Oprah Winfrey on Rihanna & Chris Brown. Finally!

March 9th, 2009 // 49 Comments

Like anyone with a pulse, I was about to pee myself in anticipation for Oprah Winfrey to weigh in on the Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal. Finally, that time has come. On her show Friday, The Big O laid it out for the two recently reunited, and potentially married, lovebirds. Via People:

“Chris Brown and Rihanna, if I was your friend, I would call you up and I would say, ‘Give it some time, get yourself some counseling, take care of yourself,’ ” Winfrey said during a live, roundtable discussion Friday on her talk show. “‘Heal yourself first.”
She additionally strongly advised, “And also, love doesn’t hurt. I’ve been saying this to women for years: ‘If a man hits you once, he will hit you again.’ “

What? No free cars? Yeah, now they’re really gonna listen. Jesus, Oprah, way to drop the ball. I bet Dr. Phil’s waxing down two Ford Escapes as we speak, and yes, I so went there.

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  1. moka


  2. Jeezy

    Finally… this scandal would not have been complete unless we heard Oprah’s fat opinion on the matter.

  3. RMC

    man this is bullshit, Oprah doesn’t keep it ral at all…I’m not sure why she’s sticking her nose in CB&R’s business…CB keeps it ral all the time, I bet he’s on http://www.ikeepsitral.com before the end of the week

  4. Thank God the “O” has passed her judgement. Now we can all move on. OH! And Chelsea Lately is now on weeknights on E!

  5. Of course I was anticipating Oprah’s comment, shes the leader of the blacks…I also wants to know who gets on top Gail or the big O…

  6. seventh???



    SHIT!!!! SEVENTH NOW~!!!

  8. JM

    Oprah’s girlfriend can’t pronounce karotid

  9. BTW

    It’s spelled ‘carotid’, Mister Correcter

  10. #7, congratulations! Did you tell your mom yet??

  11. go.away.

    @ #1(second) and #7(seventh)

    Not only did you completely and utterly FAIL, but you failed at failing!!!!!

  12. Deacon Jones

    Is it me, or does Oprah look like someone’s pressing a pane of glass against her face harder, and harder, and harder,

  13. Barry O

    If Orca Winfrey kept it real, she would’ve just told Rhianna to “have something to eat.”

    Talk is cheap, Oprah.

  14. go.away.

    #7(seventh) was actually to #6

  15. Ethan N

    Oprah is an idiot. Why does she feel the need to throw her two cents into every damn thing? She really needs to get over herself and go eat a sandwich.

  16. Jrz

    I’d love to hear Oprah say
    DOH-Mess-Tick Uh-BUH-U-OOOOOSE!
    Ya know? Ya know how she announces people like that in that moose voice of hers?

  17. Frank N. Stein

    Oprah played it safe because she probably would like to be the one to have Rhianna’s first interview post-beating.

  18. RichPort's Ghost

    The real question is: WWMOS? (What Would Michelle Obama Say)?

    Oh I crack myself up, I’m such a clever guy. Sure, a self-loathing, bloated, constipated, pockmarked, smegma-inflicted, cross-eyed, bucktoothed, pear-sheaped guy, but clever nonetheless.

  19. Richard McBeef

    @11 & 14 – speaking of fail…

    i want to see chris brown whoop oprah’s ass next.

  20. Jrz

    18–you forgot well hung and one hell of a fucking dancer…..troll-assed motherfucker.

  21. Sauron

    Oprah needs to hit dr.Phil on his head.And then after a minute a small red egg will appear on top of his giant egg-head! There will be lots to talk about that!

  22. Lowlands

    #21 I promise you when that happens i’m going to watch the show for once!

  23. Mikeylikey

    What a sanctimonious cunt. She’s as irrelevant as that twat Sharpton, and nobody but battered, worthless housewives who cry about their worthless lives while getting the occasional fuck gives a shit about what she says.


    seventh LMAO ohhhhhhhhhh man 17th???????????….. hahaha i can’t spell that so i used #ers

  25. Stuey

    @23, Okra Winfrey could have you killed and named a national holiday.

    She’s got fuck you money, and then some.

  26. Let them REAP

    They DESERVE each other!

  27. jzz

    Bitch can’t even pronounce her name right.

  28. the_prestige

    I hope she gets her ass beat a second time. Hopefully that finally prove the oh so obvious point to her and the rest of abused women who aren’t tied to their men by marriage or children.

  29. Tom K

    Oprah is like black jesus all must bow down to her and do as she says. I hope you are listening Chris Brown and Rihanna. Oprah has spoken!!!!

    “The word of the lord, praise be to Oprah!”

  30. dft

    I think its a good thing she spoke out. Who has been saying in public that they should not get back together?? No-one as far as I am aware. And they shouldn’t – Chris Brown committed a felony against her…

  31. feckless

    Goddess Oprah, no doubt.

  32. @Mikeylikey

    you sound like a guy who likes to beat women up.

  33. alicemo

    Love her so much, she really did a good job in music. Hope she is well. i saw many rumor about her on ___S e e k r i c h . c o m___ They said she post many hot videos on that web. i really do not know why there are so many people want to hurt her. best wishes.

  34. Discovery

    I agree with Oprah and her guests, he could’ve killed her. She needs to take some chill pills and leave that boy before something more horrendous happens.

  35. Katherine

    Who the hell is Ree-huh-nuh Oprah? It is pronounced Ree-a-nuh! Chris Brown should beat that bitch in the face.

  36. Fisticuffs

    First of all, I didn’t believe this whole CB and R thing …. but now that O has weighed in … It must be true! R should definitely listen to O … because she knows first hand … I’ve seen Stedman, and he looks like he lets the fisticuffs fly!

  37. JazzyAGirl

    Number 18 u clever guy.

    That was hilarious!

    As Brittany’s bloated, consipated ass would say…”Give me more”

  38. Very Well said by Oprah! Rihanna and Cris are both still young.. I don’t think they would last..

  39. Rihanna

    You’re all wrong. The reason I went back to Chris is because he said he will never hit me again, and I believe him. He said he is going to hit Oprah instead.

  40. poptart

    he will hit you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Verbal truths

    Many of you ask why Oprah had anything to say about this? Why not? Everybody else all up in it! Why does everyone have a problem with Oprah expressing a positive opinion as being leader of the media with a billion dollar business and such an influential effect? Oh… but that would be just wrong… Right?!

    She’s got the power to influence whether you like it or not and she spoke with dignity, decency and all fairness to the couple. She even influenced you to rant out at her remarks. But we all know no matter what she said and because she has the power – it would still be ridiculed on this gossip column.

    Be glad that someone for once said what needed to be said instead of everybody gossiping about rumors they no nothing about! The important factor is hopefully the couple will take heed to her remark! That’s the real issue here.

    And why every time somebody bring up Oprah – they bring up Gayle? Find something more intelligent to rant about as well as the facts! ‘That’ topic is so 1990′ish!

  42. Mike

    OPRA should care about getting married and have kids of her own. She might be the richest woman on earth, soon she will find out her cash and fame means nothing. She is so worthless to me a fat fool, who needs to eat less and watch her weight. That doesn’t seem to bother her. She is like a white racist.

  43. Mike

    Verbal truths you must be as foolish as Opra, or maybe worst. If Chris was Opra’s child or probably your brother, I bet you will throw him to the wolves because you are a goat, not human. His career is at stake here, it is over one month and we are still discussing this issue. Everyone makes mistakes; you have to learn how to assist some one in tough times. If every one crucifies him and he looses everything, I guess that will make you happy. Opra should act like a mother and be supportive instead of giving negative comments. Oh sorry , I forgot Opra is not a mother

  44. Verbal truths

    #44 What are you talking about? Why would I throw anybody to the wolves? You don’t know me, my character or have any reason to make that statement. Stick to the facts and that is that Oprah made a statement that she felt was necessary to help the couple. She never dismissed or judged anybody. She suggests that they both be careful at what they are doing and think of the possible consequences.

    So while you are talking out of the side of your neck – My sister was beaten and eventually killed by a man that hit her and promised to not do it again even after she left him. But of course you wouldn’t understand Oprah’s statement that is unless you’ve been through what she envisions as the potential outcome.

    I don’t know Oprah nor any of her posse. It’s just great that for once somebody is saying something of substance which the couple need to assess.

    #43 – I assume you are #44 too – but what do I know? Same tone- same name… however Mike is a common name – so we’ll go with you being a different person.

    Question: Why does Oprah need to get married or have kids? It’s her life and her choice. Who are you? And why does it matter to you of her marital status and child bearing? Let’s stick to the facts! Two young people needed to hear her words. Nobody else took responsibility publicly to say what needed to be said. Stick with the issue at hand. All this other garbage is useless. Sounds more to me like you have a problem with yourself. Her weight is irrelevant to this – Her money is irrelevant to this. However her status in this society makes her influential. I don’t know you – but you are the reason gossip columns exist. You have nothing relevant to say!

  45. Vaquita

    Chris & Rhianna keep making good music!! Let this be a learning experience and thank God you all are not listeing to the perfect idiots of this world. I gues Jay never hit a woman or been verbally abusive, I gues Fifty never hit a Woman!!! Wow!!! Like P Diddy say no one was there. America Keep it Real!!! Be honest your life and family is not Perfect. Stop judging both of them.

    The fact that Oprah is an expert or this matter irriates me. I guess having professionals on your show makes you have a Degree in Physcology and Social issues… Yeah right, she is not married nor does she have kids.. How can she tell anyone anything.. Please come on, Please!!! CB & Rhi keepin moving and grow from this in a mature manner. Forget the Nay sayers… Violence is never the answer a woman hitting a Man or a Man hitting a woman. Don’t pass a lick if you don’t want to get hit. I’m a female and I see this all the time women striking men First, chasing and running up behind them.. Men walking away. I’m sure you all watch the Show cheaters and love every bit of it how the women be going off…

  46. Me

    people wut r u talking about this is not the first time that chris beat rihanna I love both of them they r my favorite singers but anyway we should think with our heads not just saying anything and give excuses I agree with Oprah u will see people chris will surely beat rihanna’s ass again anyway did u see her face after wut happened this is so agressive

  47. I like the post, and I agree somewhat with, To be very truthful.

  48. Finally … The whole case was heard until we matter.I Oprah’s opinion on the Oprah fat is not likely to comment, is the leader of blacks shes … I also have to know who is on top or to Gail big O. ..

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