Olivia Munn is dead to me

February 8th, 2010 // 72 Comments

Dane Cook posted a picture of himself with Olivia Munn at the Super Bowl yesterday and there’s no way these two aren’t fucking. If you’re dumb enough to be photographed with Dane Cook at the start of your acting career, you’re dumb enough to think his penis will make Chris Pine walk you down the aisle in a fit of jealousy then impregnate you with a boy and a girl – in that order – with British accents who wear pea coats all the time.

NOTE: For every single female reader who feels like I just read their mind, I know who you are and I saw what you did. Mwahahaha!

Photos: Dane Cook, Getty, Splash News

  1. ttom

    i’d fuck her. first?

  2. Ainoah

    First!! mmm Dane makes me gag

  3. Brian

    I’d suck his cock.

  4. Guy Rossi

    What a dumb bitch. Dane Cook? Was Carlos Mencia was taken? She’s not hot either. Never was. I’d do her if she threw it in my face. I don’t think shes anything near hot.

  5. Limpy Dan

    Ogre Face, Small tits, Dumb as a sack of spoiled retards. No thanks.

  6. sledman

    Agreed, not hot. She’s ok looking but certainly not a 10, more of a 7. I’m a guy and she is definitely passed the threshold of “I’d fuck her” and shes kinda famous so I’d tell all my friends too. But Dane, as much of a douche that he is, can get much better. To tell you the truth, if I were him I would continue getting all the mediocre Hollywood trim I can get. Eventually his career will finally be over and he will rise to Scott Bajo status possibly replacing him as fewer and fewer re-runs of Charles in Charge are really starting to Cock Block him.

  7. Bonanno

    Why – the hell – is this girl on the cover of a magazine!!?

  8. green

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  9. Melissa

    This may as well be Jessica Szohr or Jayde Nicole. Which would be right in Dane’s league. What’s with the long face, Fish?

  10. ara

    she is just ‘ok’. or maybe its the bad makeup?

  11. This girl is a cow. She really gives new meaning to the term “butterface.”

  12. Willie Dixon

    If she is dating him, her hotness factor in the Geek set just went down to zero. Geeks don’t like Dane Cook as they are not hipster dusche bags, or generally – females.

    If I saw Ms. Munn by herself at a bar – seriously as a 100% totally infamous average guy that I am – my only thought would be “She’s by herself at a bar because she dated Dane Cook,” and go to the next bar and hope Paris Hilton was there and raid the condom machine in the men’s room.

  13. Really?

    I love the douche bags on here calling her unattractive. Even if she is unattractive, she’s still better looking than you are. But hey, you still have your bitterness and your internet connection, which makes you really special.

  14. fuzzy Tingle Times(NS)

    @14. Unless one of them is Fabio.

  15. Hecubus

    I’m depressed. I mean, I always knew the geek thing was an act but DANE COCK???

  16. Ripper Owens

    This Dane idiot (whomever he is) deserves a Swift kick in the Cock!

  17. Stephanie

    I’m Sorry…. is this girl supposed to be hot?

  18. poopoo

    Dane Cook is the most unfunny comedian around. I don’t understand his hype. Pablo Francisco, Brian Regan, Joey Kola, etc. are much funnier but for some reason are not as rich/famous as this dick. I hope he gets raped.

    As for Munn, like others have said, she is a butterface, Actually no, even her body is not all that great. I’d give her a 6.5 out of 10.

  19. who dat

    She’s a 7.5 until she speaks. Then drops to a 6.0. She is on the downhill slope. It’s going to go bad quickly, just watch. Women are like milk left unrefrigerated. Once the process starts, the shit goes bad…fast

  20. undahpresha

    A couple of phony cunts nearing their 15 minute expiration limit. Disappear already.
    For these fucking nerds that think the phony girl geek schtick is real and are collectively keeping her in the limelight, kindly punch yourselves in the taint. No she will not fuck you nerd.

  21. Johnny on the spot

    A douche with… who the hell is she again? I guess word is getting out about his massive douchebaginess if he’s pulling bottom feeders like her.
    How she made it in maxim I’ll never know. I was under the impression you had to be hot to be in maxim I guess they changed policy and their motto to “Ugly and unkown… no problem we have no standards!”

  22. Ego

    @20 ROFLMAO, it’s funny because it’s true. But she makes me happy in my pants so I’d hit it.

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Okay, I had no idea who this Brit is, so I found him on yourtube in the video called Dane Cook Crying and sat through
    2:26 minutes of it and IT’S NOT FUCKING FUNNY. Not even the same Sun system. Now I’m angry…
    What will I do now, watch some Louis CK to redeem it, or JUST GO BITE SOME BUTTS!

  24. uhhh.. is it just me or does she look about 15 pounds heavier, maybe 20 than on the cover of that MAxim magaszine???



  26. See Alice

    She is hot
    Lately I think she is trying to hard to become “famous”
    Olivia is looking run down .

  27. maxim sucks


  28. maxim sucks


  29. anon

    she’s not dating dane cook.

  30. Banzai

    Anyone who thinks Cook is funny, never wakes up before 10AM, and has their mom still do their laundry. Ain’t no way she’ll fuck the guy.

  31. dancy

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  32. Kate

    So many deluded, self-absorbed douchebags in here, its so funny to read.

  33. Trucker bob

    Wow proof that she doesn’t give a shit what she does as long it gets her out there. Total classless whore. She just wants the popularity and is willing to do anything to get it.
    Not to mention her completely fake personality and her “geek” act. The sad thing is that there are nerds that totally buy her bullshit. Not to mention she isn’t even hot she’s had tree trunks for legs huge hips and her face looks like it was beat for days on end with an ugly stick.
    Her career is going downhill before it ever went uphill.

  34. jackson

    Dane Cook simply took a pic of her and posted on his twitter account. Olivia is private about her relationships and Dane is super private about his relationships. This is just a innocent picture that this site is running with. Seriously people get a freaking life. LIke #30 said THEY ARE NOT DATING.

  35. Kat

    #34 I think you look at too many air-brushed porno pics. Maybe its time to get out and get a girlfriend instead of jerking off to plastic women. Get out a bit and appreciate real women who aren’t stuffed with plastic and rat poison (aka botox) Her legs are not even close to being “tree trunks” either…jesus people’s minds are so warped by the near anorexic ideal.

  36. me

    this is so sad. A simple twitter pic and people go completely nuts. She has been photographed with tons of guys before so do you think she fucked them too. Grow a brain people. The idiot that posted this is nothing but a loser seeking his own claim to fame. I’m almost scared what the internet will be like 5 years from now if this is the kind of stupidity there is now.

  37. jackson

    #37 you’re so right. people want to make this something its not. like i said dane would not have posted this if they were dating.

  38. Trucker Bob

    You’re a fatty aren’t you? Only a fatty would respond with such a butthurt tone. It did make me laugh though thank you for your hypocritical analysis.
    Now quickly go fetch a twinkie before you *GASP* lose some of your precious goo

  39. Kat

    Yeah yeah, keep on blabbering with predicable douchebag responses. You only continue to make yourself look like an idiot.

  40. jackson

    people like himself can’t help it. they were born that way.

  41. sam

    she’s dating Bryan Greenberg… that dude that was in the first couple of seasons of One Tree Hill….

  42. jackson

    #42 bryan greenberg and olivia broke up a while ago. she was dating chris pine until late january. where have you been?

  43. this writer sucks

    this writer sucks. please shut down the site.

  44. bar room hero

    Dane Cook = Douchebag

  45. undahpresha

    #36 has teh skankles me thinks.

  46. neverland

    I`m sorry…but this girl is so OBVIOUSLY star-fucking, it`s not even funny ! She goes to the opening of an envelope just to get photographed and she`s pretty much hooking up with anyone famous enough to get her a step higher up the food chain….I think Chris Pine finally realized and send her packing ! Yikes….there`s too many girls like her in Hollywood…she`s totally been outed here as one of those girls you can call up and she`ll come to your house at any time to f… you.

  47. Seems like I see better looking waitresses in restaurants. Several in one visit actually.
    This Dane Cook pic isn’t helping her.

  48. dloom

    she’s supposed to be hot?

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