Orlando Blooms drives like an old man

orlando-bloom-scooter.jpgOrlando Bloom almost killed a scooter rider on Monday when he pulled out in front of the guy without looking, sending him flying to the ground. The victim says:

“It’s only good luck that I’m here to tell the tale. He can’t have looked in his mirrors. I flew off and hit the ground hard, rolling three times. If there’d been a car coming the other way, I’d be dead.” When an ambulance arrived to whisk Szydlowski, who suffered deep cuts and internal bleeding, to hospital, Bloom jumped in the back and scribbled a note saying, ‘Sorry mate!’ and signed it. Szydlowski adds, “We both had to give breath tests. He did ring to check I was all right.”

I wish I was famous so I could run over people and just give them autographs as an apology. “What? I ran over your kid? Here’s an autographed picture of me. Now we’re even.” Except we wouldn’t be even. They’d owe me money. Because photo prints aren’t cheap, man.