-gantor and her faithful sidekick, Picante Bones
Alotta Fagina
PieTrap Canyon
I’ll Star in Anything
MyShitty DontStinkerson
No BelongyHere
Proof Shia LaBeouf is a Pedophile
Cougaronia, Slayer of Egos


There’s Been a Terrible Mistake

Photos: Getty

  1. sandra bullock did a great job with her acceptance speech, i’m very impressed!

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  3. Gueibor

    The Cloonster totally looks like a 70′s comic character on pic 7.
    Prolly called Smootho McCoolchins, or sumthin’.

  4. dung

    I’d like to nominate Poopy for the Oscar for best skid in a motion picture…keep poopin’

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  6. gen

    I seriously think it would be impossible to be more gorgeous than Rachel McAdams. She’s right up there with Natalie Portman to me.

    And Kathryn Bigelow is awesome. She’s talented and beautiful; someone to actually look up to.


    This is more interesting than the oscars

  8. J-Lo is still hot. It’s hard to believe she’s still married.

  9. So gorgeous !

  10. Looks like Clooney had a word backstage after the Oscars about who in the **** wrote the script to single him out like they did.

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