Oprah Winfrey hits 200 lbs, blames food

December 9th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Oprah Winfrey has admittedly “fallen off the wagon” and now weighs in at 200 pounds. She opens up about her personal battle in the upcoming issue of O Magazine where she admits to over-eating and not being able to fit in her gown for President-elect Obama’s inauguration. The AP reports:

“I had a dress on the vision board, but I’m not sure that’s gonna fit,” Winfrey said. “So I have to work on something else.”
“I’m mad at myself,” Winfrey writes in an article provided early to The Associated Press by Harpo Productions.
“I’m embarrassed,” she writes. “I can’t believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I’m still talking about my weight. I look at my thinner self and think, `How did I let this happen again?’”
In the piece, Winfrey, 54, details her recent struggles with an out-of-balance thyroid and how the condition made her develop “a fear of working out.” She says she’s added 40 pounds to her frame since she weighed 160 pounds in 2006.
“Yes, you’re adding correctly; that means the dreaded 2-0-0,” Winfrey writes. “I was so frustrated I started eating whatever I wanted — and that’s never good.”

Oprah added: “For starters, I’ve eaten half of this laptop I’m typing on. My studio audience from yesterday? Let’s just say they went beautifully with a delicious cranberry relish. Dr. Phil’s career? Drowned that mother in chocolate sauce then watched an entire season of Desperate Housewives. I never even left the couch!
But the important thing to remember is I’m still every woman – and also rich enough to get away with murder, so nobody make fun of my weight.”


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  1. duh

    #51 – “Definetly” learn English.

  2. B

    She is WAY more than 2-0-0.

  3. Deacon Jones

    If they showed everyone at Gitmo videotaped marathons of this slob’s show, I guarantee they’d spill their guts after the thrid episode.

    Nothing is worse than watching a fat cow get a bunch of other fat cows all revved up to come home and nag their poor husbands about getting in tune with their emotions, or some other bullshit.

    “Everyone gets a free stomach staple procedure!!”

  4. ummm...yeah

    STFU you stupidass cunt, You know your doubledumb ass would take her money and her looks….that bitch is worth billions…not millions….billions…asshole. Plus if this writer makes you laugh, then you are more pathetic than I thought.
    As for Oprah having a brain…who do you think built her empire, asshole.
    Stupidass, ignorant cunts like you make me sick…The Fish included…

  5. @49, It was a figure of speach, I work for the other side. So, I’ll be “fucking” addressing you however I choose.
    BTW- Thanks for, well, everything!

  6. God

    #55–you may want to duck.

  7. Massa'

    After Obooma gets elected she won’t have to pay her mortgages or put gas in her cars anymore, so maybe she can get Liposuction.

    God I’d hate to be the doctor that has to suck all her monkey gloob out of her big fat bobo ass.

  8. Somebody

    Yess…blame the food….for making you fat, much like blame the gun for oh…I dunno….shooting, the person holding the gun….ignore it. How mature…too lazy to exercise, try stomach stapling.

    Try the Wii, works wonders on your BUTTERBALL ARMS and THIGHS and ASS and NECK and oh wait….*looking at the Wii balance board* says here it can’t support 1 Ton.

  9. God

    Oh you will, will you?
    BTW, you’re welcome. By everthing, do you include your spelling powers?

  10. Somebody

    Yess…blame the food….for making you fat, much like blame the gun for oh…I dunno….shooting, the person holding the gun….ignore it. How mature…too lazy to exercise, try stomach stapling.

    Try the Wii, works wonders on your BUTTERBALL ARMS and THIGHS and ASS and NECK and oh wait….*looking at the Wii balance board* says here it can’t support 1 Ton.

  11. God

    #58–I know you’d hate to be the doctor to do that, that’s why I made you a simpleton.

  12. Ahh yes the ophrah we all know and love is back, now she can hide snacks between her fatfolds so she can eat between commercials…

  13. Nope, my spelling prowess declined exponentially once I changed sides. I’m guess you didn’t want us to sound intelligent… may be too easy then.

    BTW- I actually typed “everything”… you typed “everthing”
    at least my mistaken “speach” instead of “speech” wasn’t ridiculing your spelling… LOL

  14. Sheva

    Harpoon Harpo the Killer Whale. $5 million for the first to take out Oprah backwards.

  15. God

    D’OH! Dammit! Satan is winning today….first that douchebag Spencer Pratt and fucking Tom Cruise are buddies and now you just caught my typo, Thumperchica.

  16. Massa'

    When we finally come to our senses and bring back slavery, I got dibs on her fat ass. I’ll whip her into shape….literally.

  17. FRIST!!!

    67. Massa’ – December 9, 2008 3:15 PM

    When we finally come to our senses and bring back slavery, I got dibs on her fat ass. I’ll whip her into shape….literally.

    Funny you should bring that up Massa’, because when you look back throughout our nations history, you’ll find that the only time when blacks were organized and useful was when they were slaves. So I’m all for repealing the emancipation constapation. Really naive idea trying to let wild animals be responsible for themselves in a society.

  18. Max Planck

    She got this fat making her TV show.

    Think of how fat American women have gotten watching her show and eating snack foods all day.

    It has got to be in the billions of pounds!!!!

  19. hausfrau

    Wow. Bunch of ignorant knuckle dragging KKK skinheads posting today. Skipping school again, are we? Don’t blame you. It’s useless anyway.

  20. I think she looks like she’s gained weight for sure, but still has kept her shape. She doesn’t look so bad.

  21. Stiles

    #71: What shape would that be? Pear-like?

  22. Maxibillion

    Hey #70 “Hausfrau”, your German moniker still means housewife. Peppering your lifestyle with Europhilic references doesn’t make you any more useful or educated than those you insult. So, fat ass & high horse & all that.

  23. Doggy Style

    that’s a BIG ASS FAT NEGRES… aren’t they all like this?

  24. God

    I’d lick a blista’ on that sista’!!!

    What the hell, everyone knows I’m a phoney anyway. I mean, how stupid could I expect people to be in order to believe I’m omniscient AND omnipotent AND omnibenevolent?! Everyone knows I’m actually malevolent and impotent. There. I admitted it. Admitting it is the first step!

  25. BTW, I’d lick the butt juice right out of her ass too!

  26. Tawny


  27. bob

    She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"”" W e a l t h y C u p i d . c o m”"”"”"” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  28. #74 Hell naw we ain’t all like this stupid. Im damn near thirty and I’ll admit Im the biggest I’ve ever been in my life, and it looks good to be sitting at 112 lbs. It makes sense for me to be fat in the modeling world, but in the real world not many women my age are smaller than that. You must be a sheltered fool.

  29. titsonsnack

    What the fuck is a vision board.

  30. NotJealous

    You know, fat as she may be, Oprah can afford a much hotter prostitute than you, Deacon Jones. Or two. Or fourteen.

  31. Captain Sloppy

    What’s up with that dress? is that ugly-looking plastic thing a direct food-channeling portal? She obviously must bypass chewing, swallowing, and digesting and just stuff food directly into her gut.
    Has anyone seen Oprah from the rear? That, my friends, is what’s called a donk.
    Three men could sit cross-legged and play cards on that enormous butt-table.
    She looks more like a female impersonator every time I see her, which, fortunately is not often.
    I’m sure her endorsement of Obama came after a careful consideration of the qualifications of all the candidates and their responses to the major issues facing our country today. Either that or she put everything she had into backing the black guy.
    Ever since I heard this beast bragging that she had her DNA tested and she was proud to announce she was 100-percent black I had nothing but loathing and contempt for her.

  32. Truth doctor

    Dude, she went ROCKETING past 200 about 6 months ago.

    and that’s the truth.

  33. Ella

    I hate the “thyroid” excuse. I have hypothyroidism and I’m not overweight because I take care of myself. Oprah, It’s simply called being LAZY!

    She eats too much and doesn’t work out, so what’s the confusion? She (or anyone else) shouldn’t blame inanimate objects because you fucked up. Accept it, and move on.

  34. Urbanspaceman

    This is good news. It means that sometime in 2009 we’ll all be able to once again, (for the 4th, 5th, 6th time?), celebrate how much weight Oprah’s lost. I can’t wait.

  35. Mike

    The cool part is, under Obama’s plan, she can get ‘All you can eat night’, every night, for free. By the way, where’s my fucking check Obama? You said I’d be wiping my ass with fiftys.

  36. F-Obama

    So she hit 200 lbs again, who cares. Doesn’t she do this every-other month? She fucking eats to much.

    Oh, and she’s a nigger, so even less care. I like her fat and unhealthy, it will make her die sooner. Send that ape some KFC buckets asap!

  37. I bet that it’s just too hard for some people to stay away from the offensive language towards certain races. I will be watching for the next few weeks, and I bet anyone any amount of money that there will always be at least one person who says the word “nigger,” or “ape.” It’s just inevitable. Any black person that still gets mad about this stuff anymore must be living in Andrameda or something, because it has been common place for so many years that it doesn’t affect me anymore. So to many non-black people I guess Im the nigger and the ape, but guess what “Big Deal.” Who cares anymore?

  38. KM

    Yah, Oprah may be “obese” according to her BMI, but the girl’s got some money! Wowza! Did you guys not read the rich enough to get away with murder part? Yah, I’d say she’s rich enough to get away with a fucking massacre! I’d take her life (big booty and all) in a second!

    Who the fuck cares how fat she is? Honestly??? Like she’d fuck y’all anyway. Ha! Besides she does great things for this country.. More power to her!!

  39. Spagett!

    WHO FUCKING CARES?! God damnit this isnt news. Shes a nig, which makes me care even less, and i loath her fat black ass anyway

    lets just hope shes at the osamas innaguration and they both get assassinated

    oh god please! even though i dont believe in you, just this one thing i ask of you!

    fucking porch monkeys, loose the fork!

    (in other words: they like to fool themselves)

  41. booya

    Her billions of dollars make it hard for me to feel sorry for her. Sad but true.

  42. Bosco

    Ya’ll be leaving Oinkrey alone. She just big boned.

  43. ???????

    Black women get fat. All of them. It’s just a matter of time.

  44. Whats that thing on the side of her eyes?

  45. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Why should anyone care if she is fat and what pathetic excuse she has for being fat? She’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars……I’d sure as fuck would be happy with all that money and being fat at the same time – beats the hell out of being poor and skinny. Oh wait, I’m poor and fat……. fuck that bitch!

  46. @ 91 Nice try.

    Everybody knows europe is the true fairy tail of the world.
    By the way, do not do as we tell you to do, do as we want you to do.

  47. #92 I agree with you 100%, because there is no excuse for her, and #92 I think NOT! Im too scared to even get medium…let alone fat. Im almost like an American model only I will NEVER induce reverse peristalsis on myself just to lose a pound. Im just lucky to have nice and thin genes, and now that Im four years away from thirty I way in at a whopping 112lbs. OOOOOOO! so fat from the many years I was use to being 100 lbs. I’ll take the 112 over the 100 any day.

  48. Jeremy

    She is allergic to working out? I guess like most blacks she is allergic to things that involve work.

    Maybe Obama can restribute her fat to some skinny people

  49. #100 first of all congrats for getting the 100th place, and second of all the only thing Im allergic to is comments like the one you just made. Been working ever since I was eligible for a worker’s permit, and I was only 14 years old. Allergic to work…LOL! Oh please.

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