Olivia Munn wears leather boots to PETA event

April 27th, 2010 // 193 Comments

Olivia Munn unveiled her new PETA billboard today where reader David Garrett noticed something odd about Olivia’s footwear:

I went to the PETA Protest today (4/27) in Los Angeles against Circus Elephants featuring Olivia Munn. It appears Olivia is wearing leather boots. I yelled out, “Are those boots leather?” but the PETA people got in my face and said, “This isn’t a leather campaign.” Olivia said, “They’re not,” but I was not allowed to examine the boots.

Ignoring the fact these boots might not be leather, PETA’s response is “This isn’t a leather campaign?” What the? That’s like the Klan inviting black people to protest immigration and saying “Hey, we’re not lynching today.” That’s really the only analogy that works here.

Thanks to David for having the foresight to realize women have feet. I would’ve completely dropped the ball here.

NOTE: PETA’s anti-leather website.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Robot

    To the people saying that the boots are real leather are stupid. Firstly lets start with the fact that she said they aren’t leather, second you can’t tell real leather from fake leather from a picture unless it is in such amazing detail and it would still be a problem. I have handle a lot of leather and the only way to truly tell is to feel it.

  2. Robot

    To the people saying that the boots are real leather are stupid. Firstly lets start with the fact that she said they aren’t leather, second you can’t tell real leather from fake leather from a picture unless it is in such amazing detail and it would still be a problem. I have handle a lot of leather and the only way to truly tell is to feel it.

  3. Dread not

    @ 50

    While she’s at it, she can give up her faux acting/hosting career, too.

  4. lissa

    I am a vegetarian (please don’t hate me!) and I try to buy as much fake leather, or leather alternatives when it comes to foot wear and purses as possible. I’ve seen a lot of fake leathers out there, and either Olivia’s boots are an extremely high end, real-looking example of faux leather which I have never in all my years of vegetarianism seen before, or Olivia isn’t all that hard core into vegan/ vegetarianism (which is fine) and made a mistake in her shoe choice for this event, and is lying to not seem like an ass. I suspect the latter in this case.

    Ps. Who is Olivia Munn?? I am Canadian and have never seen her before, other than on gossip sites!

  5. gen



  6. I saw the boots up close and I call bullshit on Olivia’s “faux leather” claim.

    However, if Olivia will submit her boots to an objective third party i.e. a legitimate news organization for “faux leather verification”, I will apologize for making an issue out of it and make a donation to PETA.

    Otherwise, she owes of all us an apology for being a hypocrite while helping PETA force its radical agenda on the rest of us.

  7. xx

    PETA probably doesn’t care because they are more concerned with her name, image and celebrity status. That matters more to them and their campaign. She probably could have showed up with a bucket of KFC and they wouldn’t have cared.

  8. Anonymous

    Eww…she has the face of a 90-year old asian man

  9. Lil

    Maybe they’re Pleather……*cough* whore *cough*

  10. Lil

    Maybe they’re Pleather……*cough* whore *cough*

  11. Olivia Munn look so fabulous in this leather jacket.She is so beautiful.I am big fan of her.she is so nice.

  12. Jimmy Fury

    @23, First: there’s no such thing as “effectively endagered” something is either endangered or it’s not. It’s a specific classification with guidelines for its use. Asian Elephants *are* endangered but African Elephants are “near threatened” which is not endangered at all.

    Second: As for Petakillsanimals.com it doesn’t matter who runs the site. Yes they are a biased source. However, the information can be confirmed by other sources. They aren’t providing first-party info they’re simply relaying information from others therefore their biases are irrelevant to the validity of their argument.
    To clarify, i’m a raging homo liberal who is all for fighting animal cruelty and sticking it to the man (hee) but I think it’s insane how people refuse to do research and instead will just blindly follow anyone who says something that sounds pretty.

  13. eatme

    @Jimmy Fury
    I did say “effectively endagered” for good reason:
    First, I was not specific about the species:some are “endangered” proper, and som are not.
    Second, “endagered” is a very specific type to protection. I am sure you know this. I am also sure you understand that we live in a world of politics, special interest groups, lobby groups, poachers, tourists, climate change, pollution, drying up african lakes, war, uncertain future, etc, etc. and most importantly, incompetent government(s).

    If you accept that the “endangered” label adequately protects a species against the knowns and unknowns above, then you are a simple man. The numbers of these animals are now shockingly low and we do not know what the future holds. So thank you very much for getting all technical (I knew someone would) which is WHY I fucking said EFFECTIVELY.

    Anyway, some facts/numbers:
    “In 1930, there were between 5 and 10 million African elephants. By 1979, there were 1.3 million. In 1989, when they were added to the international list of the most endangered species, there were about 600,000 remaining, less than one percent of their original number.

    Asian elephants were never as abundant as their African cousins, and today they are even more endangered than African elephants. At the turn of the century, there were an estimated 200,000 Asian elephants. Today there are probably no more than 35,000 to 40,000 left in the wild.”

    Re. petakillsanimals.com. I think that it can not be denied that the FACT that this site is run by KFC and other such companies instantly destroys their credibility. The site posts the numbers with absolutely no context. peta in fact provides euthanasia services for both residents and shelters. It does not provide sheltering services or adoption services. So were the animals it killed adoptable? Ummm, go the pound and watch how many less than perfect animals get adopted. Or do some research on north carolina, where peta is very active, regarding it’s percentages of animals killed vs human population and how inhumanely they are too often killed. The fact is that it is the stupid, irresponsible pet owners mess that peta has to clean up after.

    Do i like peta? again, no. Their celebrity endorsements are ridiculous, but is that a reason in itself to slam a compassionate organization that does a lot of good for animals? So maybe talk shit about peta while you pound back a few KFC bucket o’ wings ’cause that surely would not be ridiculous.

  14. Leather boots or not, I must say, Olivia looks pleasantly mediocre in these pics.

  15. God, this is more than inappropriate. Is it really sure these are real leather boots? I mean they look like leather but these days there are really good fake products. It’s just hard to believe it!

  16. Nero

    These.are.very.nice.looking.boots. Latex?

  17. Carlos

    What’s the big deal? Munn is just another Hollywood moron who regurgitates what she’s told. She tries so hard to be cool and original, but she’s just like every other stupid cunt-at the end of the day, she needs to be part of the pack.

  18. asdf


  19. Starmaker

    Healthy looking girl with hot looks.Great motor skill.Her career is quite in the lift.

  20. Darth

    A multi-talented girl. .

  21. captain america

    that’s the deal:
    ………….FUCK PETA!!

  22. Nature

    Thanks a lot! For all what you’ve done for me! I’d forgive you eventually for the leather boots.Because after all aren’t plants living things as well?

  23. Nature

    The bushes and the trees are my hair.The land and water are my skin.The animals are keeping my hair trimmed and my land moisterized.The humans? These are the crabs and fleas,causing an unbearable itch from time to time.

  24. Matrim

    @ 47>

    1) There is a significant difference between elephants and cows, and exploitation is a relative term.

    2) Whether or not those boots are leather or faux, they are perpetuating a style that involves exploiting animals (something a PETA supporter should be concerned with).

    3) It’s highly HIGHLY debatable that going vegan is better for you. But the real bitch of it is that you’re implying that we shouldn’t “exploit” animals in any way. Which means (unless you’re a hypocrite) you’re opposed to using animals for scientific research. Sorry, but that makes you a weapons-grade douche-bottle. Without animal experimentation we have no medical research. PETA doesn’t like that (you know, except for all the people in the organization that takes part in the benefits reaped from that research). I can deal with people not wanting to eat meat, I support opposition to cruelty, but I draw the line at scientific research. You bitch about that, and you’re officially a big sack of fuck-wit.

  25. Thanks a lot! For all what you’ve done for me! I’d forgive you eventually for the leather boots.Because after all aren’t plants living things as well?

  26. Sophie

    Poor girl she look life a B**** even when she’s smiling

  27. Sophie

    Poor girl she look life a B**** even when she’s smiling

  28. KIKI

    Do you remember when Jessica Alba went on a rant on Oklahoma about saving the sharks? This reminds me of that.

  29. that is hilarious.. leather at a pita event. yea, she really supports their efforts.. bahahahah

  30. Pat C.

    I suspected she was wearing leather panties, but security refused to let me examine them.

  31. tom j

    I used to fap to olivia with no way to stop it. thanks to this article i’ve been able to disengage from such barbaric practices and decided to become a monk. Oh, but monks are probably vegetarian or something gay like that. Back to fapping..

  32. Natalie

    PETA is totally full of crap. And this is coming from someone who was raised vegetarian, and spent a year as a vegan. They claim to be against animal testing, but the Vice President of PETA is diabetic and takes insulin, which was developed using animal testing. Talk about hypocrisy. If she didn’t take the insulin, she would die. Also, they kill most of the dogs and cats they take in.

    More about PETA on Penn and Teller’s Bullshit here:


  33. eatme

    read the other comments before you post,
    peta kills animals because that is a service they provide. they do not provide sheltering or adoption services. a sad fact of life is that animals need to be put down, and peta have the facilities to do it.

  34. eatme

    …and animal testing is complex issue.
    Is animal testing necessary or simply more cost effective? Do bio-tech/pharmaceutical companies really have you convinced that there is no other way? Their profit margins say otherwise. And “animal testing” is not all the same, just as India’s Vivo BioTech Ltd. which is opening up shop in Malaysia simply because there is NO regulations on animal testing there. That’s cool with you?

  35. eatme

    please consider how ridiculous it is to refer people to a penn and teller video for factual information. More ridiculous even than Olivia Munn campaigning nude for elephant rights.

  36. NATURE

    Isn’t “vegetarion” and old Indian word for “lousy hunter”?

  37. NATURE

    Isn’t “vegetarion” and old Indian word for “lousy hunter”?

  38. your momma

    leather why not peta doesnt do anything any ways its all for show and money do you really think olivia believes in peta or just the pay check?

  39. Don’t forget the other blatant hypocrisy at work here…she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere career-wise without donning the kneepads and EATING TUBESTEAK.

  40. NYC

    I guess this is why Chris Pine dumped Olivia. She isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.

  41. woof

    Looks like a wannabe Shania Twain…cept not as cool and Shania eats good wholsome beef.

  42. Katie

    I own those boots. They are made by Dolce Vita. And they are real leather.

  43. Elle

    Total butterface. Looks like the female Jon Gosselin.

  44. high flyer

    all of this controversy has brought back some painful memories – after i was born my mother, who was a circus performer, was treated abominably by both the circus management and many of the other performers simply because she was trying to protect me from their taunts and harassment because i was “different” – finally, she was taken away from me and kept in chains – and do you know who had leather boots? that motherfucking ringmaster!

  45. FibreWax

    The last time I talked to Olivia she told me that she comes on this site from time to time.
    She said that when she read all of these hurtful comments they made her cry.
    Nice going, people.

  46. Apostate

    Wearing leather boots to a PETA pow-wow makes about as much sense as cursing a blue streak in a public library. With a megaphone.

  47. katie

    good god how embarrassing, i mean what a fool. seriously.

  48. Apostate

    This is akin to cursing a blue streak into a megaphone at the public library after walking past the “Silence” sign.

  49. yummyleadpaintchips

    PETA = people eating tasty animals :) I looked at all these pics totally missing the fact that she had leather boots on just looking at her beauty eh … well cuteness anyway after I realized she had leather boots on I realized she’s just another paid celebrity who saw one video and became an advocate for animals. and what does getting naked and elephants have to do with one another … it seems a little bit of a sell out … aka whorish. Oliva I loved you on G4 but now you’re just another dumb celebrity :( in my defense I had just woken up when I saw these pics normally Im more observant!

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