Olivia Wilde in GQ

May 20th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Olivia Wilde poses for the latest issue of GQ and also responds to Megan Fox’s recent comment about wanting to strangle a mountain ox in a fit of bisexual lust:

“I came into my trailer at House the morning after that article came out,” she says, “and one of our writers had done an illustration on my mirror of a mountain ox saying, ‘Save me, save me. Please, Olivia, make out with Megan!’ ” Though Wilde is a little skeptical of the recent girl-crush fad, she’s always willing to pitch in for a cause: “Of course, anything I can do to save the mountain ox, I’m happy to do.”

Funny you should mention that, I happen to be holding a gun to a mountain ox’s head as we speak. In fact – *WAM* Sonofabitch, kicked me! No, don’t shit in the elevator! Everybody down!




Now, where was I?

Photos: GQ

  1. 1st


    im the assman

  2. 1st


    im the assman

  3. first


  4. bribios


  5. bribios


  6. ok anyway

    who is this??? that pic with the white shorts makes her thigh look frightening.

  7. huh?

    “Ok ..hey so i’ll mention you in an article and you do the same!! ”
    Two people sharing 15 minutes together…..no biggy.

  8. Megabyte

    She is ridiculously attractive.

  9. meg

    Wilde is a lot hotter than Fox will ever be. However, I’d hit them both.

  10. lain

    The second one makes her shoulders look odd, but she is very gorgeous.

  11. o.O too skinny! But she does have a pretty face and is natural as far as I know, so yay for that.

  12. Señor Pedro

    Olivia Wilde responds to Megan Fox’s recent comment:
    “I came.”


  13. ph7

    I love it when famous chicks says they’d love to bank another famous chick, but you know if some leading man said he love to bang another leading man, the fan base would in milliseconds.

    It’s a man’s world, my friends.

  14. my comment


  15. shift

    I would wreck that chick.

  16. Yeah she is nice! her best bet is to stay out of the limelight and stay hot, not be over expose like Megan!

  17. Reality check

    So Megan copied jolie, is it safe to say Olivia is now copying Megan???? Yep, i’d say it is. Since when was Olivia this thin and had long dark flowing locks??? Even her makeup screams Megan. She is looking more and more like Megan everyday, far cry from her blonde days!! LOL @ Megan loving a girl who looks similar to her, megan has good taste cause she is gorgeous!!!!!

    I think it’s the magazines creating similar looks and styles among all of them, it’s all a ploy to turn us against 1 of them and create a buzz, but nope, i won’t fall for it. I love all three!

  18. jamie

    her real name is olivia cockburn…

  19. For fuck’s sake, she’s so hot it hurts to look at her.

  20. Spinnacer

    I’m not the guy to write corny/detailed fantasies about female celeberties but..

    The second pic is just so fckin’ hot. I’d put a pillow under her back and go to town on her, got damn.

    Forgive me for being so blunt.

  21. girl creature

    shes so perfect…

  22. mrmr

    tity tots.

    my bad…. tits.

    but id still nibble

  23. _me

    In Megan’s Defense, I’ve seen pictures of Mountain Oxen on the Internets, and they’re like only a few inches tall.

  24. unableunwilling

    Her body is fucking awesome, but I’ve always thought her face was so-so.


    These pictures are fucking hot, though.

  25. timmy the frisky virus

    Should I know her? Looks to me like this week’s vapid plastic girl pumped out by the Hollywood cookie cutter.

  26. This pose will give your TITS a boost “UPSTAIRS”.
    so they’re not “NEW”.(they just hang)
    IT’S JUST THE POSE, folks!!

  27. J

    Wow…so, uh, what’s the big deal here?

  28. Tarren

    holy mother of baby jesus, olivia wilde is bloody sexy.
    oh my gosh, she’s ridiculously hot.

  29. Ananana

    Superficial writer, I hate to scold you again, but onomatopeas are LAME.

    In other news, bring me a mountain ox.

  30. Ananana

    oh, and ladies and gentleman, we’ve got a starver.

  31. I would put this chick on a twice a day, orally administered, liquid protein suppliment, you know, to gain weight and shit…

  32. Loren

    I got excited for a minute because I thought it was Summer Glau…. oh well.

  33. BobbieBell

    Okay, who is she again?

    And PIc #3, scary thigh……the chicken leg I had for dinner last night had mroe meat on it.

  34. Loren

    I’m over my disappointment about this not being Summer Glau … this broad is scorching hot.

  35. matt

    She looks like Taylor Bow… drool….

  36. meluvherlongtime

    she’s pretty

  37. Dj

    I like Dr Cameron better…. I wish to see her naked

  38. RtSS

    In image #2 I can’t stop thinking about sliding my tube steak in her nicely presented hole. Then in image #5 and #6, dude playing a game of hide the sausage is all those poses scream for… She is one hot POA

  39. RtSS

    In image #2 I can’t stop thinking about sliding my tube steak in her nicely presented hole. Then in image #5 and #6, dude playing a game of hide the sausage is all those poses scream for… She is one hot POA and I would find some great ways to bounce on her.

  40. Tripod

    What’s with the plastic man poses? – not sexy just dumb

  41. Commented on this photo:

    Let’s play a Highlights for Children game: How many naked guys are lying down in this picture?

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