OSCARS: Charlize Theron brought to you by Pillsbury

March 8th, 2010 // 49 Comments

Here’s Charlize Theron at the Oscars last night and, look, I’m no fashion expert. But if that dress was designed to make me sexually assault a Cinnabon, mission double-accomplished. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m no longer welcome at this food court.

Aw, wait, is that a Sbarro’s? Damn you, Charlize!

Photos: Getty

  1. BEAUTIFUL woman, UGLY dress with a poor choice in lipstick for the evening lol.

  2. ChrisJ

    Her dress maker did to her what Obama is doing to the economy…F*cking it up big time!

  3. Wtf?

    More like a Cinnabon endorsement than Pillsbury.

  4. Here it is in a nutshell for you Ali:


    She is pretty, but beautiful is a stretch

  5. Points

    I think she’s just trying to prove that when you’re as gorgeous as she is…you can wear ANYTHING and still look hot.

  6. #4, Sickitten, I’m not sure what you were trying to prove there besides you spend entirely too much time worrying about celebrities. Coming to sites like these isn’t a way for you to pass the work day, you are obsessed. Get a life, whack job. She’s beautiful.

  7. chicksRus

    the most gorgeous face in hollywood. Timeless beauty. I’m a girl but i’d def do her!=)

  8. I love Charlize Theron!!! She is my favorite actress!!!

  9. DKNY

    Hottest African-American ever!

  10. Do_Freebird

    Good looking girl, nice dress, good photo.
    And the the dress tries to hide the fact she has no tits.
    Sorrieze Charilize.

  11. Ally

    Charlize gets too much sun and that dress is hideous. Yes she is very attractive but thats probably the ugliest red carpet dress since Bjork wore a swan.

  12. alpine1

    She’s the cutest girl out there in Hollywoodland, dress and all.

  13. I don’t give a fuck that she’s dressed like a big, tacky wedding cake.
    She’s beautiful.
    If I looked like her, I’d wear ugly shit like that to the grocery store.
    Just because I fucking can.

  14. What a terrible dress. Charlize Theron looks like she’s wearing a deflated Madonna cone bra.

  15. This dress looks kinda cheap to be worn at the event, no?

  16. ppl

    This old hag left her good husband for what again? Oh, Madonna wanna be

  17. jenniferths

    Charlize Theron is so hot and sexy and she is personality is awesome, she is dress ,she is eyes, face look everything is fine.

  18. I’m not sure what you were trying to prove there besides you spend entirely too much time worrying about celebrities.

  19. Kay

    I think its amazing she looks very ordinary without makeup. She is of course still gorgeous.

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  21. Hideous dress on a mannish woman. Yes, yes, I know … let’s those who disagree bash and insult instead of reminding themselves that their opinions aren’t the only ones out there. Do I give a shit about the bashers? Nope.

    I find Theron to be a bit on the unfeminine side. Is she attractive? Somewhat. But beautiful? Not so much. That word is used way too much these days, undeservedly so in most cases.

  22. captain america

    well, if your tits are as big as kate hudson’s ones you have to make up something.

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  24. igigigi

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  25. sandra

    I don’t get how anybody could say she looks ‘mannish’ but whatever. The dress is kind of odd, but she is beautiful I think.

  26. #6, Watermelon, I’ll play the game. You know I freelance in the Devil’s Workshop from time to time but if you think Charlize is beautiful, then what must you look like?

    Charlize is pretty, I’ll give you that. Even w/her nose job, she’s no great beauty. Come on, she’s no Vivien Leigh, Gene Tierney or Grace Kelly.

    Hell, I’m even better looking than Charlize.

  27. m

    sickitten—-post a picture and let us decide. :)

  28. Kodos

    Sorry Charlize, South Africa will now be represented by Candice Swanepoel.

    Besides, you’re a fucking idiot.

    Go away now.

  29. anna


    you should be happy and kissing charlize’s feet that south africa has someone. and charlize has been called a freaking genious by her acting peers and she is really smart. you dont have to see more than 5 mins of conversation and interviews to see that.

    oh and sickkitten what she does not have a nose job! you can look at pics from when she was a teen, say 16 in south africa, her nose is the same. you compare on your site a profile pic with a pic straight on. how retarded are you? of course your nose looks diff.

  30. josh

    She looks old and boring.

  31. She is looking gorgeous!! I like her.

  32. Charlize theron is really a pretty girl but the dress she whore in the event is not so good I can say because in this dress she is looking like a whore and that’s what she is not suppose to be.

  33. beautiful,lady,beautiful mdress, grear hoollywood old glamour to me. She looks grear,leaveher alone. At least she was dresses as some axcrtesses lookes 1/2 naked of just grabbed something out os her grandmothers 1950′sloset. Stay as you are, you a graet and a grast bec-autiful actress with jeqalousa pepole out ther.

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  35. kiki

    ewwww I freakin hated her dress!! def on the top worst dressed!!

  36. stever

    I looks like two jiffy pops attached to her boobs. POP POP POP its done.

  37. Ramona

    Charlize is a beautiful woman, with a gorgeous figure, and her choice of dress just shows that she has a sense of humor. She’s been down that red carpet enough to know how mercilessly the media, public, and “fashion experts” judge a woman’s dress. You published the photos and have people commenting about the dress, so I’d say both her stylist and publicist did a pretty good job!

  38. Nadine

    I had to LOL at the Jiffy Pop Popcorn & deflated Madonna
    cone bra comments, so true.
    & who called her an old hag? She isn’t OLD (unless yer 15 or under)

    I did not like this dress, she’s done better – she’ll do better next time
    but life goes on. It’s just a dress, who really cares.

  39. DiDi

    She needs to find someone who can stand up to her and tell her HE@@ NO. It would of looked nice if she had it draped up to her shoulder with maybe one cinnabun on her shoulder. Maybe. Oh heck, just sell it on Ebay, Charlize.

  40. Ruby

    Charlize, the term “You need to grow a pair” only refers to guys!
    But you rose to the occasion ha!

  41. terelon

    She shouldn’t wear a dress that distracts from her gorgeous face.

  42. gigi

    Charlize better watch it… don’t think the americans will get this term, but I’ve got enough SoAf friends to know — she’s got a typical Boer body-type. One late-night KFC binge and it’s ‘to the plows!’ She looks sad too… perhaps the lack of Townsend ding-a-ling…. the poor thing

  43. John

    I feel like I’m staring at a pair of lilac flavored danish pastries…

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  48. You’re right – Charlize Theron’s oscar dress was not a good look!

    Her hair always looks great though. We’ve featured her as our celeb hairstyle of the day! http://www.handbag.com/hair/celebrity-hairstyle-of-the-day-march-charlize-theron-waves/gallery

  49. Growing up, we all had at least one book that affected our psyche – some in more positive ways than others.

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