Olivia Munn wears leather boots to PETA event

April 27th, 2010 // 193 Comments

Olivia Munn unveiled her new PETA billboard today where reader David Garrett noticed something odd about Olivia’s footwear:

I went to the PETA Protest today (4/27) in Los Angeles against Circus Elephants featuring Olivia Munn. It appears Olivia is wearing leather boots. I yelled out, “Are those boots leather?” but the PETA people got in my face and said, “This isn’t a leather campaign.” Olivia said, “They’re not,” but I was not allowed to examine the boots.

Ignoring the fact these boots might not be leather, PETA’s response is “This isn’t a leather campaign?” What the? That’s like the Klan inviting black people to protest immigration and saying “Hey, we’re not lynching today.” That’s really the only analogy that works here.

Thanks to David for having the foresight to realize women have feet. I would’ve completely dropped the ball here.

NOTE: PETA’s anti-leather website.

Photos: Splash News

  1. JimmyJazz

    Great… now ugly is working for stupid.

  2. kintertak

    Cow for sure. The leather boots that is…

  3. Shes looking great that diet is working fab!

  4. Shes looking great that diet is working fab!

  5. ELH

    I think David Garrett has a secret foot fetish… He just wanted to be able to handle some shoes and wank the night away.

  6. kintertak

    cow for sure. The leather that is.

  7. PETA sucks ass. Everyone knows it. Did you know that PETA kills 299 out of 300 dogs they take in? Don’t take my word for it, read below:


    Spread the word. Peta is hypocrisy incarnate.

  8. justifiable

    Besides, the boots were dead when she got there.

  9. rob frost

    That’s the problem with the world at the moment.. so much hypocracy flying around like people focussing on whale or dolphin killing on the other side of the world and right in their back yard there are massive factories of death with cows, chickens etc.

  10. Valerie

    Just proves chicks do the PETA thing for attention, no surprise to the hypocrisy

  11. derek

    she’s got the typical big asian head. don’t likey likey.

  12. RogueWriter

    I’d just love for someone to ask Olivia on camera what organization euthanizes the most animals per year worldwide. One, I bet she doesn’t know it’s PETA. And two, just to see the expression on the dumb skank’s face when they tell her.

  13. Dread not

    The leather boots at a PETA event are bad enough. Olivia probably has a dildo in her panties drawer made of ivory.

  14. Deacon Jones

    @11 Yes, but her va-jay probably tastes better

    And wow. Leather boots to PETA rally. Isn’t she supposed to be a smart nerd and not some dumb airhead.

  15. Photoshop Police

    Peta = Hypocrisy.

  16. calm down

    Umm… Everyone calm down for a second. This story depends on what someone says about “the PETA people”. Even if it’s accurate that someone who works with PETA said that, I doubt it’s their official position. Hell, it might have even just been a joke.

  17. Jesse James

    I love PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). Meat is good! Vegetables are what food eats!

  18. Tek

    FUCK PETA, you sausage jockeys!

  19. lola

    right on #7, 12 and 15!!
    #13, LMAO.
    Peta sucks.

    I love animals. They are delicious.

    Just kidding. Im a veggie, and I still hate Peta.

  20. Jay Popeski

    Vegetarians are the most evil group in America. If i found out my son was a veg I’d slap some sense into him.

  21. more munn?

    Over her.

  22. eatme

    …well, let me first say that I am a vegetarian…
    anyway, wanting to protect elephants and willing to wear leather (if they even really are leather) are 2 totally fucking different things. Elephants are effectively endangered and are infinitely more intelligent, social and sensitive than cows are. The first thing morons do to anyone with a conscience is inspect them for any “fault”. Do people not understand the concept of moderation? Is it all or nothing?
    “What, you eat trout? Well fuck, why don’t you just go eat a dolphin then? Or a mermaid?”
    Fucking retards.
    PS dipshit, petakillsanimals.com is run by Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), which was started by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Are people fucking stoopid? peta is lame for using hollywood starlets to further their cause, but if you think that peta exists to kill animals, you are a brainwashed moron.

  23. RoboZombie

    “Leather comes from COWS???”
    DUH….stooopid cow.

  24. Jay Popeski

    God didn’t say “thou shalt have dominion over a pink wad of tofu.”

  25. David Garrett

    Calm Down,

    The “PETA person” who said “This isn’t a leather campaign” was an organizer in a PETA shirt who was standing beside me. Other news reporters heard the statement and got it on camera. It didn’t sound like a joke. I think they were kind of pissed off that I asked the question a couple of times until someone acknowledged it.

    • stwild

      Good for you David…I always wonder how many of these Hollywood airheads who support Peta have leather pocketbooks, boots, etc.

  26. PETA is nothing more than a moneymaking non-profit that suckers in dumb, ignorant celebutards like Olivia Munn and uses them to get more dumb, ignorant celebutard wannabes to give them more money to support their lavish lifestyles.

    I happen to know someone who knows someone who works for PETA who is always bragging about the sushi parties and all expense paid trips to five star resorts that PETA pays for with donations from retards.

    Like I said earlier today, let’s put Olivia Munn in a crate, shock her with cattle prods and beat her like a redheaded stepchild while teaching her to dance naked on balls.

    It’s only fair.



  27. Deacon Jones

    Thanks for the update David Garrett

    (rolls eyes, gets back to looking for free ATM porn sites)

  28. Capt Paul


  29. Capt Paul


  30. ddpalmer

    There is also a YouTube video of her on her show in Japan eating endangered whale.

  31. notleather

    I can’t believe they wouldn’t let you examine Olivia’s boots.

  32. David Garrett

    No worries, Deacon. Just keeping the world safe for meat eaters. In fact, I went to Fatburger (in background) for a Triple King right after exposing the hypocrisy.

  33. zapato

    @ ELH – Anyone who knows David knows that he is very open about his foot fetish. It’s his fetish for elephants dancing on balls that is a secret. Oops. Was a secret.

  34. zapato

    @ ELH – Anyone who knows David knows that he is very open about his foot fetish. It’s his fetish for elephants dancing on balls that is a secret. Oops. Was a secret.

  35. David Garrett

    and then I went to the zoo and dropped a bucket of rat poison into the elephant kennel. I am NO hypocrite: shit, if I’m going to eat at Fat Burger, I might as well kill me some baby elephants.

  36. zapato

    @ ELH – Anyone who knows David knows that he is very open about his foot fetish. It’s his fetish for elephants dancing on balls that is a secret. Oops. Was a secret.

  37. zapato

    @ ELH – Anyone who knows David knows that he is very open about his foot fetish. It’s his fetish for elephants dancing on balls that is a secret. Oops. Was a secret.

  38. zapato

    @ ELH – Anyone who knows David knows that he is very open about his foot fetish. It’s his fetish for elephants dancing on balls that is a secret. Oops. Was a secret.

  39. Tony

    Some of my neighbors raise Angus cattle, really beautiful animals. But you not going to save any cows by giving up leather shoes.

  40. Arska

    You’re not lynching today? Well I AM!

  41. JN

    What gives the crank the idea he can go around “examining” people’s shoes?

  42. Mike

    Fish just now figures out that all liberals are hypocrites…

  43. being Rough, in a classless world

    Who needs to pay attention to details when you’re on a fast track to being famous? By the way, she wasn’t hit by a parked car at this rally was she?

  44. eatme

    Mike just now figures out that he has tunnel vision and lives in a black and white, us vs. them world of “liberals” and “conservatives”

  45. alex

    I know this is an entertainment site, but….

    There is no difference between cows and elephants and we should not exploit either. That being said, we don’t know if these boots are leather or faux, and we don’t know who that person who said “this is not a leather protest” was. She/he could have been an agent provocateur (and the fact the she/he was wearing a Peta t-shirt means nothing).

    Although, I do agree that Peta should have chosen someone better to represent them in this campaign.

    Go vegan, it is better for you, for the planet and for the animals.

  46. eatme

    there certainly is a difference between cows and elephants. and there is a difference between humans and elephants. and there is a difference between cats and dogs. if there was no difference, then we would all be eating elephants. and eating dolphins. and eating people from the 3rd world.

  47. RebelMinion

    I don’t get the Munn lovers. She may be a great date, but good Lord, she does not have enough talent or hotness to power a rock.

  48. Rossco

    Her twitter update:
    Faux Leather Boots? Maybe a bad idea for Peta unveiling. Sorry for controversy. Ill take off my faux bald eagle jacket now too.

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