Oscar De La Hoya Admits Drag Photos Were Him The Whole Time

September 1st, 2011 // 29 Comments

Four years ago, X17 Online bought photos of a then-married Oscar De La Hoya in drag prompting him to launch a massive intimidation campaign against his stripper mistress, the source of the photos. He even hired an image expert who claimed in legal documents that the images were fakes. But in a new interview with Univision, a now clean and sober Oscar has finally admitted the photos were him, according to The Smoking Gun:

“Let me tell you, yes, it was me,” said De La Hoya, speaking in Spanish. “I’m tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.”
De La Hoya’s revelation comes three years after he used business associates, a cadre of high-powered lawyers, and the influential PR firm Sitrick and Company to threaten, smear, and bludgeon 23-year-old stripper Milana Dravnel, with whom he posed in some of the images.
When her eight-month affair with the married De La Hoya ended in late-2007, Dravnel sought to sell the photos, which were taken in a Philadelphia hotel suite where the couple trysted. That effort was met by a ferocious legal counterattack led by legendary L.A. attorney Bert Fields and his New York counterpart Judd Burstein.
De La Hoya’s lawyers even retained a purported photo expert who concluded, according to an e-mail obtained by TSG, that, “I would say that the most likely scenario was that Mr. De La Hoya’s head (from various pictures) was composited onto the body of another male who was wearing the fishnet body stocking (and the wig).”
… For his part, De La Hoya also dismissed the pictures as Photoshopped fakes.
At one point, Dravnel became so intimidated by the De La Hoya assault she told a reporter that she could not “personally verify the authenticity of the images of Oscar De La Hoya.” Dravnel backtracked, she explained in a subsequent court filing, because the Golden Boy and his cohorts intimidated and threatened her “through various means” to tell the media that she could not vouch for the photos.

While this is all well and good, the true crime Oscar needs to admit to, is not punching Daisy De La Hoya – another male family member prone to cross-dressing – out a window for disgracing the De La Hoya name vis-à-vis Bret Michael‘s penis.

“I was on the cocanya. I was messed up, mang. I should’ve punched the little cholo into next week, but the demons, mang. They no let me do it. This shame I must live with the rest of my life. The drug it just caged me as I watched a De La Hoya suckle this bald gringo on the televisión. I pray no one ever feels such pain… Turn the camera off, ese. Turn it off, I no want people to see me like this. Show them the fishnet peectures of my smooth lady thighs, anything but this. It’s too hard.”

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  1. clark kent

    Just googled the stripper and she is hot! Most likely she got him to dress up like that because it would be ‘hot’ then she wanted to make millions etc but he beat her down.

  2. On the plus side he only looks half as gay as Ricky Martin.

  3. thespiral

    Oscar is looking FIERCE, girl! Is anyone else thinking “Mango” from SNL with these pictures?

  4. Colin

    I love how they try and make the stripper look like the victim. Sure she was intimidated and stuff and maybe they went overboard, but maybe she shouldn’t have taken pictures and then tried to sell them to the media like a true famewhore.

  5. Rico Jones

    Those photos are so goofy he could have just said they were taken at a costume party. People would have believed it.

  6. Wait, you mean the one one the right isn’t Britney Spears? Damn, I can’t believe I just rubbed one out.

  7. Bee Martin

    That is what he gets for hanging out with a coke ho like Milana Dravnel, she is major party ho, burning man freak ho. She is a hot piece of ass though but that is about it, hanging out with scandalous Russian prostitutes never end well.

  8. Sweenis McFrecklenut

    Oscar De La Hoya is very well spoken you fucking racist

  9. Arzach

    This guy is a dumbass, a gay dumbass.
    Look for Millie Corretjer on Google and you could find out what does he cheated on, but of course that doesn’t matter because he doesn’t like women

  10. nate

    I’d dress up like that for her too!

  11. nate

    For her, what guy wouldn’t dress up like that?

  12. forrest gump

    he simply can’t be a homosexual, folks!!

  13. Burt

    As if anyone doubted it was him.

  14. Oscar De La Hoya Drag Cross Dressing
    Commented on this photo:

    Oscar de la Hoya is without question one of the most handsome men in the world, with a hot body and that fighting spirit he is attractive to both men and women

  15. sexpert here to explain

    it’s very clear this board doesn’t understand sex work, fetishes, and what most mistresses do.

    oscar obviously pays a regular mistress to feminize him, the most common job they are sought out for. it was very easy to tell from the posed photos without even reading. it makes a lot of sense for a boxer. he may also like having her penetrate him with a strap-on or call him her ‘panty boy’, ‘little girl,’ etc. not an uncommon fetish. most of these men are not gay, they are in play mode, some though, are discovering or in denial. not all want to be penetrated, and not all who do want to be penetrated by the mistress while feminized are necessarily acting gay, it’s just part of being submissive. they are submissives who like femdommes. oscar sees a femme dom. she isn’t beating him up, she’s playing dress-up with him, and likely humiliating him lightly. i wouldn’t be surprised if eventually she made him confess… and he loved it. isn’t that right, oscar, or what is your panty girl name? ;) the man has a classic fetish. he was not ‘joking around.’

    • Burt

      As far as boxers go, he always seemed rather feminine to me, more so than many of the female boxers…just saying.

  16. sexpert here to explain

    …joking around like some frat boy posing for photos. not at all. she may also and very likely financially dominates him. another avenue the fetish may go. that explains the bogus publicly suiing him for 100 mil, it may be part of a bdsm contractual arrangement. he likely got humiliation joy out of that, and gave her something smaller in private.

    i know it sounds wacky from afar… but i think they are ‘this close’ and she’s just diligently aiding his fetish with the media as an added humilation tool, they love public humilation on the net… he’s just famous.

  17. sexpert here to explain

    the pr stuff is just his people. he likely never wanted to lie about it or harrass her, it was liekly all them.

  18. sexpert here to explain

    sure she got to punish him for it.

  19. Ugh

    Yeah, a vast majority of people who cross dress aren’t gay– they’re just straight guys who get off on it probably because it’s a “no-no.” If he were going full-on female-impersonator, that might be a little different– but guys who just throw on women’s clothes for sex play, etc., tent to be straight and have no sexual interest in menfolk.

  20. Brad

    What a total f..ing bore this guy is. What, do the rest of us who keep our noses clean, go to work each day, pay our bills, educate our kids, have to listen to this total drivel from some fool who had learned about life only after a decade of drug and alcohol abuse??????? What kind of bs is this. He has NOTHING to add to ANYTHING. He should slink into quite and just shut up. What a jsad sack. Period.

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