Olivia Munn is making things happen (‘Down there’)

November 3rd, 2009 // 77 Comments

Here’s Olivia Munn posing for the “Hey Olivia!” issue of MYMAG which hits newsstands later this month is available exclusively online. Somehow she’s managed to score herself a cameo in Iron Man 2, and I have no idea how she pulled that off except I do and I want to cover it in frosting and marzipan then use it to win a blue ribbon at a church bake-off. (Don’t judge me.)

Photos: MYMAG

  1. Mack

    First you obnoxious losers

  2. Oh my sweet lord she has a wonderful ass.

    None of this skinny crap.

  3. icabod

    does her butt crack start really down low or something? still nice though

  4. My Dream.

    My dream would be her and Megan Fox in a lip locking, leg scissoring, baby oil drenched game of Twister…at my house. Yeaaa.

  5. hg

    Hmm, I can’t think of anything original to pose as, so how about I pose as a skank?

  6. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I would eat last night’s dinner out of her.

  7. Zee Brat

    @5 Yeah, I’m sure she chose her own poses. It’s not as if there were 18 people involved in these photographs or anything.

  8. Cute panties…

  9. uiouiy

    lol @ #5: bitter old hag. go get some plastic surgery you pathetic she bag. no one cares what you think, and i bet no one cares to look at you either. go hate on lovely ladies somewhere else. maybe vent to your 29 house cats. loser.

  10. lilu

    She’s fucken hot. Love her. She has a MILLION times the personality of Megan Fox.

  11. Women Keep Your Mouth Closed Less Your Suckin ====D

    Olivia has one of the best bodies in hollywood, certainly the best legs. She loses points quickly when she opens her mouth for anything other than (to insert a dick) to suck with.

  12. Vanessa Belle

    She is a pretty girl but her but her personality is very nauseating.

    She speaks in manner in which she tries so hard to be clever and sarcastic but she ends up just sounding bitchy, stupid and annoying.

    So my advice to her is stick to jobs that don’t require you to talk, such as modelling.

  13. uh huh

    This is lame. This isn’t celebrity gossip. I don’t care how hot she is, I can go spank it to some actual porn if I wanted to see some hot ass on the internet. I don’t get the point of posts like these. They are neither here nor there. They aren’t funny, scandalous, gossip-worthy… A woman posing in her (gasp) undergarments, or a dude on the beach. And it’s always some two-bit actor from some TV show nobody’s seen, or butterface model you’ve never heard of before. Do people over the age of 13 actually get it up to this shit? I demand real celebrity gossip. Or hardcore porn.

  14. I’s consider moving out of the basement for this.

  15. AssEater5

    I suppose I am a fan of hers but I can’t understand how she has exploded like this. She is appearing everywhere. Has her own show, appears in talk shows, magazine covers, did a playboy shoot, role in IronMan 2 and now her own sample magazine. I don’t get it. How did this Olivia Munn craze start?

  16. Bod Cool

    … but facially, ummmm, whatever.

  17. Hello There

    Lame. I want to see some spread pussy lips or this is all a gianty waste of time.

  18. Hello There

    ….and her face is freaking butt ugly. No joke. The nose, eyes, the way it all comes together. Nothing special here. A lot of girls have great bodies, so let’s at least show off the ones with great faces too. This one is scary.

  19. Matt Murdoch

    dog face deserves dog hump

  20. Drew


    The only reason this person has any semblance of fame is among nerds and geeks salivating over whatever show it is that she hosts. Attack of the Show? Something like that, whatever it is. I think it’s a video game show or something… I don’t feel like googling it.

    She’s a nobody in the grand scheme of things, and I agree… there’s no reason to post this. Save this garbage for Geekologie where it belongs. While I’ll admit these are probably the better images I’ve seen of her… she’s mediocre at best.

  21. since it has been established that this post is not relevant to the theme of this site, i think i can safely say that this woman is not hot without anyone saying that i’m off topic. her face, breasts, and ass are equally nothing special.

  22. Mr Bigs

    I love her. I can’t wait till we get married and then buy a house on a beach and have 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) and have pizza tuesdays where we rent a movie and eat pizza and then go to disneyland every summer with the kids, she’s really great.

  23. See Alice

    Olivia is super hot . Even more important Olivia has a great personality . It would be a blast just to hang around with her !

  24. wanks

    @12 you sound like a jealous fatty!

  25. oooaaaa

    Saw her on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night. YUMMY!! NIce legs.

  26. Jim

    She has Troll face.

  27. Jim

    She has Troll face.

  28. say good night to the Rough guy!

    Ouuuuuw now pic 1 is one way to get my attention…ive never notice her B4

  29. Stephen

    ah, now I remember why I have this website bookmarked

  30. undahpresha

    Annoying phony bitch.

  31. You gotta be kidding me

    Today must be “jealous trailer park heifers & musical theatre gayboys post for free” day. Olivia Munn is a hot piece of ass & totally doable, yet there are dumbasses who say she has a troll face, etc. Open your eyes, you inbred losers; that’s what a woman is supposed to look like. Geez, grow some genitalia…

  32. That’s a big turd cutter. Probably has to give a courtesy flush in the morning.

  33. Vanessa Belle

    “Wanks”, her good looks were acknowleged, but she seems like a dimwit much like you.

    It’s always amusing to read responses claiming that someone is a “fatty” or ugly etc. because they have a criticism of an attractive woman in the media. Don’t you think that I if I was jealous of her beauty it would not have been acknowledged by me. Clearly, you make no sense.

    Being a good looking and intelligent woman myself, I have always appreciated women who are beautiful and intelligent as well. When you get to be over the age of 15 which you probably are based on your response you’ll begin to understand the importance of personality in a person’s attractiveness and realize looks aren’t everything.

    You have a lot to learn.

  34. casinorama

    #31 This site is about making fun of shit and being superficial. Olivia Munn is about as interesting as the burned french fries in the bottom of my oven, she has dime-a-dozen tits, a generic ass, and an average “pretty” face. Sure she’s cute but she isn’t worth her own post here – people come here to laugh at fuck-up celebrities, not sift through PG-13 magazine photos of nobodies in their underwear. “A hot piece of ass and totally doable” you sound like you’re twelve. This site is getting boring – every other post is just some dumb bitch and then thirty pre-teen little boys declaring “Ah yes, I do say that she is a hot piece of ass and totally doable” while adjusting their monocle.

  35. Great body, Great Ass.

    The face…not so much.

  36. A damn fine ass it is…

  37. wow, I’d love to know the back story on that shot…

  38. John McCain

    for some odd reason I am not too impressed by her, to tell you the truth I think my daughter did a better job, my friends.

  39. Bar Owner



    Just because someone’s opinion is different from yours, doesnt mean they’re ugly/trailer park. Everyone has their preferences and honestly Olivia Munn is boring.

  41. Rex

    She is making a song called Sweet ass in your face. You can youtube the video. She is so hot.

  42. Nina

    I bet people think she has a troll face because her nose doesn’t look like a typical blonde’s.

  43. Alexis

    Seriously? This girl is so ugly. Like I can’t even believe this is even an issue. Her face looks like a Stop sign. Talk about butterface! Wow. And it has nothing to do with her not being “typically blonde.” I find exotic features much more appealing and this woman is just awful.

  44. Yancy

    You gotta pay the toll troll, to get into this girl’s hole,
    You gotta pay the toll troll to get in!

  45. I would so gladly kill and eat @1-44 to put anything of mine into anything of hers. She is beyond hot (although @34, old chap, I must say, she is a hot piece of ass and totally doable).
    Wow, so where to go from here? Do I leave my wife and two small children to seek the love of Munn? What is the measure of a life not spent seeking it’s hearts desire? What wouldn’t I eat out of her rectum?
    These are the questions of our time, folks……

  46. Herbie

    Too many angry fat soccer mums post on this website.

  47. Herbie

    Too many angry fat soccer mums post on this website.

  48. Herbie

    Too many angry fat soccer mums post on this website.

  49. Herbie

    Too many angry fat soccer mums post on this website.

  50. orsen

    The song in that video rules.

    And yeah that chick is AMAZING

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