Olivia Wilde in GQ is just… goddamn

September 15th, 2009 // 163 Comments

Here’s Olivia Wilde in the October 2009 issue of GQ and [Insert words you will never read but if you would let's pretend their sheer brilliance made your pants fly off because clearly you're a woman here.] True story.

Photos: GQ

  1. lmfcoa


  2. olivia wildes breasts

    nice t1ts, no t1ts

  3. Megan

    Olivia Wilde in GQ is just… boring? And looks like every girl ever?

  4. Venom

    Man face, no tits, no ass. Yeah “goddamn”.

  5. ROUGH daddy

    Well to put it mildly, Olivia is more hotter than a woman with two pussies…

  6. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    It’s like some guy’s wife took some “naughty” pictures and emailed them to him to try and save their ailing marriage. Boring. I do not understand why anyone would ever think she was attractive.

  7. Excuse me. I need to go have my private ‘happy time’ now.

  8. big teeth

    Look at that face! That’s not a woman.. it’s a man, man.

  9. jenni


  10. Quiggle

    What did they do to her face? She is very thin…mostly naked…eh…my no no place is not really dancing.

  11. anon

    sexy sexy gorgeous woman
    simple men wouldn’t get her ofcourse

  12. Valerie

    that’s a nice beach

  13. kanye west's left pussy lip

    Skelton face

  14. Jello

    I’d like to ram her from behind while she’s in that hammock.

    Keeps the sand from entering the friction points.

  15. david

    Don’t see what any guy sees in her – no curves, big forehead, big head and just her overall face is a bit unfeminine..

  16. ama

    She has a great figure and an interesting face. lol @ all the “she doesn’t meet my exacting internet standards” dudes.

  17. Martina

    lol .. it didn’t take long for all the men who prefer blimps like Kim Kardashian or airbrushed casting couch chicks like Audrina Patridge to diss Olivia.

  18. Willie Dixon

    Olivia Wilde in GQ is just… goddamn hungry.

  19. Onyx Blackman

    No tits.

  20. Courageous

    She is very attractive, and way out of my league, but who is she? What is she famous for, other than being almost naked in GQ? I mean, The Superficial Writer’s standards are notoriously low, so it could be his sister for all we know…

  21. Think I like the pictures from a week ago better. This isn’t bad for downtime, though.

  22. ThatWin

    Way hotter than Megan Fox in so many different ways.

  23. Courageous

    And what is with all of these “no tits” comments? If they are small, you guys complain. If they had a boob job, you guys complain. Me? I like boobs. Small boobs, big boobs, real boobs, fake boobs. If they let me play with them, I am happy! Now all you losers who spend your days dreaming about some fantasy woman with a petite body and large, natural (and gravity defying) tits: Japanese Manga is probably the place for you!!!!!!!!

  24. m??n

    da head
    then maybe..hehee

  25. ktulu

    Not hot. Sahpeless Gumby body and a jaw that could bend steel.

    Why do people try and diss those saying shes not hot? If you are an ugly blob she is probably the pinnacle. For the rest of us good looking guys that can land a chick she looks like a tranny.

  26. PsyKo

    stunningly sexy, a usual…

  27. Fat Chicks Suck

    That body is amazing. Thin and fit – the type of girl that actually looks good naked in person. I love her tits – who cares how big they are? Those things will be perky forever.

    I will never understand how there are guys out there that prefer out-of-shape women with guts, big saggy tits, cellulite-covered asses and thighs, and back fat to a thin, fit chick with perky tits and a tight little ass.

  28. Hottest flat-chested woman I’ve seen.


  29. Crabby Old Guy

    Now THAT would be good eatin’.

  30. Stephanie

    Isn’t there some kind of boob to rib ratio where the boobs should stick out further? She’s attractive, but this shoot blows.

  31. chas

    Nothing special. I have fucked women way hotter than her.

  32. Wow what a figure she’s got!

  33. Courageous

    OH chas, you big stud! I guess that means you never fuck a women who is less hot that the hottest woman you have ever had?


  34. fuckedup

    #21 – She’s on the tv show House MD

  35. frank

    this is so hot that i kind of want to die. invalid file name or file not found.

  36. mer

    Fun Fact: Her original last name was “Cockburn”.

    I shit you not. Wonder why she changed it?

  37. Wile E. Coyote

    i see jessica’s dog. It is taking a shit on my front lawn.

  38. Dread not

    She’s called, 13 on House and after seeing these pics, I gotta agree.

  39. Chipot

    You can see her vagina! Oh no wait Fish made a mistake again.

  40. blah

    Nice ribs in the ‘laying down in the water’ shot.

    eat a sammich.

  41. blah

    Nice ribs in the ‘laying down in the water’ shot.

    eat a sammich.

  42. ali

    her head is hugeeee

  43. Kathleen

    A million times better than Megan Fox

  44. Fighting Irish

    Aye, she’s a fine lass, that one.


  45. Magnolia Fan

    Man face??? WTSF?? This chick is fucking HOT!

  46. chris

    pic’s would be better with a camel toe

  47. Olivia?

    What happened to her? These pics are very unflattering…the angles are terrible…she’s gorgeous and these don’t do her justice.

  48. frank

    Now I see why Megan Fox likes her. She’s found a way to make love to herself.

  49. Niggsy

    13! My knuckles are severely bitten.

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