Orlando Bloom is expanding his range

January 31st, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here are some shots of Orlando Bloom sporting tattoos all over his body and walking around topless in leather pants. And yeah, sure, I guess I could mention he’s on the set of some movie, but then you probably wouldn’t believe me when I tell you this is how he spends all his Fridays. Because this is how Orlando Bloom spends all his Fridays. Topless. In leather pants. Now where’s my Pulitzer?


  1. Randal

    Here’s a strong actor, showing his masculine side for all the ladies who visit the FISH. A strong looking tree reaches up his defined abs and chest, like that of an ancient Lothlorian oak and is complimented by a thick band on his arm.


  2. AndrewMacCloud

    The Fellowship of the Tattoos is running a bit out of hand lately …

    Well at least he isn’t Fat (yet….)

  3. Jessica

    Wow.. thanks for this seriously. This site needs more topless pictures of the hottest thing in Hollywood.

  4. Rachiz

    i dont even think orlando bloom is hot in his usual frilly little roles but DAMN. his career isnt the only thing expanding. ive got something expanding…in my pants….but i don’t have a penis….i wonder whats goin on down there?

  5. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    Cute, so his bush grew into a tree? damn, that’s some retro 70′s pubes going on down there.

  6. Sweet baby Jesus, Mommy wants some of that.

  7. eric

    So women don’t like muscles anymore? I’ve been going to the gym for nothing. :(

  8. Obi Wan

    mmMmmmm! please post more of him!

  9. Erica

    Based on these pictures, I could probably take him.

  10. Vhiki


  11. Capt. Douchebag

    Nice TITS.

  12. authorego

    This is a terrific improvement over Micky Rourke but I’d really like to see some hot Asian guys. How about Jet Li? Can you post some dangerous looking photos of Jet Li, huh Fish?

  13. Blooming Idiot


  14. kagrez

    I didn’t think I liked him.

    While he is cute….he probably weighs less than me, so I probably still dont like him.

    Damn 120 pound tween girl boys.

  15. Erica L.

    Hot damn.

  16. michelle

    can’t really say i agree with the ladies here. i was thinking “damn” but then i saw the picture of him in the robe…. reminds me of a hobo running around in a robe.

  17. Eric

    Oh, so that’s why all those teenage girls were so in love with him.

  18. GG1000

    Hmm, boy’s been at the gym, that’s for sure. Can’t say I’m feeling the hair, however. Looks like when I turn my old mop upside down to dry in the garage.

  19. It's Me Fuckers

    *drools* I’ll have a double serving of Orlando with his blueberries on top. I don’t like chocolate or whipped cream but I think I could suffer through slurping it off of him if he was covered in it. Mmmmmmmmmm! RAWR!!

  20. Nichole

    I was scared for a second there that he had recently ruined his body with all those tattoos. I’m glad it’s for a movie, It’s funny how that tree oh-so-gently cups his breast. lol!

    And yes, he’s hot.

  21. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Orlando Bloom’s greasy penis

  22. those leather pants look good on him.

  23. Sarah

    Oh man have I grown up! I used to think this was hot a couple of years ago. Now I just look at his delicate little nose, luscious curls, healthy blueberry snack, and think…”There’s a DICK in those leather pants?” :(
    Realizing I’m not a teenage girl anymore is a little sad.

  24. Evil Cat

    YUM! thanks for the eye candy!

  25. blah

    He’s old news….
    old, boring, not attractive and no longer popular.

  26. sla

    He should spend every day topless in leather pants.

  27. sla

    He should spend every day topless in leather pants.

  28. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  29. roxi

    Orlando isnt attractive at all, maybe nice body but i honestly do not see why ladies find him hot, blah

  30. Flowfa

    Those aren’t leather pants, they are waxed coated denim. FOOL!

  31. ???????

    What a homo.

  32. Randal

    I would love to slide his tiny cock into my prolapsed gaynus. My hairy breasts lactate at the thought of just touching that beautiful gay man.

  33. Mike

    Jett could kick his ass.

  34. Sandi

    Yuck – he should tattoo some hair on his chest. Whats he got going on there a full body wax? – ew

  35. xxxdeadgirlsuperstarxxx

    He looks a bit like Mick Mars from Motley Crue (and thats not a good thing)

  36. bmc

    haha some dude has gone mental and posted revenge pics of his girlfriend

    worth a look, shes hot:


    (not spam or ad links guys) cheers

  37. Andy

    would twist them so hard she orgasms so hard she passes out

  38. TK

    Topless, tattoos, and leather pants… IN FRONT OF A TRAILER (which could easily be in a trailer park instead of a movie set.)

  39. Anexio

    Thats Orlando Bloom? Whoever that is…

    I thought it was Harry Potter’s mom.


  40. Hamper_Lint

    That made me wet ….

  41. Hamper_Lint

    That made me wet ….

  42. grace

    he’s gonna regret those tattoos when he becomes too lazy to work out. for the meantime, though, he has a great bod :D

  43. Chauncey Gardner


  44. emely


  45. Putting an extra dildo on his penis to “widen” it for the FAGGOTS, folks?

  46. me

    a man with an ass that flat has no place wearing leather.

  47. Blah

    The pictures of him looking all badass while eating blueberries is hilarious! Overall though I don’t understand the mass appeal over this guy. He’s okay looking at best.

  48. lily

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