OSCARS: Kathy Ireland swears she was sober

March 8th, 2010 // 47 Comments

Kathy Ireland surprised most of the modern world last night by a.) being alive and b.) interviewing Oscar attendees looking like some sort of leathery orange Avatar puppeted by James Cameron to psyche out the competition. This of course led to her spending most of today on Twitter claiming she wasn’t high as shit:

This is all pretty funny—except for the inferences that would be unhealthy or unprofessional. Love being behind the camera. LOL!

Personally, I don’t believe Kathy was drunk, but when an entire television audience thinks you were, it’s probably a good idea to stop using the medieval rack in the basement to make yourself look thinner. That can’t be good for the ol’ eliquibirum. Or neck. (Don’t look directly at it.)

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  1. Georgeo

    I want to hug her.

  2. Still Hot

    She’s still gorgeous!
    Who cares if she was hammered??

  3. 2-neesh

    “I’m not high; ask me something”

    uhmmm, eww, or something…

  4. Ralph

    I wonder…after all that plasric surgery, body suits and Botox, can this really be considered Kathy Ireland? At what point does she become someone (something) else?

  5. Um, Kathy, you were IN FRONT OF the camera, not behind it. Unless you were filming yourself. Which would be awesome.

  6. Gerald_Tarrant

    I would still bang the stuffing out of her. As many times as she and I had sex while she wasn’t around, one time with her around even now would make up for it.

  7. Randal

    When this minx walks down the red carpet, all cameras turn in her direction, flashing, popping and creating a halo of light around the angel she is. A sparkling beauty!


  8. @3 neesh is g@y and has no right to judge women's looks

    neesh, why don’t you go to imafagandhatewomen.com and leave this site alone

  9. m.

    I prefer Kylie Ireland….

  10. Dude

    Man, Randal can make anything gay.

  11. pimp

    now that’s an old ass i’d love to eat…yum.

  12. Rupert

    I know her. I used to beat off to her workout tapes when I was like 12.

  13. Jeff

    I still beat off to this woman like it’s1988. I would eat her ass and vagin like there is no tomorrow.

  14. DJS

    She’s still lickable.

  15. Ripper Owens

    WTF fuck is up with that neck! Looks like she put that head and neck on that body just for the night.

  16. Oh Yeah!

    You know what she’s thinking?

    “My business did $1 billion in sales last year (true story) and I don’t really give a flying f*%@ what anyone thinks.”

    Or something like that.

    Besides, she’s still a hottie.

  17. Sport

    She is still smokin hot.

  18. Rough--simultaneously in brief & boxers

    Aging is cruel…

  19. Mallard Jones

    I would still plow her like a patch of kentucky blue grass

  20. ppl

    I used to jerk off to her when I was a kid. Her and Pamela. God, I’m starting to feel very sad right now.

  21. juaquin ingles

    I think she’s wearing one of those neck stretchers the Cambodians or whatever wear…

  22. duck lips

    Duck lips alert. She’d look so much better without the collagen in her lips–why do so many actresses do this to themselves?

  23. you were filming yourself. Which would be awesome.

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  28. Big'n

    Good god she’s still hot. Those who disagree may kindly kiss my ass.

  29. jim

    Kathy Ireland had a chin. Who the fuck is this?

  30. arealcad


    Hold this February 7th, 1989 issue of SI in front of your face.


    :::::fap, fap, fap::::::

    OK I’m done.

  31. chupacabra

    Not aging gracefully….

  32. veda

    check out what one Jewelry blogger has to say about Kathy Ireland’s jewelry….http://jewelry01.blogspot.com/

  33. Kathy Ireland and her crazy hands were the best part of the Oscars!!!! It was beyond funny! Read more of my thoughts on America’s favourite jewelery designer at Huffington Post approved blog, IMeanWhat http://bit.ly/dxAPU0

  34. me again

    she looks weird. Like. she’s had work done – but all it did was make her look older……wtf?

  35. harry satchel

    She’s still SMOKIN’

    And incidentally…does anyone here EVER c and p the crappy links that are posted on every stikin’ thread on this site??


  36. JellyBellyS

    I’d still eat her asshole & lick her all over!!!

  37. alisonwillmore

    I like beauty and beautiful girls,Kathy is so pretty woman and she is so cute.

  38. lisa

    WTG Kathy,Don’t belive what people say. You know in your heart your sober! You did a great job. I thought you looked beautiful too! Good Luck in the furture!
    Lisa :)

  39. mel

    i hope i age that well…..heck, she’s not 18 anymore

  40. Mackenzie

    I totally thought she was pregnant! Did she not look pregnant at the Oscar pre-show?

  41. xiannian

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  45. Cardinal Fang

    She needs 7 more lbs and less makeup. I can give her 7 inches and a facial. Not many hot 45+ year-olds out there

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