Osama Bin Laden is Dead

May 1st, 2011 // 263 Comments
Osama Bin Laden Dead

“Justice has been done.” -President Barack Obama

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. For real this time.

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  1. crackerLeroy

    6 of Osama’s 72 virgins pose during press junket. Meanwhile backstage, Osama gets loosened up for tonight’s show by doing some yoga.

  2. Hang the fucker at ground zero and pelt his body with rocks.

  3. CG

    fuck yeah!
    Go troops!!

  4. tonktonks

    Who gets that bitchin Casio watch? I wonder if it’s the one with the calculator.

    Seriously, this is a triumph for America and the war against terror. Well Done.

  5. allan

    Osama is in hell with 72 homosexuals and no lube.

  6. hollywood_hillbilly

    Operatives report OBL’s watch reading “80085″

  7. the captain

    be honest: NOW WHAT?

  8. the captain

    this means: MONY BACK GARANTEE?

  9. The Laughing G-D

    They interrupted the Simpsons; all I needed was a ticker that said, “Osama’s dead, news at 11,” this wasn’t a regularly scheduled program interrupting event.

  10. Burial at sea? PHOTOS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN ~

    But yeah finally a hit on my deadpool!
    FUCK yeah :DD

  11. Kodos


  12. Bob

    and just in time for the election! lol Seriously I love this, Obama sat on the news till he fucked Trump over, then went back to playing with the big boys. He’s got class.

  13. Double D

    When Osama got to the afterlife, he found out that his 72 versions all looked like Ke$ha… and had dicks… like Ke$ha. Now THAT’S justice.

  14. Monty83

    I’m calling it now: we won’t see the body.
    Osama died years ago.

    9/11 inside job.

    • uncle ruckus

      Yep…thinking Jesse is on to something, for sure.

    • me

      we’ll see photos, there is such a thing as photoshop… Or it will be an old photo, if he died a long time ago, then they just pull out the photo from then and stamp it with May 1, 2011. Easily done.

  15. Freaky

    I can’t believe that you people — yes, I said YOU PEOPLE — would defend state-sponsored execution of an individual who has not had a trial-by-jury, whose home was invaded without a search warrant, and who was implicated in 9/11 by a waterboard confession in the first place.

    I guess I had you commies figured wrong. USA! USA!

    • There are upwards of a million dead that’s taken us to this point (tanzanian, kenyan, us, afghan, iraqi, spanish, uk, bali, turk, ..)

      Ain’t like he didn’t have it coming

    • *shrugs* He was an enemy combatant on foreign soil, if you want to get into the nuts and bolts of it. I neither defend nor support the action. While it is a symbolic victory in the war on terror; practically the odds are his death won’t amount to much. So whether or not he was killed by a SEAL team or died of his illness was a moot point to me. And while the tip did come out of Guantanamo, I haven’t seen any reliable sources that claim it came from water-boarding, or even any sort of interrogation technique. It’s just as likely that someone cut a deal. Who knows, maybe they’ll even get to collect on the huge amounts of money people had put on Bin Laden’s head.

  16. Marsellus Wallace

    I wanted his head on a pike in front of the White House , along with all of the other Jihadists . That is the only way the world can return to civilized behaviour . Kill them all , and let God sort it out

  17. Drew

    I guess Amurica can go back to being complacently arrogant. Joy.

  18. Thomas

    Americans may be more attacks by terrorist So Please pay more attention to safety

  19. Anna

    kinda dodgy they had to go and drop his body in the middle of the ocean of something…

  20. Asoto

    Partying over a man’s death…keep classy USA!

    • Marsellus Wallace

      He was a mass – murderer and a coward

    • me

      I’m beginning to think that the people that are saying we shouldn’t celebrate this man’s death are completely numb to what happened on 9/11. Maybe they need to watch another video of the people jumping from the burning buildings, and listen to the audio tapes of spouses calling each other and telling them goodbye.

    • Blech

      His “murder” is just another excuse to drink up and ignore the shit many of us are really struggling through right now.

      But of course all the idiots and drunks and low-lives are buying this tripe.

  21. krutboo

    The Mission Accomplished Speech Bush gave on the aircraft carrier in 2003 was in relation to the conventional 1st phase of the war in Iraq that removed Saddam and the Baath party from power. it in no way related to Bin Laden or the war in Afghanistan (though he gave a speech also in 2003 saying the same thing to the Afghan US forces in support of their removal of the Taliban from power). This is all public knowledge.

    I salute the troops for killing Bin Laden and for Obama for actually being a leader and making a good decision in ordering the op to move forward. What I do not salute are liberal retards who are too lazy to actually do some research into recent US history and instead make stupid political jokes based on their retarded sense of the world. Stick to making fun of celebrities asshole!

  22. What movie was he in?

  23. blocker

    I am glad they got the bastard but i hate to think what the revenge will be. GOD HELP US

  24. Jon

    Osama bin Laden: hide and seek world champion, 9/11/2001-5/1/2011.

  25. tally

    osama bin laden was THE legit terrorist ever. handsome fella died like jesus christ. there was nothing wrong with what he did. he stood up against bush ain’t none of you had the balls for. I AM SADDENED BY HIS DEATH. REST IN PEACE OSAMA BIN LADEN.

    • Marsellus Wallace

      Roast in hell !!!!

    • Jovy

      “died like Jesus Christ”

      the fact that you compared Bin Laden, a cowardly piece of shit who contributed nothing positive to this world, to Christ, a man who taught the people of his time about peace and love, is sickening.

    • me

      well, you came to the right site to post that! Fish can’t stand Jesus Christ.

    • Johnny Cage

      You’re trolling is so 2006. This is why 4chan is dying out to it’s new ruler Ebaum’s world.

  26. test

    Right, i will believe it when i see it, they just said they killed him and tossed the body on the sea?!
    No picture, no video, no nothing..
    Im thinking this is just an excuse and something to distract the american people from the economic crisis

  27. levi

    I love how people think this is legit. oh well. wait, why is this even reported here? wtf? where is lohan or miley?

  28. Tuppy

    Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Or, in this case, a handful of made-in-America ballistics to the melon…

  29. friendlystoner

    good to see what the americans can achieve without the playstation network to distract them.

  30. cc

    Have to had it to those Navy Seals. They are the best at what they do.

    And I am glad they finally got Osama.

  31. Tom

    Benazir Bhutto the deceased prime minister of Pakistan said in an interview with English David frost that Osama ben Laudin was dead this was back in at least 2001 there is a very bloody photograph of Osama Ben Laudin on http://www.americanussr.com..The Goverment has used Osama Ben Laudin on that website proving Obama is Heinous LIAR ,their fake war on terror has been used to take away your freedoms America the countless bills approved by congress to tap your telephones arrest and detain you indefinitely without charging you formally of any crimes most Americans do not realise that they have lost their precious freedoms .Americans you have been LIED to!

    • Aussie Mama

      All true Tom

    • me

      Thank you Tom. The people don’t care about the truth, they just want to hear their dreams. Good try anyway. I say all of us people that don’t buy into this malarky unite!

      • Blech

        Bush is a big fat liar, too. And so are just about all the fucking politicians in this country. Self-serving pieces of crap.

        This country is just like one of those off-off-off-Broadway shows by non-profit theater companies who beg for attendees.

  32. FYI – to all those shouting that Obama did in 2 years what our previous president’s failed to do in 8 years… That is like saying the last runner in a relay race gets all the credit. The baton was carried for over 10 years by 3 president’s on this one and in the end, it was the CIA and Seals that got the job done. God bless the troops!!

  33. Tom

    They made an error when posting the prior post was the website for the picture of a bloody dead Osama Ben laudin is http://www.americanussr.com .Note this is a younger man not the grey haired Osama Ben Laudin but a younger Osama ben Laudin.Listen to the interview with the former ASSINATED Benazie Bhutto she tells Osama Ben Laudin was murdered Many Years ago.

    • Aussie Mama

      She was assassinated weeks after saying that. Made all the ridiculous looking in caves, seem silly didn’t it!

  34. ethermonk

    “Mission accomplished” referred to the punitive invasion of Iraq for their continued violations of UN Security Council resolutions regarding international weapons inspections. I know facts are hard, Fish, but at least TRY to look them up from time to time.

    Kudos to Obama for leaving the Bush/Cheney military apparatus alone, and letting it do it’s job. KSM appears to have been instrumental in helping us find the trail. I guess Club Gitmo and water-boarding work. And don’t flame me for saying it … Obama agrees with me too.

    • Because the best kind of history is revisionist history.

    • eatme

      “Mission accomplished” was a laughable assertion by any measure.

      Bush proclaimed an end to “major combat operations”, a meaningless statement considering the ANTICIPATED guerilla war that was to follow: by far more casualties have been incurred during the post-invasion period.

      Beyond “looking things up”, maybe you, ethermonk, should inject just a tad of context and common sense.

      • eatme

        …and if you are going to bring the UN into this. you might want to consider that the UN did not authorize the US to invade. Facts are hard ethermonk, I know, but don’t use them selectively.

      • ethermonk

        eatme … you sad, stupid cocksucker. Read “Security Council Resolution 678″. I assume you CAN read.

        Let me help you: UN member states are “to use all necessary means to uphold and implement Resolution 660 and all subsequent relevant resolutions and to restore international peace and security in the area.”

        You are fucking dumb.

      • eatme

        Seriously, is this a joke?

        Resolution 678, with its “all necessary means” clause deals explicitly with Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait. Nothing more.

        Perhaps you mean res. 687? Dyslexia? Yes, 687 DOES deal with arms inspections but does not have a “all necessary means” clause.

        FYI, in case you have problems with the math, 687 came after 678 and so the clause does not apply.

        Further, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan (of the time) proclaimed that the US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN charter. Why? It is positively understood that “all necessary means” does not entitle member states to act unilaterally.

        OK i have to say it: ethermonk, you are exceptional.

      • congress is out for lunch

        lol @ ethermonk. what a douche.

  35. Dee

    Your all idiots, don’t believe everything you read.
    Firstly, the US wouldn’t benefit from killing him, think about it, he’s more useful alive. They need him for information because he is just a symbolic figure or a leader but his death wouldn’t stop them from carrying out other attacks. He may be the leader but the group themselves barely rely on him. If they really want to eradicate this issue then they would need to take out the entire group. Killing him is not what the US needs, no benefit comes from that. U may think his death gives Americans closure but thats to the citizens, the government themselves doesn’t get closure by his death, they need him to get info about all the other members.

    This is all very sketchy, im quite sure he’s not dead. He’s been escaping them for 10 years theyre not just going to find him in a mansion and shoot him in the head. Somethings going on behind doors.

  36. eatme

    ummmmmmm, Operation Cyclone? The USA made Bin Laden and so had it coming: Play with fire and get burned.

    • Aussie Mama

      The Cia trained him for fuck sake, just like Saddam, people need to wake up. The US population is living under the iron curtain thses days, like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit. I am astounded at what you people believe?

    • Johnny Cage

      We trained him because you had a big Soviet Union out there that was eating the world for breakfast. Either you kept Ivan at bay or you were his bitch tomorrow. No way anyone was going to let the USSR just take over spots in the middleeast, especially with all that oil.

      As for Saddam, Bush Jr. should have left him in power to counter balance Iran. Especially now since Ahmanenijad is sitting on nuclear gold.

      • congress is out for lunch

        …yes, of course true that about the ussr, but USA and co. have gone and done the exact same thing with the exact same agenda/justification for the invasion, now fighting their own trained men. more than a little ironic.

      • Aussie Mama

        thats’ your biggest mistake. there is not ussr, no usa, no this or that. they are all in it together. they appear to be enemies to fool us fools, but they are all buddies behind the scenes working towards the same goals. just like the queen and alfayed…they are mates not enemies. the joke is on us. we believe it all. the bush family, the bin laden family are like one family, they too are besties.

      • Johnny Cage

        Let’s go easy on the conspiracy theories for a little while…even if you want to take that to the forefront, these underground societies have had in-fighting amongst them. These people may be men, but they go so deep to the point that any of our theories look naive in comparison.

        Know this, Communism is still a threat out there as much as radical islam. In some cases maybe even more. There’s one group here and one group there, and they all fight for control and they will fight against each other. Maybe a two might join forces later, but they still fight.

  37. JoshQ

    Translated into english..

    Funny.. But now an American special forces has in fact Osama Bin Laden “officially” killed. This gives her lie about this “terrorist masters” to an end, for Washington, she could not longer hold. Your bogey to justify the war on terror, has had its day. As I have already demonstrated in 2007, but since the 16th is OBL December 2001, he was dead only artificially presented as Phantom of the world, with fake messages and video. Now they have suddenly found him, killed and disposed of already having a burial at sea. So one must not provide evidence that can be verified. The photo of his corpse, which were placed in circulation today, have been debunked years ago as a fake and photo montage. Very clear the whole thing.

    It has covered over the upper halves of the Orignalfotos of Osama Bin Laden with that of deaths. easily identified by comparing the nose, mouth and teeth that match exactly. Moreover, his beard now darker than it was 10 years. A cheap counterfeit:

    The last indication, OBL is long dead, his complete silence and lack of statements about the revolutions in the Arab world. Actually very unusual for OBL (if he had still been alive) in this world-shaking events. But he made no pips and this shows he was long dead and the propaganda machine of the Pentagon needed him as a villain no more. Just as they pulled off a show for almost 10 years, its end has now been staged. They only show a blood-stained room where he was allegedly found and killed with a headshot, that’s all, and we are to believe it. The world press is celebrating the death of the chief of Al-CIAda as greatest triumph in the war on terror, the same media that constantly lie to us usual.

    To recall, Osama Bin Laden was an agent of the Americans, the CIA set up, financed and used in the fight against the Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan. His code name was “Tim Osman” and he was pampered and cared for by them. Later he had to as a scapegoat for the 11th September and the subsequent war and occupation of Afghanistan serve. He himself insists in the weeks following the attacks several times to have nothing to do with it and it would have been forces within the American power structure as perpetrators. The last sign of life in the form of radio messages were signed on 13 December 2001 recorded by him. Then almost 10 years was long complete radio silence, even though he had to communicate as the alleged leader of Al-CIAda with the outside world and his followers.

    The NSA, which monitors worldwide as the main task of every phone call, every fax, e-mail and other electronic traffic and evaluates, has not heard a syllable of OBL in nearly 10 years. This is only possible if Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001.

    It is ridiculous to assume that the biggest secret in the world, plus have the entire U.S. military did not track down and arrest in Afghanistan since 2001. The reason was not because Osama Bin Laden was so clever and was able to hide well, but because he was just dead and they knew it. If they admit it in December 2001 should be, then yes the whole reason for the war in Afghanistan would be shortly after the start was already obsolete, because the main reason was telling us was looking for him. Obama now needs a reason to end the war there because he is not winnable and costs a fortune. So it was decided to stage the death of OBL. Obama also urgently needs a sense of achievement, but where are his approval ratings among the American people in the basement and he prepares for the 2012 re-election campaign. They could no longer maintain the lie and she was no longer necessary.

    • Aussie Mama

      Well done Josh, nice to see your not a pawn of the hoar media that are in the politicians pockets.

      • me

        but it’s soooooo unAmerican not to believe the mass media! Look what happened back in the day if you didn’t believe there were WMD’s? You were considered a traitor! Just go along with it, nod and smile. bah bah bah At least you’ll survive and be able to work hard to pay taxes, pay out the nose for gas and prescriptions and healthcare, and eat tainted food to ensure you will be in need of those prescriptions.

      • Aussie Mama

        so true. the traitor makes you shut up straight away, just like the anti semetic tag. what happened to freedonm of speech. free? haven’t been for a long time.

  38. boa

    jaja dead??? you wish, another lie from the american goverment.

    • Aussie Mama

      salute to boa!

    • Johnny Cage

      Well Bin Laden has been dead for 9 years as I said on page 1. If there is a lie we have right now, it’s the Obama administration and it’s undercover socialist plans for the U.S.. But everyone across the world likes him because he a self-proclaimed black guy who is the opposite of Bush (yeah right).

      • Aussie Mama

        um i don’t know anyone that likes him? and i mean AT ALL.
        it’s hilarious how the media keep telling us how popular he is, yet no one likes him, anymore than they liked bush, or hilary or any of the reptiles. same shit different day. when he got the nobel prize, people all over the world were holding puke back in their throats. it’s a fuckin joke!

  39. jigglejiggle

    I like the way conspiracy theorists sound off on the lies of our government as if they know the accurate truth…as if any of us know the true order of events. I especially like when assertions which claim the falsehood of photo evidence are supported with arbitrary links to other photographs.

    The fact that we assholes like to pretend we’ve got the inside line on true events, as if we’re not kept in the deep, endless dark by our governments sure makes for good entertainment.

    • Aussie Mama

      when there is hard evidence to back the theory, then whats the problem. Do you really believe he was shot and buried at sea immediately? Common people!

    • metabawl

      i don’t consider myself to be a theorist or “in the know” but I also don’t consider myself dumb enough to believe any of the shit that they’re spewing on the news.
      i mean really? how do we benefit form him being dead? His minions are the ones we should really be after.

    • me

      you’re an idiot! the photos are admitted fakes, even by the mainstream media that released them!!!!

  40. Dick Douche, Private Eye


    Every time I eat a Sea Bass, I shall remember you.

    • Aussie Mama

      I wouldn’t be eating anything from the sea, you guys are a lil’ too close to the Japanese waters.

  41. Skip615

    Think of the poor fish – they must have indigestion. I wonder what it feels like to eat Satan’s remains?

  42. assman

    suck it cunt

  43. one legged

    oh wow they got the guy who put the explosives in all three buildings.. wicketty

    • Aussie Mama

      The Mujahideen were recruited and formed in the late 70′s by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the United States National Security Advisor of Jimmy Carter (Brzezinski is today Obama’s main policy advisor). The military group was trained by the United States in order to repel Russian forces from Afghanistan. Bin Laden was trained by the CIA to fight the Communists and
      the Talibans are a by-product of this US created movement.

      Since the fall of the USSR, Bin Laden and his Taliban served a new agenda: the invasion of key middle-eastern countries under the guise of a “war on terror”. In 2001, about 15 minutes after the second plane hit the WTC, the image of Bin Laden was shown on television. He become the ideal patsy and the ideal enemy of the Bush administration. This scapegoat allowed the unquestioned invasion of Afghanistan, of Irak and even the enactment of the aberration called the Patriot Act.

      In 2011, Bin Laden’s usefulness to the Agenda has ran its course and the Obama administration needed an exploit to boost its poll ratings until the next elections. Consequently, on May 1st 2011, the death of Bin Laden was announced with triumph and jubilation. Through CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network, millions of viewers have rejoiced at the death of man in the same matter ancient cultures rejoiced at the offering of human sacrifices to Baal. In a dumbed-down, politicized and “Illuminati-sed” version of the Beltraine Festival, the masses have celebrated the ritual sacrifice of a man and, without even realizing it, partook in one of the Illuminati’s most important holiday.

  44. hmh theres 211 comments. hope its joyful enuf to reach 911. speaking of which victorys truly american when that movie the govt’s gona push hits you like tv on 911. bring on the gore

  45. Aussie Mama

    HE’S BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS! SINCE 2002. With the Us governments approval rating at a historic low, they needed something. This is just more bullshit. Wakey, wakey people, clear the flouride from your pituitary glands and smell the horseshit puhleese!
    Buried at sea, wow, no dna can be done now hey, amazing!

  46. Amanda

    I’ll believe this shit when I see the dead body. Otherwise, I still think the elite had something to do with this because WHY are we STILL fighting a war against a country with virtually no military strength yet we have nothing to show for it except death and more debt?

  47. me

    Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years, thus dumping the body into the sea for “compassionate reasons”. Oh please. Americans seriously depress me, I feel like a Jew back in the times of Hitler. Not only do people not want to hear the truth, but they attack and get angry and the people trying to deliver the truth, thus it will be buried until there are enough slip-ups and years later in a documentary it will be revealed. Just like everything else that is political, it is all smoke and mirrors. Nobody is talking about the children killed in Libya. So convienant, it shut Donald Trump up (like him or not, he had Obama by the balls) and it concretes that Obama is a true American hero (gagging while typing that). But, as Americans, we don’t want to know all that shit, give us the Hollywood version so we can go on with our lives and feel good. Doesn’t it scare anybody else how many people actually believe our govt. and mainstream media??? I am freaked out and worried that most humans are sheep.

  48. OsamaIsDead

    Osama Bin Laden is obviously not dead. It’s too coincidental that it happened at this time – 10 years later after Bushes speech and when Obama needs re-election. If Osama is dead, he died 10 years ago most likely due to health reasons. You can check out more proof at http://www.osamabinladendead2011.com

  49. Aussie Mama

    well i have to pat society on the back. 10 years ago, even 5, i would have been slain on here for opposing what the media said. now though, it seems there are more sceptics around than believers. live not in fake fear. live for love. we are one family, the human race. i love that people are awake, more and more every day. there are 6 million elite and 6-7 billion of us. their only fear is that WE STICK TOGETHER! all of you on this site; I LOVE YOUR FUCKIN’ GUTS!!!

  50. NewsCollective

    The man who spread terror and held the world to siege is dead, but the war on terrorism will continue

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