Olivia Munn is single

January 19th, 2010 // 61 Comments

Olivia Munn is no longer setting Chris Pine’s penis to “stun,” according to People:

Though they kept things private while dating this fall, Star Trek star Chris Pine and actress Olivia Munn have ended their romance, PEOPLE has confirmed.
The two kept their distance at the NY Times Style Magazine’s Golden Globes cocktail party on Friday at the Chateau Marmont penthouse in West Hollywood. A source later told PEOPLE they’ve split up.

This new just proves how committed of a method actor Chris Pine is as he preps for the Star Trek sequel. In fact, he’s probably banging a hamster and pretending it’s a Tribble as we speak. “Kirk doesn’t commit, baby. Now step aside, that toaster’s giving me the eye. I mean, Romulan toaster. Romulan.

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  2. Grand Dragon

    I fucked her behind Pine’s back, causing the break up.

  3. 2st

    …and looks like a man

  4. I.P. Freely


  5. Christina Hendrick's titty veins

    2nd fail

  6. Lesserloo

    As I said before….I think she’s ugly!

  7. boop*

    She looks like a watered down megan fox

  8. browser

    lol @ #5′s name

  9. Ralph

    Is it me or are lot of Hollywood “Stars” starting to look alike? This picture could have been labeled “Megan Fox”.

  10. Keith

    I’m attracted to her lucious cans – and that’s about it. Her legs – awful. Her face – ordinary. I guess her hair would be great to grab as you ram her from behind.

  11. DAMN! I don’t think I play enough of the video games to bag this chick, but she’s SMOKIN’!

    But even she couldn’t resist watching Agent Jack Bowser track down the Underwear Bomber (hilarious!):


  12. wizzle

    those flowers on that dress kinda make it look like her tits are pointed different directions

  13. showalter

    She was dating Kirk????

    @ 11 — LOLZ “The threat… is biological!”

  14. kris

    can someone please explain to me why shes considered good looking???

  15. Jill

    #14 – her can are AWESOME. Men love the titays!!!

  16. ufromthefuture

    @14 – I guess it’s just personal taste. I for one find her to be drop-dead gorgeous. Plus guys seem to like that she can casually talk about video games, her vagina, and stories from the set of Iron Man 2 all in the same breath.

  17. See Alice

    WOW Her rack has grown ! Maybe it’s just bra technology ?

  18. Willie Dixon

    @16 – perfectly explained. Sure you *could* find hotter women on this site and on the internet, but she is drama free and her, gasp, personality, is what makes her hotter. Other hot chicks are a crap shoot and prob high maintenance. She’s just someone you’d actually want to take for breakfast the next morning and hang out with.

  19. Sport

    I think she is hot because she is ‘normal’ looking and her personality makes her hotter.

  20. Dura

    God what I wouldn’t do to taste her ass.
    More wondering the things I would have to do in order to be able to do that.

    *note to self, pick up more rope*

  21. Extreme

    I don’t get the hype with her. Her face looks waaaaaay to boyish for my liking. Not saying i wouldn’t bang her, but she isn’t as hot as everyone acts like. Her face is extremely average, her body is only slightly above.

  22. Extreme

    I don’t get the hype with her. Her face looks waaaaaay to boyish for my liking. Not saying i wouldn’t bang her, but she isn’t as hot as everyone acts like. Her face is extremely average, her body is only slightly above.


    She looks way hotter on tv than in these pictures. Here she looks rather manly.

  24. gotmilk?

    Fish, this average looking hag we be pretty much unknown if it wasn’t for your obsession with her. and even then, i’m not really sure what she does besides apparently being single.

  25. quackenbush

    if she were jewish, korean jewish, OMG she’d be the ultimate get.

  26. If you’re going to point fingers and lay blame, it’s the arseholios behind the fence who trump those on the red carpet. Then again, it’s a philosophical question. Which came first? The attention or the whore?

  27. quake


  28. Vinnie the Chin.

    Her boobs look good here.

  29. The Claw

    You fools crack me up… every guy on here calling this hottie ‘ugly’ would have to give her everything you own just to get her to spit on you! I’m SO SURE you would kick this UGLY chick to the curb… you’re way too good for her!

  30. bros

    she’s basically really ugly. she has snarly lips, no neck, and a manly face. she also looks dirty. she looked super ugly in that bikini photoshoot in maxim or GQ recently. i do not see what men see in her. her boobs are only average.

  31. Keithypoo

    Giggity. Giggity. Giggity giggity giggity giggity. MINE!

  32. Photoshop Police


  33. Pig dung

    I think she is lovely and smart and cool all in one package. And sexy though she does not push that. She is real and does not need to whore herself out to scum like you low lives that read this trash. Self included.
    Score: 10!
    (I think half the guys here are fags anyway, no offense)

  34. Parker

    Olivia’s an anal only girl so if you read this baby, call me. I got the ring, two tickets to Vegas, and an appointment at the Elvis Chapel.

  35. Who smacked this cow in the face with a bag of nickels???

  36. Hecubus

    Awesome news. My chances just increased to absolute zero.

  37. LXI

    omg, so you’re not allowed to call ugly girls ugly anymore?

    Any loser that thinks that she has a drop-dead gorgeous face has to be legally blind. Is it the dead eyes that are so hot? Maybe it’s the skin spotted like a cheetah?

    C’mon, if she isn’t ugly she sure as hell isn’t anywhere close to being beautiful. Let’s give her average and move on to the real hotties shall we.

  38. Evil

    If I wanted to date a man…

  39. big ben

    she is not that hot! look at that face; ugh.

  40. mark

    I call sloppy seconds!!!

  41. This site is full

    of liars and homos! You hags and fags crack me up! This chick is incredible and you fat/saggy/boney assed wringled skanks wish you looked half as good. There is not a real man on earth who would not do her.
    Clue #1: Fags are not real men
    Clue #2: Hags are not real women

  42. sandra's bust

    @11 — that’s cracked out lolol

  43. her weight fluctuates more than the temperature here in DC

  44. Friday

    You guys seriously think she’d be an awesome, problem free girlfriend, just because she plays video games? That she’s *not* an attention whore and NEVER whores it up? Have you even seen Attack of the Show? Or ANYWHERE she’s appeared before now? She IS high maintenance and she DOES whore herself up at the drop of a hat. And video games? Yeah, she doesn’t know that much about them. I’m not saying she’s ugly but some of you nerds worshipping the ground she walks on need some damn perspective.

  45. sarah

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  46. marie e.

    whats the fuss?? Take away her hair and her face is manly as all hell, and #38 was dead on when they pointed out her dead looking eyes. Her body is nice, but thats about it. Butterface central. And even her body isnt exactly the nicest one in Hollywood.

  47. Chip Chipperson

    Sounds like Chris won’t be PINE-ing for her!

  48. dont get mad, get Rough

    Wheres her bikini and back shots? Im not even going to read what Fish just wrote…

  49. So THAT’S who Olivia Munn was dating. Wow i didn’t think it was anyone famous. She said in last month’s Maxim she just broke up with her boyfriend

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