Olivia Munn seducing forest creatures. Why not?

March 22nd, 2010 // 114 Comments

Showing almost exactly the same amount of skin as her Playboy spread, here’s Olivia Munn in the April/May issue of Complex which finally caters to the People Who Want to Bang the Entire Cast of Bambi demographic. There’s more of us them than you think.

NOTE: If Olivia Munn signed off on the beaver shot, she’s redeemed for banging Dane Cook.

Photos: Complex

  1. JamesToselandisGay

    She is actually kinda of ugly. Hot body, fugly face. I said it.

  2. jer


  3. Gigs

    I would let her shit in my face.

  4. Sebastien

    She has an alright face, but her body is kind of meh. I think a lot of geeks are going to look at these pictures and think they have a shot.

  5. JDN311

    I would!!! Her… not the animals! HAHAHA!

  6. frankw

    Come on. Not, hot.

  7. dUdE


  8. mb511

    um. i dont know if its just me. but i would be pretty pissed if this was me…its like bedknobs and broom sticks on land. in my opinion there is nothing hot about bed knob and broomsticks ( i like the movie, dont get me wrong). i bet an 8th grader could produce better pictures then this garbage. just my opinion. not that it matters.

  9. Darrel Cordova

    my grandma called- she wants her green panties back…WTF?

  10. Footclan

    Yah…I really don’t find her hot either.

  11. lol


  12. Munky

    Meh body, Not so good face, this chick is slightly below average at best, plus fakes being geeky for attention. Not my thing, she’s Nine-Iron.

  13. Long asses are in for 2010.


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  15. TVD

    I can already hear the vore enthusiasts masturbating to pic #7.

  16. angryINCH

    post-op tranny can’t smile for shite

  17. Wow, the ravishing beauty who keeps G4 from going belly-up is showing her stuff! The noassitol is amazing, and the shot of only her legs is truly revolutionary – who wouldn’t want a giant serpent to swallow this disease-bag whole??
    Although there are dozens of girls in your local mall that blow her away, she is out there, shining her light on all of us. Bravo! You have set the bar for butterfaces everywhere…butterfaces with no ass or tits, that is! The distractions of all the other crap in this photoset effectively distracts.


  18. plas

    god damn. imagine that face in 10 years time

  19. DKNY

    Picture #2 – nice beaver!

  20. gen

    Granny panties

  21. gen

    Hey, nice comment Randal!

  22. turd da third

    Da Turd’s got a big black Mambo she can play with..:)

  23. Thank you for sharing out

  24. Thank you for sharing out







  26. sledman

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….. Decent, average but not hot. Certainly not worthy of all the attention she gets.

  27. Danny

    I’ve never said it, but I will now: Smart, sexy, smokin’ hot. Worth every speck of attention she gets.

  28. froufrou

    i really dont see what the big deal is with olivia munn and why shes “famous.” she has no wow factor– body-wise and face-wise. and even when i watched her on video, it seemed like she was trying too hard to be down to earth or even trying hard to be your next door badass. But, i DO think the shoot is creative. i could care less about her, but i give credit to complex for always coming up with something fresh. its different and the drawings arent meant to be top notch rococo art. It’s a fun concept.

  29. nasharti

    The way she dressed up she can definitely seduce any creature .

  30. The way she dressed up she can definitely seduce any creature

  31. Objac

    Is she naked? No? Pass.

    She’s pretty, but annoying as fuck. Alison Haislip is going to take her job within a year or two.

  32. MikeCrazy

    She’s just a typical Asian girl with no ASS!

  33. MikeCrazy

    Alison Haislip drives me crazy. I think she is fucking fine and I love her attitude.

  34. Ripper Owens

    Who the hell is olivia mun

    If she was his daughter, Michael Lohan would be all over that! I hear he and his daughters did scat together?

  35. Wha?

    Who’s the Plain Jane?

  36. i really dont see what the big deal is with olivia munn and why shes “famous.” she has no wow factor– body-wise and face-wise

  37. Sport

    I always thought she was hot. Not sure why, I dont disagree with those that say she is plain. Something about her.

  38. dustin

    she gave the best head in high school..and she new it..other girls were jealous how there bf would dump them in heart beat for chance to get bj from her in car… good ol. days

  39. Wow man! She is looking dam hot in that sexy outfit as she is having . Simply stunning beauty with that half apple and Python . Other photos are also very nicely captured. I just love the way she is standing and looking. Good going..!

  40. Oh yes, shame on her for having some class and not spreading her labia for the world to see, Fish.

  41. She comes off as a chick that thinks she’s really hot, but isn’t really.

  42. Olivia Munn for me is the most beautiful woman. Everyone what’s you opinion. Everyone has their own opinions about if they’re beautiful or not, but I think everyone’s beautiful in their own ways.
    Joliese Tan

  43. shittin condoms

    I would fuck the living shit out of her but she has no ass :\

  44. Rhialto

    a) Did a 12-year old kid make this post?
    b) The Walt Disney Company started out with a trial sponsorship?

  45. fantastic styling, it has to be done by top drop outs from fashion school.

  46. who dat

    She is nothing special

  47. ffff

    Do not want.

  48. she can play with my snake anytime!

  49. RtSS

    I was going to say, ‘Granny Panties’ and I actually threw-up in my mouth just a bit, due to picture #1. But then I saw it was a bathing suit. That’s “Ok”, although I have to rinse the vomit taste out of my mouth. Image #4 has a bit to much HARE between her legs. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha… Damn, I slay myself some times. Finally, I’d hit that hard and deep with my schlong. She would be a good wild ride, and I am sure I could make her scream and whimper with special attention to her poopchute.

  50. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride

    What is she planning to hang those in her living room? I don’t even know who this is, unless she turn around and show her ill- gotten gains’s imprint thus the identification…Silly broad!

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