Oprah Winfrey is still really rich

oprah-billionaire.jpgAround this time every year, uber-celebrities and computer programmers around the world wake up at the crack of dawn, run out to the mailbox, and tear the cellophane from their latest Forbes with the enthusasim of a young child on Christmas morning. You see, this is when the business magazine releases its annual list of the world’s billionaires.

And you know it must have been quite the blow to Oprah’s confidence when she found herself ranked a pedestrian 562 of 793 total billionaires. Be wary, Earth. Oprah’s on the war path. And she won’t let you get in her way. Other notables on the list include:

Bill Gates, number uno
Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg, tied at 245
Donald Trump, 278
Ted Turner, 382

Nowhere on the list: Scott Stapp


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