Olivia Wilde in GQ

Olivia Wilde poses for the latest issue of GQ and also responds to Megan Fox’s recent comment about wanting to strangle a mountain ox in a fit of bisexual lust:

“I came into my trailer at House the morning after that article came out,” she says, “and one of our writers had done an illustration on my mirror of a mountain ox saying, ‘Save me, save me. Please, Olivia, make out with Megan!’ ” Though Wilde is a little skeptical of the recent girl-crush fad, she’s always willing to pitch in for a cause: “Of course, anything I can do to save the mountain ox, I’m happy to do.”

Funny you should mention that, I happen to be holding a gun to a mountain ox’s head as we speak. In fact – *WAM* Sonofabitch, kicked me! No, don’t shit in the elevator! Everybody down!




Now, where was I?

Photos: GQ