OSCARS: Christina Hendricks gets her own post

March 8th, 2010 // 127 Comments

Dear Academy Awards,

I found your stage for next year. Hope you like ratings.

- The Superficial

Photos: Getty, WENN

  1. Amber

    she should play ginger in the movie remake of Gilligan’s island
    (her or Shirley Manson)

  2. gen


    Actually, she probably looks like a Baroque painting with her clothes off, only with bigger boobs. There’s nothing visually offensive about women with extra weight. I personally like being skinnier because weight would probably not distribute so conveniently for me, but I hate women that are like, “She’s so ugly! Men are stupid for being attracted to her!” If they’re attracted to her, than they’re attracted to her. Deal with it.

  3. tony

    Sick of hearing the “real woman have curves” brigade.
    This woman is ugly and she is fat. She has the body of a matron, even her tits are matronly.

  4. gen

    Whoops I’m double-posting a lot today. But HEY EVERYONE IT’S LEA MICHELE IN PICS 12, 14, 16!!!

    No Glee fans in the crowd? Fine, nevermind…

  5. Kimberly Walsh Fan

    OMG shut up haters. Women are supposed to look like this, it’s called having curves. Christina is a healthy woman, and a great role model for young girls. Men like real woman who have meat on their bones, not some anorexoic supermodel stick like miranda kerr.

  6. m.

    Is it me or these things get bigger everytime we see them?!
    Redhead+big tits=what more can a hetero man want?!

  7. mike

    Correct me if I’m wrong here. Is her husband the nerdy guy from super troopers. The one who eats the bag of weed.

  8. Ohhh..that’s right, there’s that double standard: women with small breasts can wear super revealing clothes, women with big breasts cannot because it’s “offensive”. Give me a break.
    I have a feeling #24 is flat chested.

    Thank you, and good night

  9. As a black man, I wholeheartedly DIGG the beautiful pale white skin matched up with the firey red hair. Too bad she’d probably never give me the time of day.

    In the hood, it ain’t so good….

  10. Jim

    Only a 14″ nigger cock can tame them titties.

  11. Am I gonna have to start posting my own pics here to give you guys a break from these butterfaces?

    The gut is gone & the ass is getting better by the day w/pilates…


    Eat it, haters.

  12. master of pleasure

    @60 Its not because it tamed your fat ass that it could tame those boobs



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  16. lalala


    put that shit away – GROSS

    I’d bang the redhead anyday over your fat ass

  17. ctti

    @12: Seriously, take your racism elsewhere. It used to be a white man’s world – in fact, it probably still is – & if Mo’nique wants to thank her fellow black people for her achievement, let her. Did she bash whites? No? Then fuck off.

    @24: Sore, much? The only reason her “tits reach her collarbone” is because she just happens to have big ones, which are clearly natural & which many disgustingly insecure skinny bitches would pay an arm & a leg to have. I’m a straight girl, slightly busty, though nowhere near as voluptuous as Christina Hendricks is & I’ll readily admit it: she is one hot specimen of womankind.

    Why is her dress “offensive”? Because it shows off assets & curves you could only ever hope to have, or have but are somehow too ashamed or shapeless to show off? Sure, I myself find the dress an awful choice because of the puffed hem but you spitefully criticizing a woman of her proportions for wearing something that shows off her figure just reeks of jealousy, which is just plain sad.

    As for which direction her nipples point when she’s naked, what business is it of yours? Natural breasts definitely sag a little without support. Also, why is her paleness negative? It just shows that, unlike the countless white women who are uncomfortable with their natural skin tone & therefore resort to ugly fake tans to “enhance” their looks, she’s comfortable in her own skin (literally) & that’s really the best attitude to have. Sure, she’d benefit from some gym time & a more toned body but she’s already hot the way she is – no fake tans, fake lashes, fake tits or any tool only insecure women use.

    P.S.: If you want to make a statement / criticize someone / show the world what an insecure bitch you are, at least make sure you’re capable of proper grammar.

  18. harry satchel

    #67 Right on, right on…

    #27 Yes, yes, republicans are racists, everyone knows that! Oh you mean racists like Dan Rather saying Obama couldn’t sell watermelons??
    Oh wait, he’s a democrat.
    Ok, then maybe longtime senator Robert Byrd – WV? He once filibustered for over 14 hours…AGAINST the civil rights act of 1964! A former kkk grand wizard, and surely a racist. Welp, he too is a DEMOCRAT! He is still in office, has been for decades now…and was joined by 17 other dems, and one republican in that filibuster.
    Hmm let’s see…Al Gore, as D as D gets…well, his FATHER voted NO to the civil rights act of ’64. Hmm. LBJ’s strong-arm tactics (reportedly riddled with the ‘n word’) didn’t budge him.
    And don’t forget the governors of southern states who incorporated the stars and bars in their state flag as an “in your face” to the civil rights movement (like here in GA – it’s been changed since, and SC, prolly MS too)…they were all DEMOCRATS.
    I’m no card-carrying R, but damn, that tired old crap about republicans being the source of all of our ills is so tired. And it’s always like #27 – out of nowhere, unsolicited, and impertinent.
    To borrow a phrase from who is no doubt a hero of yours, you are a ‘fucking retard’

  19. The dark one

    she is like almost pretty and almost looks like soloman grundy at the same time. The jury’s out on her for me. i need to see more…

  20. zuzuspetals

    That looks hideous. The dress is ridiculously tight and her breasts and squished together in a fatty, heinous way. Why are women so proud that they are able to grow large amounts of FAT on their chests? It’s really not that much of an accomplishment.

  21. Mr. Nice Guy

    Men love her look. Deal with it Haters.

  22. LOL

    mmm yes #67, i hit a nice note for you didnt I <3333333

    i love when ppl try and attack online commenters for their grammar.. who the fuck cares about fucking grammar on thesuperficial.com. honestly. this isnt a fucking pressing issue we are talking about. we are tearing apart celebrities photos.

    there is clearly something wrong with YOU, not me. actually i have big tits and I am not skinny. I just don’t like her boobs.

  23. LOL @ #61, Sickitten thinking she is attractive, or more so attractive than this woman. Bahahaha. Thank you for at least being kind enough to post a blurry picture. I have to say, I was relieved.

  24. She is really a tremendous beauty I can say. Her flawless white skin is really very fabulous and glossy. I don’t care what people actually think about her but she is really very pretty and gorgeous in true manner.

  25. She is really a tremendous beauty I can say. Her flawless white skin is really very fabulous and glossy. I don’t care what people actually think about her but she is really very pretty and gorgeous in true manner.

  26. welldressedman


  27. Kay

    Why are curves not considered attractive? Why do you need to be hungry to look good? She looks awesome to me. She doesn’t look fat or too skinny.

  28. lola

    Christina is on the heavier side of healthy. She has a beautiful smile and nice body, but she needs to cover those puppies up! I don’t know why everyone bashes her for being plump. She wanted to lose weight, but the producers told her not to.

  29. Juliana

    Why are people soooo offended by her? She is a good role model physically for most women. And her dress? I am sorry, but it is beautiful. It is verrry tongue-in-cheek, sexy without being too OUT THERE. and, in all honesty, how can you cover up boobs that big? I wear a D and have troubles.

  30. is she beautiful, but she is obviously not shallow

  31. amanda

    I think #61 sickkitten is pretty :)

  32. Jane Goodall's a GENIUS!!!!

    @12 …. 12, 12, 12 … you’re fucking brilliant. seriously, folks, many of you are morons. you know it’s also racist to treat someone differently based on their “race”. which, in the case of the prude-ass bitches with no sense of humor/reality on here, includes kissing the ass of some over-rated, hairy-legged, AMERICAN chick with a ton-o-melanin (cf to Christina Hendricks, at least).
    good lord, she acts like she’s cured solved the Darfur conflict. no. you won an asinine award, for a mediocre performance, because Hollywood IS a political, self-blowing, narcissistic shit-show. “Moni-Q” … you’ve yet to make a contribution to your “race”; cripes! can we stop treating people differently based on their phenotype?

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  35. spinal

    @ 12-

    “Anyone else notice that the BET Awards broke out during the Oscars last night?”

    Oh geez, anyone else notice a Klan rally broke out on a post devoted to giant tittays? STFU and let the rest of us enjoy the tittays, you’re off topic not to mention a fucking idiot.

  36. Dude


    Dude, Chill with the hate. Yes, Mo’nique Didnt deserve the award. Neither did Sandra Bullock, but I dont attack White people for it. I’m black and completely tired of hate for no reason. Damn dude, chill out! Enjoy these big ass Tits and have a beer man!

    Also, I think this chick is hot as hell. Anyone who thinks shes fat and nasty probably has a small penis.

  37. captain america

    I’m sure she gets an gigantic amount of post!!

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  39. Bobbbbb

    She is FAT. If you saw her at Walmart in some sweats and a t-shirt you’d never look twice.

  40. SO RIGHT

    Monique totally deserved that award. Sandra Bullock, on the other hand, DID NOT! And SHE knew it too.

  41. post 18 was fine, everyone is game on this website.

  42. Mr. Nice Guy

    If I see any woman at Walmart in sweats and a t-shirt I would never look twice. But I don’t spend much time at Walmart.

    But if I had a choice of a woman who looks like Christina Hendricks or a woman who looks like a 12 year old boy (say Alessandra Ambrosio) in a tight dress, I will take the Christina every time.

  43. at racist guy

    wow for a guy who CLEARLY fucks his mom and sister while having his dad film it, you seem to be well spoken, no grammatical errors, etc. WHich goes to show that inbreeding for some works…

    black lovah

  44. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won’t make you cry

  45. tony romo

    what a pair of papayas!

  46. ctti

    @72: Wow, a female with supposedly “big tits” attacking another for having the same thing. It’s like one black man criticizing another for having a big dick. You only have the right to do that if your tits are natural & hers are fake, f.y.i.

    And I don’t have to “try” to attack your grammar. It speaks for itself. Besides, you missed the point completely. It isn’t about where you post your opinions, it’s about you having bad grammar, period. I don’t think people who are capable of proper grammar dumb it down for certain websites or forums. That would be over-thinking & completely unnecessary.

    Sorry man, but you just make yourself sound like an overcompensating, insecure girl.

  47. duke

    DAMN look at those tit-tayz!!! Pic 5 – they’re steering the ship! I’d give my wretched LIIFE to play with those puppies.

  48. Christina Hendricks just about the most gorgeous woman in the world her figure is really too beautifull and looking too hot and sexy now,


    BOOBZ bring me to a happy place, kind of like snowboarding but with boobs


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