One Last Look at Banner Girl Erin

August 3rd, 2010 // 79 Comments

As some of you may have noticed, Erin The Superficial Banner Girl Contest winner is no longer gracing the top of the site with her lingerie-clad elegance. After a two week-long run, it’s time to return to random clip-art slut #847, but you can always find a hi-res copy of Erin’s reign here if you’re feeling nostalgic.

In the meantime, feel free to relive the beauty and the majesty of The Search for Banner Girl in all its breastacular goodness. I’m actually thinking of running a Christmas-themed Banner Girl contest around the holiday and learning from some of the mistakes made this time around. Less voting rounds, clearer rules, mandatory nudity, cage fights. Just small, technical stuff until I get those permits approved to build a Penisdome of Death. Ladies?

Congratulations again to Erin and all the Banner Girl contestants who braved mockery from the peanut gallery to class this joint up a bit.

- The Superficial

UPDATE: For more of Erin, she’s launched her own raw food blog: Raw Food Raw Bliss. Best of luck to her.


  1. Colin


  2. Colin

    suck it jyall

  3. Colin

    suck it hard

  4. Cock Dr

    Fish lays the groundwork for a very merry Xmas indeed.

    • FattyFatty2x4

      he better come strong for the Chanukka, Kwanza, and Scientologist Holiday revelor’s.
      Maybe a pic of you Doc working your craft on a big ol’ salami?

      • Cock Dr

        Only if Fish has been a VERY VERY good boy will he get a winter Solstice shot of the cock doc in my lab coat.

      • Pinkpink

        can’t fit throught the kitchen door!

      • FattyFatty2x4

        pinkpink you stink

        Doc, just a lab coat? maybe heel’s? oh, crox are even sexier.
        Could you describe your lab coat? white with yellow polka dot’s? leather? ribbon’s? meshy see thru? maybe little dancing peni (plural for penis?)
        Oh, the possibilities.

      • Cock Dr

        My lab coat is blue, and I would sooner be rolled in a wheelchair then wear “crox”.

      • FattyFatty2x4

        That can be arranged.
        You hit on yet another one of my fetish’s.
        Very perceptive lady you are.

      • Cock Dr

        Fatty, I admire your flexibility.
        My “fancy” lab coat is white printed all over with little red apples. There, chew on that for a while.

      • FattyFatty2x4

        Chewed. Swallowed. Savored.
        What’s the significance of the little red apples?
        Kind of like a scrotum type thing? Bizarre you are.

      • Cock Dr

        It’s like feeding a Komodo dragon…it’ll eat ANYTHING.
        The apple lab coat was a gift from a co-worker. She thought it was a funny joke on the saying “An apple a day keeps the Dr away”. It’s really more suitable for pediatrics….and I don’t do pediatrics because certain sensitive little children will burst into tears at the sight of me.
        I’m not sure if it’s the pirate facial scar, or the hook for a left hand that does them in.

  5. notthelimejuice

    But I liked Erin, wish we could keep her.

  6. Deacon Jones

    I thought this was permanent….she probably started asking for money…oh well, I’m game for another round as long as they dont vote like fucking retards.

  7. MoozBoy

    Yeah I thought it was a permanent thing as well. Probably demanded her photo be taken down since this site sucks ass.

  8. the only way she could look any better is if she had my balls on her chin and my dick in her mouth

  9. kaz

    Why do you have to take her down? She looks better than the original.

  10. JEMS

    Do you have to take her down? Shes so pretty! Much prettier then the other girl you put back up!

  11. jt


  12. DizsumAD

    Totally, let’s do this again. PIn Ups of the 21 Century! Let’s have the ladies pose with a turkey or something for November because I can’t stand waiting until the Santa vs. the Ice Monkey’s or something for the finalists in December. Good Luck All!

  13. beetsjeep

    i agree with the others. leave her up. she’s much prettier and is a nice change of pace.

  14. timmy the dying boy

    Leave her up, you cheapskate.

  15. Sardonic

    WTF? I thought the point was to find your ‘anchor’ banner girl. All that hoopla and you’re back to clip art after 2 weeks? Something smells ‘fishy’.

    • no, the competition was to be banner girl for a week. and she was on for three. which was fine cos it took two to get used to her. and ya now it seems like a downgrade going to the prior girl again. but i rather see Jillian up there next.

  16. Forrest Gump

    Put Erin back! She’s so much better than the current nondescript blonde!

  17. feisti

    oh god the author of this website is a perv…this is gonna get boring. im sure he jacks off on every single picture sent. am i right?yes. PERV. be careful not to get caught with a 17 yr old. ill watch the online predators hahahaha. im joking :p
    i read your site since 05.

  18. Leave Erin up there dude, she’s so much better than that ugly blonde you have on there.

  19. Linestepper

    Yes he did in fact say it was for the week, but I think the voting process was too daunting to be done once a week. That’s a lot of pics to go through and like he said the voting process was a bitch as well. I do prefer Erin though, so bring on the next contest cuz the blonde clip art chick is boring. Chop-chop already.

    • lets wait on that contest. it was two weeks of some of the most vulgar, mean spirited convo in here (besides what’s said of snookie).
      upskirts and nip slips bring out more edifying comments. i like the idea of waiting til xmas.

  20. feisti

    he wants to see more naked chicks tho. it clearly shows it. bwahahhaa


  21. Andrew

    If you do a vote to see how many people would have preferred to have Erin at the top, I am quite positive it would be a majority.

    Why not have a banner girl contest every month? The winner stays at the top for the entire month.

    • I get exhausted just thinking about that much voting. Democracy makes my head hurt.
      Erin sweetie…….that was great. Best of luck to ya in all future endeavors. Stay away from anyone named Lohan.

  22. puck
    Commented on this photo:

    Keep her up until X-mas. No girl will do this again for a week or two.

  23. ROUGH:cowardice rules if that's ok with you.

    All you broads have to do is model yourselves after the first blonde. There’s no originality. There’s the scoop, no need to thank me…


    C’mon dude, who cares what the original contest terms were. She is smoking hot and looks much better up there than the original girl. Just leave Erin up until the next contest!

  25. madmaxnggrgangbang

    please put Erin back up! she should be the permanent banner girl! she was niiiiice…

  26. Gordon

    ALL THAT for a lousy 2 weeks? What bullshit.

    You did the banner contest because no-one liked your scanky blonde clip art, the milked it for what seemed like forever, got numerous post out of it, free galleries for lots of page hits, we tell you what we want and you dump her after 2 weeks!

    Put her back,!

  27. ihearterin

    let erin stay longer!!! she should be permanent. love looking at the banner :)

  28. Commented on this photo:


  29. Steven Rodriguez

    Keep Erin on there, the current girl sucks.

  30. Some dude
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, Erin is way hotter than the original one, leave her up there.

  31. someguy

    Yeah it seems like quite a waste for only a few weeks. Just make it permanent until the next competition.

    She’s way better than the stock photo anyway.

  32. linds

    I like her … either leave her up or for gods sake put the girl you had on the old site back up … SO much prettier!

  33. eatit

    Dude, mistake. She’s way hotter than the clip art chick, she fit into there near perfectly, and it was a cool thing to do with the fans and all.

    Its pretty f’ing lame to drop it back for the generic person, if any thing, run the girl for a year and then run it again, and hope you get someone who looks as good up there and not the banner-profile-version of sanjaya and a bunch of jackholes who force the hog on by skewing the votes for giggles.

  34. sin

    WHAT?! only for 2 weeks?? i thought it was a permanent thing.


    Why would you take her down? Leave Erin up she’s way better than the clip art girl.

  36. ash

    I like Erin! Keep the real girl!

  37. Gene

    All that hype for two weeks? When will we get the true story? Or have you just sold out?

  38. LJ

    Leave Erin up until the next contest.

  39. rick

    all that lame voting shit..and she is gone after 2 weeks?

    weak dude

  40. Erin

    aw…my chin is gone. :-( oh well…
    I told my mom about the contest and she said “Someone’s had a little too much free time this summer.”
    Yeah, makin’ my parents proud!

    Thanks for voting and bitching at Fish for me guys. But it was originally supposed to only be a week.
    I agree though, we should have fan girls up there, not clip art.

  41. keijo

    Erin back ffs!

  42. billabong021

    To be honest I didn’t even notice Erin up there in the first place :l kinda wish I’d paid more attention now..

  43. sara

    I do like her – or something real – so much better than random clip art…….why can’t we keep her?

  44. Phil Herrear

    Clip art girl sucks, leave Erin up or at least rotate all the contest front runners…like a month each

  45. ROUGH: cowardice rules if thats ok with you.

    Very unlikely for a company to change their universally known identifying symbols. The “Clip art” is a real person and has (somewhere) feelings. I got attached to her, and the past two weeks has been an eternity and a nightmare with her absence. Welcome back my sweet…

  46. sumdumfuk

    yeh we need to keep erin up… shes stunning

  47. me
    Commented on this photo:

    OH C’MON ! keep Erin on ! !! !! … she’s way much better than the blond ur using

  48. illy

    does anyone know why he took her off!??

  49. bocon

    can they put the old banner? it was more nice to watch
    FOrGET ABOUT ERIN banner and the new one, they dont nothing to the webpage.. the old one was very cool and make the webpage look better.

  50. jojo

    Back to the corporate whore….Erin you will be missed.

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