One Last Look at Banner Girl Erin

As some of you may have noticed, Erin The Superficial Banner Girl Contest winner is no longer gracing the top of the site with her lingerie-clad elegance. After a two week-long run, it’s time to return to random clip-art slut #847, but you can always find a hi-res copy of Erin’s reign here if you’re feeling nostalgic.

In the meantime, feel free to relive the beauty and the majesty of The Search for Banner Girl in all its breastacular goodness. I’m actually thinking of running a Christmas-themed Banner Girl contest around the holiday and learning from some of the mistakes made this time around. Less voting rounds, clearer rules, mandatory nudity, cage fights. Just small, technical stuff until I get those permits approved to build a Penisdome of Death. Ladies?

Congratulations again to Erin and all the Banner Girl contestants who braved mockery from the peanut gallery to class this joint up a bit.

- The Superficial

UPDATE: For more of Erin, she’s launched her own raw food blog: Raw Food Raw Bliss. Best of luck to her.

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