Olsen Twins asked to pose for Playboy

February 29th, 2008 // 129 Comments

Hugh Hefner wants the Olsen twins to pose nude for Playboy. Looking at these pictures from God knows when, (Are those two ever together anymore?) I’m now thoroughly convinced that old Hugh is blind as hell. Star has the details:

After striking out when the twins turned 18, Hugh tried again, hoping they would pose for Playboy’s June issue to mark their 22nd birthday.
“Hef thinks the twins are every young man’s fantasy,” an insider tells Star.

Yes, the Olsen twins really are every young man’s fantasy. You’ve truly got your finger on the pulse of today’s youth, Hugh Hefner. There’s nothing my generation wants to do more than open up an issue of Playboy and immediately want to masturbate with a cheese grater. I mean, seriously? Who spilled the beans?

Thanks to Paul for the tip who, thankfully, doesn’t have a wombat twin.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Randal

    This is great to see. Both are very beautiful and professional and certainly deserve this.

    Good work you two!

  2. THAT’S awkward. *shudders*.

  3. mike

    Even Jimbo doesn’t want to see them naked, and he jerks off 10 times a day. At least.

  4. tobor the 8th man

    Isn’t that tour de France guy banging one/both of these misfits?

  5. Sam

    Awesome! Just think, now Heath Ledger can see what the other one looks like naked!

  6. PenisMightier

    The zombie on the left needs a haircut.

  7. Sara


  8. OutRunner1

    I’m going to invoke the name of Howard Stern here. He once said that watching two sisters doing it is probably the closest thing to satanism you’ll ever see, but watch anyway. Words to live by.

    Well, maybe not with these two. Sorry Hef.

  9. Ript1&0

    Christ man, this could go on for years. Just fucking come out with it.

  10. Jumpin Jehosefat

    I’d spank to it.

    Just sayin’ …

  11. miggs

    I’m quite sure that the crazy one on the left will have a tiny rabid monkey’s head chattering in her pussy. I don’t know if that’s a reason to go ahead with the Playboy shoot or to cancel it.

  12. Grunion

    Playboy has jumped the shark. Hefner’s gone senile and it’s time to jag it in.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    For fuck’s sake, smile goddamnit!

  14. roastbeef


  15. I don’t know which is which, and quite frankly don’t care, all I’m saying is the one with the bright red lipstick is FREAKING ME OUT!!!!!!

  16. JB

    Thats pretty disturbing

  17. The VeggiWhore

    I’m gonna ship them the rest of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich..although they’d probably just put it on their head..

  18. Eddy

    Oh yeah, twins are hot.

    …the Olsens, however, could be hot if they weren’t so messed up.

  19. RatRat

    Oh my god I’ BLIND!!

  20. Mal Gusto

    Every teenage boys fantasy? Every teenage gay boys fantasy, maybe. I’m into teen girls (like every red blooded American male) but these 2 look like 11 year old boys. Hanson was more feminine.

  21. RatRat

    Oh my god I’ BLIND!!

  22. alan

    I need help. I would definitely stick it in Ashley (wearing the pants). Clearly something is wrong with me.


  24. CunningLinguist

    Oh my God #1… VOMIT.

  25. sam

    Hef also thinks that he is every young woman’s fantasy. I think we can attribute all of this to dementia.

  26. #20 – I had my most disturbing and shameful rub-out session to Hanson. One of their videos came on, I was half asleep, got a half-chub, sort of finished it off by force of habit. I startled fully awake when the VJ said it was Hanson. The worst part, which bothers me to this day, is that I suspect I knew all along.

  27. Dr. Phil

    Time to keep Hef’s grandkids away from him.

  28. Lexoka

    It’s really weird. One of them looks like a fucking vampire, and the other like a 12 year old girl — and a disturbingly attractive one.


  29. BreakTime

    To make it even more appealing to all the young men, Hef should include himself in the layout. The theme – The crypt keeper and two Goblins.

  30. Fucking funny alias #24! LMFAO! I’m diggin’ it!

  31. tp

    If I was Heath Ledger waking up to THAT in the morning, I’d OD too…

  32. amma

    Oy. Where to start? Hugh just looks lost and confused, wandering around in his pajamas. As to the Olson Twins, I have no doubt Playboy could make them look great. This despite the fact that they have a really stubby, golum like quality to them {they look stunted in that Gary Coleman way}. And finally–what is the deal with twins?! It’s so gross in a southern fried “I married my uncle” kinda way. I get guys liking two women. I get even wanting them to be wearing matching bikinis or one being blonde one being brunette or both blondes wearing braids–whatever! But sisters? That is effed up.

  33. I dont care if Im first

    The one with the white tank is hot..the other is trying to be too “hippie glam”

  34. c45j

    they were quite hot when they were 17/18…

  35. moobs

    the one without the red lipstick, would hit.

    i do like that they stay out of the “headlines” tho, so kudos there.

  36. Jumpin Jehosefat

    Jimbo, If it makes you feel any better about Hanson… I had a half-asleep spanking session to Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon on MTV before I realized it wasn’t a girl…

  37. How many times have you peed your pants?(in your life)

    Why don’t they just ask those twins from Jack and Cody’s suite life (they also played the kid in Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy). I’m pretty sure the disney boy twins have bigger boobs and are older than these starving goblins. Although how do you know how old a goblin is? Either way a playboy spread with these midget trolls is about as appealing as Britney being a counselor at a kids fat camp. Okay nothing is that unappealing or fraught with danger.

  38. Scott

    Ok, Hef, sure, do the spread. But make sure you title it something like “Under the bridge and naked!”

  39. How many times have you peed your pants?(in your life)

    apparently it’s called “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” Anyway I consider it a good thing that I didn’t know what the show was called. I hate Disney.

  40. Silo

    These two always remind me of those murdered twin girls in “The Shining.” The ones that keep popping up to freak out Jack Nicholson’s kid.

  41. FFF

    #5 – That would be kinda difficult. What with him being worm bait and all.

  42. SILER

    OMG… i Would LOVE to see them Naked.. I think they are Hot as Hell..
    Some much sexier the Lohan or Spears and there is 2 :) … Petite and Natural..
    Im crossing my fingers on this one..

  43. UncleJoey

    im not an olsen twin fan, and theyre certainly not hot, but i still would like to see them in playboy. ive had a subscription to playboy for years, and 90% of the time the only good shit playboy has to offer are the interviews and comics, which is pathetic. showing the o-twins would at least be somthing.

  44. #14 – HAHAHAHAHAHA…

    Seriously, every young man’s fantasy? More like they look like every young man… anyone who fucks either one of them deserves to be brought up on charges of pedophilia… that’s right… I’m looking at you, Heath Ledger’s corpse… the jig is up.

  45. stumbler

    they are cute like my pet is cute… but i wouldn’t want to see my cat naked.
    for as little as they are, they sure do have a lot of hair. i hope they say no and remain that”fantacy” that hugh thinks they are.

  46. Netsurfer

    I always thought those two looked like a couple of troll dolls – minus the cotton-candy hair. And you’d never know it if they had any teeth.

  47. Anonymous

    PUKE!! Who the hell wants to see these trolls naked?

    I think all the Viagra has fried Hef’s brain.

  48. the only thing I want to see these 2 star in is a snuff film!

  49. Tapeworm

    If I ever woke up in bed next to one of those cumdumpsters I’d smash my penis with a ball-peen hammer.

    Not that I have a strong opinion on the matter.

  50. null

    stop publishing photos of them here! christ, it’s fucking scary! talk all you want about them, just use photos of old tires or something… jeeezus!

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