Orlando Bloom is expanding his range

January 31st, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here are some shots of Orlando Bloom sporting tattoos all over his body and walking around topless in leather pants. And yeah, sure, I guess I could mention he’s on the set of some movie, but then you probably wouldn’t believe me when I tell you this is how he spends all his Fridays. Because this is how Orlando Bloom spends all his Fridays. Topless. In leather pants. Now where’s my Pulitzer?


  1. Caryn

    WTF is this “read full story” link crap on Google Reader? So now I have to go on to this website to read your articles? What is the point of an RSS feed?

  2. wet newspaper

    Mmmm.. yummy. Orlando is hot.

    Nom nom nom.

  3. authorego

    LOL Randal

  4. Binky

    (In case anyone should ask – Bink is going Steelers)

  5. Dr. Tomah Tuyokota

    I wonder if we are “normalising” war. It’s not just that Israel has yet again got away with the killing of hundreds of children in Gaza.

    And after its own foreign minister said that Israel’s army had been allowed to “go wild” there, it seems to bear out my own contention that the Israeli “Defence Force” is as much a rabble as all the other armies in the region. But we seem to have lost the sense of immorality that should accompany conflict and violence. The BBC’s refusal to handle an advertisement for Palestinian aid was highly instructive. It was the BBC’s “impartiality” that might be called into question. In other words, the protection of an institution was more important than the lives of children. War was a spectator sport whose careful monitoring – rather like a football match, even though the Middle East is a bloody tragedy – assumed precedence over human suffering.

    I’m not sure where all this started. No one doubts that the Second World War was a bloodbath of titanic proportions, but after that conflict we put in place all kinds of laws to protect human beings. The International Red Cross protocols, the United Nations – along with the all-powerful Security Council and the much ridiculed General Assembly – and the European Union were created to end large-scale conflict. And yes, I know there was Korea (under a UN flag!) and then there was Vietnam, but after the US withdrawal from Saigon, there was a sense that “we” didn’t do wars any more. Foreigners could commit atrocities en masse – Cambodia comes to mind – but we superior Westerners were exempt. We didn’t behave like that. Low-intensity warfare in Northern Ireland, perhaps. And the Israeli-Arab conflict would grind away. But there was a feeling that My Lai had been put behind us. Civilians were once again sacred in the West.

    I’m not sure when the change came. Was it Israel’s disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the Sabra and Chatila massacre by Israel’s allies of 1,700 Palestinian civilians? (Gaza just missed that record.) Israel claimed (as usual) to be fighting “our” “war against terror” but the Israeli army is not what it’s cracked up to be and massacres (Qana comes to mind in 1996 and the children of Marwahine in 2006) seem to come attached to it. And of course, there’s the little matter of the Iran-Iraq war between 1980 and 1988 which we enthusiastically supported with weapons to both sides, and the Syrian slaughter of thousands of civilians at Hama and…

    No, I rather think it was the 1991 Gulf War. Our television lads and lasses played it for all it was worth – it was the first war that had “theme” music to go with the pictures – and when US troops simply smothered alive thousands of Iraqi troops in their trenches, we learned about it later and didn’t care much, and even when the Americans ignored Red Cross rules to mark mass graves, they got away with it. There were women in some of these graves – I saw British soldiers burying them. And I remember driving up to Mutla ridge to show a Red Cross delegate where I had seen a mass grave dug by the Americans, and he looked at the plastic poppy an American had presumably left there and said: “Something has happened.”

    He meant that something had happened to international law, to the rules of war. They had been flouted. Then came Kosovo – where our dear Lord Blair first exercised his talents for warmaking – and another ream of slaughter. Of course, Milosevic was the bad guy (even though most of the Kosovars were still in their homes when the war began – their return home after their brutal expulsion by the Serbs then became the war aim). But here again, we broke some extra rules and got away with it. Remember the passenger train we bombed on the Surdulica bridge – and the famous speeding up of the film by Jamie Shea to show that the bomber had no time to hold his fire? (Actually, the pilot came back for another bombing run on the train when it was already burning, but that was excluded from the film.) Then the attack on the Belgrade radio station. And the civilian roads. Then the attack on a large country hospital. “Military target,” said Jamie. And he was right. There were soldiers hiding in the hospital along with the patients. The soldiers all survived. The patients all died.

    Then there was Afghanistan and all that “collateral damage” and whole villages wiped out and then there was Iraq in 2003 and the tens of thousands – or half a million or a million – Iraqi civilians killed. Once more, at the very start, we were back to our old tricks, bombing bridges and radio stations and at least one civilian estate in Baghdad where “we” believed Saddam was hiding. We knew it was packed with civilians (Christians, by chance) but the Americans called it a “high risk” operation – meaning that they risked not hitting Saddam – and 22 civilians were killed. I saw the last body, that of a baby, dug from the rubble.

    And we don’t seem to care. We fight in Iraq and now we’re going back to fight in Afghanistan again and all the human rights and protections appear to have vanished once more. We will destroy villages and we will find that the Afghans hate us and we will form more criminal militias – as we did in Iraq – to fight for us. The Israelis organised a similar militia in their occupation zone in southern Lebanon, run by a crackpot Lebanese army major. But now their own troops “go wild”. And the BBC is worried about its “impartiality”?

  6. Pathetic Worm


  7. John wayne was a nazi

    Wow, in depth political critiques on a celebrity blog’s comment page for topless photos of Orlando Bloom. Dont know who you target audience is, Dr. Apu, but i’m sure there are better forums for you to advance you pro-islamic schleck. Talk about human rights and protection, and yet you dont acknowledge the talibans atrociously oppressive regime that WE, America, the “bad guy” is dismantling. No sir, fuck you and your pedophile prophet.

    Thats also the dumbest tattoo I’ve ever seen.

  8. dar

    orlando bloom in a bathrobe with blackeyeliner bringing me blueberries….my dream come true.

  9. sunshine

    #57 – Amen to you.

  10. michy

    this is how all men should look!!

  11. Hannah T

    Yum yum yum, more please :-D

  12. Kitahara Nanase

    Damn! Now THAT is hot! XD

    *saves pictures*

  13. Alex

    yummyyy!!! I love me some Orlando, he is super cute!

  14. Guest

    He’s not THAT hot….
    His accent kind of sounds fake too

  15. LEB

    More mostly naked Orlando, please!

  16. hohoho, I saw his profile on the famous interracial seeking affairs site
    _______InterracialRomancing.c o m_______ last week. It said he is interested in seeking someone else on that site! what a fool man!

  17. spf.

    that tattoo is one of the ugliest ive seen.

    i saw a guy who had a tattoo of … WOODS, well shrubs .. watever that was really a stupid idea cause it looked like shit.

    now this one just outlines his “breast”.. manboobs. so fukin stupid

  18. He looks handsome and sexy! And I know he is discreetly dating with a BBW(big beautiful woman) star he found on fanous dating site____ PlusMeet.c o m___ ! I ever saw their success story on the site.

  19. NO

    “Now where’s my Pulitzer?”

    It’s really lame when you use the same joke OVER and OVER again

  20. moron

    Dating Miranda Kerr is definitely doing him some good. Maybe she told him to man up? Whatever the case, he looks a lot better.

  21. Stephie

    Always thought he was cute as a kid – but my-my, he’s downright DELICIOUS now that he’s all growed up!

  22. Ummm...yeah...


  23. gigi

    Blueberries are the most antioxident-packed fruit on the planet. Powerful stuff… don’t sleep on blueberries! Go Orlando…. yum times 2

  24. redsonja1313

    yummmy……. I may need a cold shower now

  25. Terrible tattuu.

  26. Melissa

    Well he is hot but hes had sex with way to many girlfriends.

  27. Olando Bloom it’s very very talented actor and it’s my favorite actor his movie who he plays are beautiful .But i wanna ask him why he don’t play in pirates of the caribbean 4?Because Miranda Kerr?Orlando Bloom it’s beautiful….

  28. I absolutely love his tree tattoo. I had no idea he was hiding something such beautiful!

  29. he’s gonna regret those tattoos when he becomes too lazy to work out. for the meantime, though, he has a great bod :D,
    I want an inflatable of him.

  30. As if Orlando Bloom was soo hot. I was thinking de opposite, like she wouldn’t give him de time of day.

  31. Thanks for your good topic. Good done.

  32. it’s very very talented actor and it’s my favorite actor his movie who he plays are beautiful

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