Olivia Wilde hawks perfume and other news

September 3rd, 2009 // 45 Comments

- Michael Jackson’s funeral was today. I wonder what it was like when they found out his gravestone dispenses candy. Hmm… [PopEater]

- Salma Hayek flipped out last night at a restaurant when all the outdoor seating was taken even though she didn’t have a reservation. Did any of this cause her breasts to shrink? No? Carry on. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kate Beckinsale is hot. I don’t say that enough. [PopSugar]

- Janice Dickinson found a man willing to kiss her old, collagen lips without cash changing hands. [Celebslam]

- Ashlee Simpson talks about raising Pete Wentz’s spawn on The Today Show. [Just Jared]

- Tori Spelling denies reports that Dean McDermott is only married to her for the money. Clearly it’s for the sex. Because who doesn’t enjoy banging a sickly, middle-aged woman with implants? And she even had kids. Score! [Socialite Life]

- Kelly Osbourne wants kids to stay off tattoos. Hey, doesn’t she know educating kids is for commies? Oh, wait, that only counts if you’re a black president. My bad. [ICYDK]

- Kim Cattrall is still a cougar. [Splash News]

- Cate Blanchett goes back to work after getting brained on stage by a co-star and pretty much makes Jeremy Piven look like a giant vagina. [Parade]

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  1. Gravestone dispenses candy. Now that is some talent right there. I can’t breathe!

  2. anon


  3. anon

    Oh, it’s just the play. Thank god.

  4. Definitely perfume is going to be blast .And she is looking beautiful.
    Colon Cleanse

  5. gotmilk?

    13 is looking goos here. looks like she put on som emuch needed wieght.

  6. HuckyDucky

    Oh God. Here we go with the political commentary. it’s because he’s a “black president”.

  7. dk

    @ Fish!

    Kate Beckinsale is the hottest bitch on the planet, im glad u reminded yourself of that. Do u have any 20 y/o bikini pics of her?

  8. I love how Kelly Osborne made stupid drunk decisions to get tattoos, so now she feels the need to tell kids not to get tattoos.

    How about don’t get DRUNK and get a tattoo you stupid bitch? There’s nothing wrong with tattoos, but there’s definitely something wrong with someone who (on multiple occasions) got wasted and got a tattoo she regretted.

    Not everyone is as stupid and irresponsible as you, Kelly.

  9. Del

    Who is Olivia Wilde?

  10. Sheena

    Jeremy Piven is NOT a vagina. Vaginas are strong and soft and deep and worth getting to know.

    Jeremy Piven is an empty ballsack.

  11. herp derp

    that little political commentary.. lame lame lame

    cause asking children what is so inspiring about a man that only has the confidence of 27% of the nation is SO SUPER DUPER RACIST. i guess when you’re black, anytime someone disagrees with you it’s racist, yeah? and everyone who disagrees with mao zedong is just racist against asians?

    im allowed to say this, because i’m half black, and half chinese.

  12. Pilatunes

    Beckinsale is hot, but sounds like a bit of flake and, seriously, has she done any non-shit movies? (Yes, I will admit to getting a huge boner over her in her nurses uniform in Pearl Harbor. The movie sucked crap though.)

    And Olivia? Like her too, but her character on House sucks. Just do die or something and give me Cameron and her perky bum back.

  13. fancy

    that olivia chick from house, is in a just awful dress, she’s generally hot but the color and cut and just a train wreck. And her legs look all large and bumpy. tragic

  14. abby

    Is this Pocahontas from ‘Real Chance at Love 2′ ?

  15. BEAM

    “im allowed to say this, because i’m half black, and half chinese.”

    You’re obviously racist toward your black half. No go watch some NASCAR, you anti-Obama racist.

  16. Rhialto

    The bottle design resembles a Siamese Pacman!

  17. Gando

    I like the logo.Good job!

  18. Galtacticus

    Her looks,especially her face,are quite rare.Perfect for selling a product.

  19. Ace Rothstein

    Hey, when did the superficial turn into a commie politics site?

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  21. You know I skipped right over this thinking it was Angelina Jolie. Closer inspection revealed Olivia W. to be quite remarkable. I mistook AJ for Claire Forlani in Wanted, too.

    Those were some weak Beckinsale pics. Wearin’ a sack and some sandals. Phooey.

  22. WHOA! Jackson funeral. I got Barry Bonds mixed up with Gary Glitter for a moment. Yikes!


  23. she looks very elegant..

  24. Her looks,especially her face,are quite rare.Perfect for selling a product.

  25. Would you please look into the eyes, oh my god ….

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  27. kara

    “I am honoured to have been invited to become an ambassador for Escada and the face of their new fragrance,” Wilde said in a release about the exotically fruity fragrance women’s perfume. “For me, Escada represents style, refinement and sensuality. I like to think of myself as being an Escada woman, and I think that the majority of women aspire to these admirable qualities that this perfumes so perfectly represents.”

  28. I like the way your blog looks, way cool.

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  30. - Kate Beckinsale is hot. I don’t say that enough. [PopSugar] <— nobody could say this enough!

  31. what is this girl famous for again?

  32. Oh, it’s just the play. Thank god.

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