Olivia Munn is single

January 19th, 2010 // 61 Comments

Olivia Munn is no longer setting Chris Pine’s penis to “stun,” according to People:

Though they kept things private while dating this fall, Star Trek star Chris Pine and actress Olivia Munn have ended their romance, PEOPLE has confirmed.
The two kept their distance at the NY Times Style Magazine’s Golden Globes cocktail party on Friday at the Chateau Marmont penthouse in West Hollywood. A source later told PEOPLE they’ve split up.

This new just proves how committed of a method actor Chris Pine is as he preps for the Star Trek sequel. In fact, he’s probably banging a hamster and pretending it’s a Tribble as we speak. “Kirk doesn’t commit, baby. Now step aside, that toaster’s giving me the eye. I mean, Romulan toaster. Romulan.

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  1. Norton's Girl

    @48 Would you cut the Chip Chipperson bit out… people actually think I fuck *that* guy. LOL I hate Chip.

  2. asddd

    Dress fits in a horrible way. next

  3. hineliyaa

    I hear complaints that Olivia Munn isn’t worthy of being on the network show AOTS (Attack of the Show). I think she’s cool but what reasons do fans of the network have for wanting to have her replaced? It seems to me that she tends to be singled out more…I don’t hear the same complaints about hosts like Kristin Holt or Layla Kayleigh.

  4. kylerwu

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  6. God of Thunder

    Boring Face.

    The only thing attractive about her is the word “VODKA” behind her.

  7. James

    Olivia is flat chested as anyone can be in real life. She uses padded bras and pushes and tapes her boobs to create the massive cleavage you sometimes see on her. So if you’re excited about her boobs…..don’t get too excited. They aren’t there.

  8. Bruno Sardine

    I’m with #9. I had it in my head that that was the Olivia from “House” and was thinking “what happened to this girl?”. Then I realized I was thinking of Olivia Wilde, and then immediately thought “Well then who the F is this????” IMDB told me she was “Girl #1″ in “Scarecrow Gone Wild”. Good! (I never watched AOTS)

    Amazes me how people become famous seemingly on a whim.

    But I will admit… she’s better than anything I’ve ever had!

  9. The Claw

    I’m with #42. As I said before, any of you fools (in real life) would drag your balls through three miles of broken glass just to see where this chick pissed, and you’re acting like she’s some ugly hag? PL-EEEE-ASE!!! Not one of you could bag this chick on your best day!

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