Olivia Munn wears leather boots to PETA event

Olivia Munn unveiled her new PETA billboard today where reader David Garrett noticed something odd about Olivia’s footwear:

I went to the PETA Protest today (4/27) in Los Angeles against Circus Elephants featuring Olivia Munn. It appears Olivia is wearing leather boots. I yelled out, “Are those boots leather?” but the PETA people got in my face and said, “This isn’t a leather campaign.” Olivia said, “They’re not,” but I was not allowed to examine the boots.

Ignoring the fact these boots might not be leather, PETA’s response is “This isn’t a leather campaign?” What the? That’s like the Klan inviting black people to protest immigration and saying “Hey, we’re not lynching today.” That’s really the only analogy that works here.

Thanks to David for having the foresight to realize women have feet. I would’ve completely dropped the ball here.

NOTE: PETA’s anti-leather website.

Photos: Splash News
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