Oprah Winfrey evacuated

Oprah Winfrey’s Montecito mansion is being evacuated after the Southern California wildfires have come within a few miles of it. Us reports:

The source tells Us that movers arrived at the talk show host’s $50 million mansion, which is located just outside of Santa Barbara, and have been packing her belongings to prepare for the evacuation as the blaze continues to spread.

Winfrey was not at the house on Friday, as she was taping The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago.

“The fires are nearby, but her house is not within the mandatory evacuation area,” A rep for Winfrey tells Us. “We’re continuing to monitor.”

Winfrey purchased the 6-bedroom property — which covers 42 acres and is 23,000 square feet — in 2001. Michael Douglas and Rob Lowe also live in the area.

So Oprah had to evacuate her $50 million 23,000 square foot mansion which she wasn’t even at because she was in her other even bigger mansion in Chicago. That poor woman, won’t things ever just go her way? Maybe we can organize some sort of fund raiser for her. Keep your chin up, Oprah, I’m sure things will eventually turn around for you.

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