Olivia Munn tells Wonder Woman to ‘suck it’

December 22nd, 2009 // 92 Comments

Olivia Munn’s issue of MYMAG apparently contains a preview for her upcoming book “Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek” and wait a minute. Hold on. Olivia Munn took precious time away from standing around in a bikini to write a book? — Excuse me while I light the entire publishing industry on fire. And I’m not talking about my latest manuscript “World War II Veteran Takes 500 Pages to Punch a Horse.” (Random House, call me.)

Photos: MYMAG

  1. roman


  2. yammerskooner

    I have no issues with this woman’s face.

  3. Drew

    She’s disgusting, and I have pretty low standards.

  4. Nina

    That’s a body that needs to be covered with jizz!

  5. jkhjkh

    only an absolute idiot would not find her attractive.

  6. T. Park


  7. Ego

    Now this is my kind of Geek! Does anyone know if her book has bikini pics?

  8. snore

    she’s an attractive girl and all but i really think she needs to get over being the ‘geek’ hottie. it’s just not that impressive. move on olivia.

  9. Mandi

    I adore Olivia! She is a great spokes-babe for us geek gals. Proof that we can be geeky AND hot. When I grow up, I want to be just like her – paid to wear shirts from the baby gap with no bra!

  10. she def. learned what a guy likes by hosting a geek show all that time.

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  12. Shes very in this shoot

  13. errrr

    Body of a goddess…face of butter. I’d hit it with a paper bag over her head.

  14. No clue why this website gives her such shit. True, she can sound stuck-up at times, but let’s face it: she’s gorgeous, and she likes video games. You twats would KILL to sleep with her, lights on even. All you “oh her face is ugly” mincers would never even have a shot with her or anyone nearly as beautiful as her anyway, so what are you whining about? Quit lying, you’re not fooling anyone.

  15. havoc

    She’s completely bangable.

    But who the hell is she?



  16. Ari Ola

    Her lips were made for sucking!

  17. Ari Ola

    Her lips were made for sucking and she can suck me off anytime!!!

  18. Drew


    Or people that don’t consider mediocrity hot simply because she shares the same anti-social interests as you.

    Not to mention, her personality is absolute garbage.

  19. hilhihHI

    olivia munn is a bright woman with more personality than most, but me thinks that ultimately she made her career pandering to horny nerds by wearing next to nothing most of the time. truthfully, she just hasn’t really done much that anyone other than the ultra nerd (I’m one of them) has ever seen. Me thinks she will do anything to be famous.

  20. James

    ahaha 15

    I like how you imply that a girl playing video games somehow makes her more attractive. Haha. Such pathetic lives you kids live.

    I’m sure if you continue being an internet tough guy anonymously insulting posters on a random blog, you’ll have more of a chance railing her than the rest of us, right? Sure you will big guy.

  21. who dat

    Oliva is hotter when she doesn’t speak. Her mouth was made to suck, not talk.

  22. eh

    5 – call me an idiot. she looks like a blackish jewish man in the face.

  23. Megan Fox's stubby thumbs

    Man she’s hot. Thankfully I don’t know who she is and I’ve never heard her talk. From some peoples post, I guess it would have ruined it for me.

    I would would motorboat her ass!

  24. @19 says the guy overcompensating for never getting laid

  25. superALEX

    wait she can even speak? i guess i waste too much time starring at her chest

  26. Olivia, no offence but these photos came out terrible. Miko Lim was a poor choice for photographer.more sexy pictures click my name~~~

  27. JD

    I’m bored with the tease now, tits or GTFO.

  28. gen

    Who the fuck is going to read that? I want celebrities to keep well clear of books. I saw a biography of Robert Pattinson at the book store and another of Brangelina and it just made me fucking mad. It’s all fine to talk about them online, but to me putting them in print is somehow sacrilegious.

  29. ShoottoThrill

    She’s a dipshit if she thinks she’s the only hot “geek”. Erin Robinson (aka Ivy) is WAY HOTTER and she’s an independent game programmer. Nothing that Olivia dipshit Munn can top in terms of “hot geekiness”.

  30. Look at those luscious lips and eyes, she looks gorgeous and is flaunting her beauty. Nice hair color too.

  31. Hecubus

    That’s weird, I’m halfway through writing a book titled, ‘Suck it, Olivia Munn’. Well, it’s not so much a book as crudely drawn pornographic comic book made hard and yellow through multiple coats of dried semen.

    On a more serious note she really really really really really really really really really really really needs to stop teasing and give us some nipple action. I’m not trying to say all women should be treated like pieces of meat and forced to get naked for our pleasure but if you’re going to tease this much you’re pretty much writing cheques you’re gonna have to cash eventually.

  32. D

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  33. truth be told

    He looks like my cousin from Guatemala.

  34. huh?

    Who the fuck is this ugly chick with the nice rack? Why is did she “write” a book?

  35. Megan Fox's stubby thumbs


  36. jim eh

    SEX OBJECT, that’s all I see, as long as bitches act that way they’ll get no respect from me, geeky AND hot, gimme a break. So now gimme a blowjob then make me a sandwich and shut the fuck up bitch.

  37. Katie

    HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! This stupid bitch thinks she’s a geek b/c she’s on G4 and she speaks bad Japanese? Shut the fuck up bitch. Welcome to tru ge3kdom when you’ve been playing Nintendo since u were 5 and you actually KNOW some legit Japanese u stupid dumbass bitch. Wonder woman could kick your ass. BLACK CAT could kick your ass for that matter. GODDAMMIT I HATE THIS UGLY CUNT!!!!! SHE IS FUG!

  38. froufrou

    this chick is OVERRATED!!! i dont hear about her ANYWHERE other than this site.

  39. fr

    shes too insistent on the “im a geek” and “im really a badass, look at how i talk” persona. eh. not hot.

  40. Nate

    over rated.

  41. Julie

    Who is this ass and why does she do nothing but pose in bikinis? Is she a Kardashian?

  42. v tard


    Well then I am PROUD to be an idiot.

  43. vix

    she’s a host on “attack of the show”
    on the g4 channel, for gamers.

  44. Martha Jill

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  46. laryhanis

    Its a very nice hot and sexy video,i like this video,i am very impresed to see this video.she is very quit and beautifull.

  47. Milandir

    Hey 38, jealous?

    She was raised in Japan, so your “ou actually KNOW some legit Japanese u stupid dumbass bitch.” comment probably was not your finest moment.

    She did not grow up a video game player, something she has admitted to, but she was a legit comic book fan.

  48. Milandir

    Hey 38, jealous?

    She was raised in Japan, so your “ou actually KNOW some legit Japanese u stupid dumbass bitch.” comment probably was not your finest moment.

    She did not grow up a video game player, something she has admitted to, but she was a legit comic book fan.

  49. Jamie

    Never heard of her……. Just don’t care…….. I’ve moved on……… Over.

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