Osama Bin Laden is Dead

May 1st, 2011 // 263 Comments
Osama Bin Laden Dead

“Justice has been done.” -President Barack Obama

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. For real this time.

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  1. Z


    Love our troops!

    • RandaI

      Breaking: Trump demands death certificate.

    • Nancy Pelosi

      Reports indicate it was Navy SEALS under the direction of the CIA that took him out. I give high credit and praise to the CIA and the Seals. But, SEALS are not generally tasked with operations like this and don’t generally deploy from Nightstalker helicopters.

      My money says this is SFO-Delta working off of CIA intelligence. Either way, great work by our military and intelligence communities. These brave men and women are the real heroes and should be recognized as such.

      How ironic too that we celebrate the death of a radical Islamic cleric on a site that is proud to bring us side-boobs, Kasdashiass, and nip slips. USA – 1, Islam -0.

      Suck it bitches.
      Fuck your couch, Bin Laden.

      • Deacon Jones

        @ Nancy,

        That’s what I thought as well. SEALs would be out of their element on this one. And since they very rarely mention Delta Force doing, well, anything, I bet they had a huge piece in this.

      • Sean

        Seal Team 6 IS a Counter-Terrorist Team founded by Capt Richard Marcinko.
        They are the baddest of the bad.

      • Nancy Pelosi

        Sean – I read his book too. Capt Marcinko is a great guy….just ask him. Charlie Beckwith founded SFO-Delta and I would submit that they are more equiped for an operation of this type. This is why the D-Boys went into Somalia instead of the SEALS. They are ALL badasses and heroes…its a matter of speciality….not a matter of bad-ass-ness. And the founder of the group has no bearing on their operational effectiveness.

        When SEALS were sent into Panama in 1989 they were used to secure airfields…with bad results. SEALS secure harbors and engage in primarily seaborne operations. Like it or not, that’s what they are primarily engaged to do.

        Moreover the CIA and SFO-Delta are more generally paired together on these types of operations.

      • Joe Blow

        Um, you DO know what SEAL stands for, right?

        Free hint: It doesn’t mean a cute creature with whiskers that swims in the water.

      • Nancy Pelosi

        @Blow. I am a Recon Marine. I am pretty sure I know a bit more on this subject that an REMF like you. Point being…if this was SEALS then it would be one of the first successful SEAL insertions by helicopter.

      • Matt

        Let me just correct this
        USA 1 – Islam 2
        Keep trying US, They’re still winning!

    • Cock Dr

      Can I bring a bottle of water on the plane now?

    • uncle ruckus

      They’ll have plenty of nuts competing to take his place, and plenty to choose from since almost 500 al quaeda escaped from an afghan prison just last week!

    • me

      So, this is the Official-official death, because the guy has died like..9 times already??? The photos of him have already been declared fake, by all media outlets. The DNA testing was done amazingly fast (they had his sister’s brain on stand-by?), officials from the WH have been saying for years that he’s dead and they’ll release the story when it can benefit politically (yes, this was openly said, goes to show how arrogant and how stupid they know we are), even if they show a photo and it’s real, whose to say it’s not from when he died ten years ago and they redate it. It’s all so convienant and we’re just eating it up while Libya just got bombed the shit out of and a bunch of kiddos died. All the college kids around the white house were called to be there and were handed flags. (how many college kids do you know with new American flags stored away in their dorms) and it was for a photo op and so the press could say “crowds are gathering around the white house. come on people. This is seriously pathetic. Look at the timing if ANYTHING.

    • George

      Barack Obama killed the man but he failed to kill the brand

  2. Codot


    • RandaI

      Is that a Timex Ironman he’s got there? Right wrist, must be left handed. Son-of-a-bitch I knew he was gifted…

      • AlexK

        I wear my watch on the right wrist but I’m not a lefty.
        However, I am gifted. Gifted like a horse!

        (That’s a dick joke people).

        Oh yeah, glad to hear that asshole is gone. I like to picture the soldiers in the back of a chinook hovering over the middle of the ocean, and someone kicking his filthy carcass out the back door amid cheers and beers.

      • Colin

        Actually, he was left handed.

      • JimDawg

        Looks like a Navy Seal Luminox to me. See the compass on the band? How ironic that would be!

  3. Amber


    • RandaI

      The grays in his beard look like lightning bolts driving home the point he’s a bad mutha fucka with electricity emanating from his lower lip. That said when playing Chicken please note that Lightning Bolt Lower Lip always loses to Navy Seal Sniper Round to Temple.

  4. Jimi

    Bin Laden dead, and The Apprentice interrupted. Major win for Obama.

  5. kirby

    I guess the war on terror can en . . . . . . .oh, right.

  6. Kelbo B.

    @Codot…George W., is that you?!? Oh no, just an OTHER incompetent, naive failure…My bad…

  7. Gerald Tarrant

    Dear Al Qaeda, we killed your leader. I double dare you to try and kill ours.

    • Freaky

      How could you say such an irresponsible thing? Daring them to come over here and…oh, yeah, right…good one.

  8. Angel Peraza

    1st Day of sainthood for JP2 and he’s already fucking someone. Patron Saint of Anal Rape.

  9. Mitch

    Justice. All those lost can finally be at rest

    • mitch

      that ain’t justice. homeboy been dead for YEARS!! this is actually the 9th time he’s been pronounced dead. plus 9/11 was an inside job. duh!

  10. Ashley

    Thank God! Let’s just remember credit doesn’t go to Obama, but to our men and women fighting everyday.

    • Maeby

      Really? Cuz Obama is the one that made the call to shoot the motherfucker.

    • Bryan Banks

      Ashley, you’re a DOUCHE. Of COURSE credit goes to Mr. Obama! If Reagan or Bush had been commander in chief and gave the order and coordinated this amazing triumph, would you be saying “credit doesn’t go to them”? Of course not. So many of you have let radio/TV talk show hosts turn you into paranoid MORONS. If Mr. Obama saved a baby’s life and there was video of it, you hate-filled idiots would find a way to discredit him for it.

      • j

        the president doesn’t coordinate triumphs, the operational planners and individuals you didnt know exist, do that. It is his responsibility and duty to not only act quickly upon credible intelligence, but also ensure that the individuals that perform these tasks have every possible resource. I know you might find it easy to put a politically biased angles on someone elses comment, but the commander in chief doesn’t have another choice, he should give the go order at the earlier possible convenience. I don’t care who the CinC is, but he better say, :weapons free”.

      • UnholyKrep

        Not a fan of Obama, but your point is well made BBanks. Don’t like to say it, but gotta be consistent and fair:

        All credit to Obama for making the tough call to off that shitbird bin laden. It’s a big responsibility making life or death decisions like this, and in this case BHO made the right one.

        Now, who brought sweets and AK-47s to fire off in the street in celebration?

    • Big Balls

      For once, I’d absolutely love to be the DEVIL!!! I’d keep OSAMA BIN LADEN in my torcher chambers, probably his face buried in that HIPPO ASS of Kim Kardashian. Not much worse than that.

  11. MaddyMo


  12. justuhbill

    I hear there is no truth to the rumor that Trump won’t accept it as true until he sees the long form death certificate.

  13. That Bastard Tony

    Major props (and all of the vaginal or penis activity they can handle) to our brave troops.

  14. When I first heard the news I decided to run here to get some validity. WASN’T POSTED. Thought, “naw man, this is a good site. I’ll check back in 15 minutes.”
    Checked back, wasn’t disappointed.

  15. Kayne East

    OORAH!! Thanks to the troops!

  16. That Guy

    Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. :P

  17. Doc

    America F*ck Yeah!

  18. AJ

    For real-reals this time! Yes! #globalhighfive

  19. That Guy


  20. Trump this Trump

    I would be scared…if I was Michelle Obama’s vagina right now.

  21. K

    America…FUCK YEAH!!!!! Burn in hell Bin Laden, you dickless fucking cocksucker!

    • YEAH, the f**ker’s dead! No more war in Afghanista.. oh, wait -
      YEAH, the f**ker’s dead! No more war in Ira… oh, wait -
      YEAH, the f**ker’s dead! Now Al Qaeda will fall apar.. oh, wait –
      YEAH, the f**kers dead! Now I have an excuse to chant U-S-A! U-S-A!

      • UnholyKrep

        Ooops- you forgot:

        YEAH, the f**ker’s dead! No more war in Liby…oh, wait -

      • USA!! USA!! USA!! It’s not just a hockey chant ~

      • Johnny Cage

        So we rather he was still alive? Or are we just angry at the pro-American pep rally? I’ll tell you what guys, I’ll be chanting USA when Obama is out of office too. That way we could have celebrations for both strikes against radical Islam and Socialism.

      • Blech

        Perfect. And now when Libya’s attacked, no one will care or pay attention.

        Major distraction this is. I call bullsh*t on it, and others would see right through this story, too, if they weren’t too busy boozing it up at the local bar.

  22. Johnny Cage

    Man this Saudi Arabian piece of shit has been dead since 2002!! Still we would like to see pictures of the body.

  23. Johnny Cage

    The fuckhead probably died from choking to death on his beard when the wind kicked up.

    • Blech

      He had a few health issues and could have died of natural causes.

      Of course if that happened, it wouldn’t be news and many wouldn’t be chanting and celebrating.

      This is just the tip of a major iceberg.

  24. Jimi

    I’d like to thank the hacker that hacked Sony for releasing Osama’s personal details.

  25. MarkM

    This is all fine and dandy…but more importantly…What’s Charlie Sheen up to?

  26. JoshQ

    Funny Americans believe everything what they are told. Most people don’t even know whats currently happening in their country but they celebrate osamas death. A “good news” to divert from the real important stuff. Try to get your information not only from national or paid TV for once…

    • Elliott

      Yeah, I’ll stick to getting my news and opinions about what I should believe from annonymous commentors on an entertainment blog. My brain hurts less that way, and I don’t have to think too hard.

    • Johnny Cage

      So true JoshQ, Europeans and Canadians don’t do anything like that. Which is why the Europeans especially live so peacefully with Islamic immigrants. An Immigration mind you, that is light, manageable, and never hostile in anyway.

  27. puddleduck

    Hope this worthless, gutless, piece of shit is enjoying his virgins tonight in paradise…

  28. Marco

    Does that mean that the troops can come home from the Middle East?
    Or that terror is over?
    Naw, I think it means that Osama can finally enjoy his virgins.
    The seal team probably did him a favor.

  29. Marie

    Dear CIA,
    hope you only trained one rich kid from Saudi Arabia to fight USSR


  30. Dezzie Does Dallas

    Somethings wrong, I hold my head. Osama’s gone. Ah N–ga dead!!!!

    …In my best Kanye voice

  31. guy rossi

    Dear Tea Party/Racists,


    Next time “y’all” best bring Kryptonite

    • Kitty Furry

      +4 (years that is), BEATRICE

    • One good deed doesn’t offset two years of being incompetent

    • James Felix

      Yeah, we’re totally racist. If a white president gave us $5 dollar gas, rampant food inflation, a wildly unpopular health care takeover, nationalized industries and economy-strangling levels of government spending we’d be totally cool with it.

      How about instead of chanting “racist” like it’s a mantra you ease up on the hero worship and try to make a coherent argument.

      • uncle ruckus

        Well said, JF. Needs to be repeated early and often.

      • @ James> Maybe he wasn’t addressing you. Maybe he was addressing racists. They do exist, you know, and a good chunk of them are in the Tea Party. If you don’t fall under that category, don’t worry about it.

        And, for the record, when Bush did most of those things you just listed he still had a huge number of conservative wing-bats (many of whom are now Tea Party members) defending him.

      • gyromancer

        Nationalized industries? You mean like the oil companies? I’ll give you the wildly unpopular health care, but the oil companies are fucking Obama by way of your pocket, and mine, to get him out of office – complain to them because they’re deliberately creating more economic hardship. The president doesn’t have the power (in peacetime) to make ANY industry set its prices, and if you buy into Donald Trump’s idiotic posing and think any republican no-big-gov’t-hands-off-business prez would – or could – do anything different, then you’re crazy.

        Obama called for Congress to end the oil companies’ subsidies and tax breaks to get them to stop gouging the public. Any bets on how a GOP dominated Congress will do on that?

  32. forgityou

    I won’t believe it until I see his long form death certificate.

  33. MLVC

    it only took “the greatest military in the world” ten fucking years to find ONE man…its fake…black man in office needed a popularity boost…Praise Allah

    • JayJay

      Its hard to find a rat faced piece of shit hiding in a stink hole, protected by other idiots who idolize him. Obviously Allah could give two shits about bin Laden as he allowed him to beat the shit out of a bullet….with his face.

    • Jovy

      Bob, I think you meant to say “shits”


  34. method roughing

    We’re gonna get laid!

  35. JayJay

    BOOM, HEADSHOT!! Counter-terrorists win.

  36. Always say cunt

    It sounds like the cunt’s death was over way to quickly. In a fair world, he would have been tortured to death slowly in front of his followers.


    • It’s kinda hard to sniper-torture someone to death. It takes accuracy and a whole lot of patience. Especially on the part of the torturee.

  37. HetFDEx

    Fuck the birth certificate, I wanna see the body on live TV!

  38. E

    Now we just have to find the other horcruxes.

  39. SIN

    All this means is that there is now another terrorist who took his place.

  40. Professor Neon

    So how long until Charlie Sheen is trying to take the credit for this?

  41. Come_Honor_Face

    I bet Bin Laden regrets allowing his iPhone app to “use his current location”

  42. stu

    gas prices BETTER go down tomorrow

  43. americangreed

    there is nothing in this world that will make me believe that 9/11 happened to “the most powerful nation in the world”, that shit was planned and you all better know it. his death doesn’t mean dick other than trillions of dollars wasted and thousands dead all for an act.

  44. ChinaSuperficial

    Better late than never: Good work America.

  45. Whyask

    “Justice has been done.”

    Pardon me? 5000 innocent American’ murdered, and the death of BinLaden is “justice”???

    Fuck you, mister president.

    • guy rossi

      Hahaha. Pissed off Tea Party loser.

    • Neocon piece of shit, take GW and shove him up your ass.

    • Aussie Mama

      1.6million Iraquis slaughtered 63% innocent women and children. How is anything on earth a childs fault….We all went there under false pretences n lies. The solution to every drama should be to give all the fucking politicians guns, send em all out into the field, and let them shoot each other. Not soldiers, boys, women and children. The people never want this shit. War is never the answer!

  46. Giggle Bot

    Where’s the nipslip?

  47. XYZ

    Joke of the day.

  48. U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A

    ‘Bout fucking time.

    Oh…and praise be to Allah

  49. welldoneson

    Another inbred furball bites the dust.

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