Orlando Bloom Joined Leo’s Fantasy Football League (For Vagina)

Looks like Orlando Bloom is joining the likes of Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, and David Blaine (he’s the wildcard) in Leo DiCaprio’s infamous “pussy posse“. Here they are trolling New York for loose snatch and scoping out tapas joints to check out for the next time they want to fight someone. Bloom has recently blossomed to slayer status after he got a bartender fired from her job after giving her his bloomstick in London. By the way, has anyone heard from her? Has she gotten her own reality TV show yet?

Orlando and Leo first started hanging out in public at Coachella back in April. Since then I’m going to assume he went through a rigorous hazing process to fully indoctrinate himself into the Brotherhood of Vaj. Now that he’s gotten himself on the good graces of the higher council, it looks like they’re letting O-town in on their fantasy football league. Not without a bit of bro-fun of course… I hear that everyone in the league has changed their profile picture to this and named their teams after Katy Perry vagina puns.

Oh, you boys are so bad!