Olivia Munn in Maxim

December 15th, 2009 // 74 Comments

And Olivia Munn is apparently in the January 2010 issue of Maxim. At this point, The Superficial would like to apologize to the Baby Jesus for all the crying that’s about to happen so close to his birthday. (Would it help if I married my laptop first?)

EDIT: Maxim photos removed by request. But here’s some shots of Olivia at the premiere of The Lovely Bones which is.. not even close to being the same thing. Sorry!

Photos: WENN

  1. messi

    Almost first? Hooot girl!!

  2. Ray


  3. JamesToselandisGay

    Good looking. Not that hot.

  4. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Freckles make me want to vomit. Otherwise decent looking.

  5. all of you

    are gay. she’s hot. period.

    and could you please get me something? could you get…..out. thanks.

  6. Sport

    Doesnt always look so in photos but see her in person and BOOIING.

  7. moe.ron.

    the girl is not even a little bit toned. and her head is about three sizes too big. and her face and close-ups don’t seem to work together–but yeah, sure, other than that…she’s super hot.

  8. gotmilk?

    ughh her face is totally busted especially in the last two photos. and who is this?

  9. Tim

    She looks like a nice, tight fuck. Her face is hideous, however. Bang her from the rear.

  10. Matt-Zilla

    holy crap she is a cutie, plus geeky so thats a definite plus
    whats the hells wrong with you guys?!
    you took time off from banging supermodels to critique superficial posts or what?

  11. azzman

    oh boy. i like

  12. tinytim

    often read but never commented before, but I’ve taken today to question this post. She’s built like a skinny teenage boy – I don’t get how someone can post this two photos after Rhianna & claim to find them both attractive.

  13. Drew

    Airbrush her face please. Would I hit it? Sure. But she’s hardly anything special. I have pretty low standards, don’t judge.

  14. Man Face


  15. gabeMonkey allen

    ya here boobs arent big enough her face isnt small enough her penis isnt thick enough her arm apits arent hairy enough, wait did i ……. Ripping on a girl hotter than any woman youll ever even be in the same room is is sad. shes better looking than your average woman by a massive amount, google the average weight of your average american woman. You are the only one who think syour cool ripping on hot chicks everyone else sees threw you like a window pane. grow up and get layed.

  16. quake

    She needs to just do porn already.

  17. girl

    She has no idea how to pose



  19. Joebaggs


    Scrawny. Yeah yeah, i must either be gay or dig fat chicks. But if you’ve ever had sex with a bony girl you’d understand it makes you feel like a pedo.

    And @ 17, this is the internet, not a local club. Sure, if she was someone you knew in real life it might be different. But there are thousands upon thousands of much hotter girls paraded in front of us every day online…which is why i’m so confused as to why Olivia Munn gets so much damn attention.

  20. kyle

    her name — munn — means ‘dick’ in Estonian.

  21. Seal

    Who the fuck is Olivia Munn? Fug + boooooring.

  22. Ice

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  23. Sam

    9 is right. they have her in 4 inch heels and there is still no definition in her legs.

    her face is completely fugtastic.

  24. WTF

    She is in the same league as Tiger Woods’ mistresses

  25. Kae

    Holy photoshop, Batman! From watching AOTS, she’s not that thin, girl actually has some curves. Also the photog is use lens and perspective to make the body smaller looking, hence the giant head but his technique is fail.

  26. did someone steal her tits?

  27. AteIsEnough

    Gimmie a great heinie shot and that’s all it’ll take!!

  28. CMYK

    Meh. I liked her better curvy. She looks concentration campy here. I’m not sayin’ I wouldn’t do her…

  29. jiz

    Nice. For the cumsuckers who think otherwise, I offer a tasteful “Fuck you!”

  30. MonkeyMan777

    Ummmm……if i met her in the bar after having a few beers, yeah, I’d do her. But otherwise……meh. I like women with a little muscle tone…….squishy looking skinny chicks ain’t hot.

  31. Richard McBeef

    When the douchemongrels come in her saying fug and nast, they should be required to link to a picture of the last girl they nailed.

  32. Racer X

    #27 We have a WINNAR!!!!

    /winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  33. farles chew

    I hate to be the one to cry “PHOTOSHOPPED”! but that’s not Munn’s curvy bod there. That’s some skinny-ass anime version of Munn

  34. I have a penis, unlike others

    As a man who’s actually had sex with multiple women I can say, definitively, that Olivia Munn is sexy. The rest of the posters are clearly infected with the gay virus. Take two cocks (as a suppository) and come out already.

    A sign of closet gayness is a over emphasis on female flaws. You make sure every women is flawed to you b/c if you actually had sex with a girl you’d realize you are completely, head-over-heels gay.

    My penis is pretty certain she’s hot. If you’re penis is telling you otherwise: there’s a reason Nancy.

  35. Roxi

    She thinks shes hot and that every guy wants her honestly theres nothing special about her shes way too normal, just my opinion!

  36. 37 is an idiot

    what the hell, she has no curves at all! in that mirror shot u can see her flat ass. men who think she is hot, are secretly attracted to little 12 year old boys. sorry she has a body of one. Like seriously, come on, in one of those shots she has pushed up tits then in the 5th picture shes flat chested??!?!?! sorry she has a man face EWWWWW

  37. Penis Master

    @39- I like how you find a perfectly attractive woman unattractive, yet I’m the gay one.

    There’s this thing called irony. Perhaps you might open a book one day and find out what it means.

  38. kimk

    not beautiful

    just average it lacks ….. salt

  39. kimk

    not beautiful

    just average it lacks ….. salt

  40. who dat

    I agree about that face. If no bag is available, this one should definately be done (from behind) doggy style. Note to the ladies. If you want to increase your own hotness, keep your mouth shut. No guys care what you have to say. Your mouth was put on your face to suck, not to talk.

  41. Again with the “ew, man-face” or “her freckles are ugly” comments, lol. You guys would probably never, EVER have a shot with a woman as beautiful as her anyway, don’t worry, lol. And I’m willing to bet everything I have that if she walked up and said “fuck me. now.”, you’d cream your jeans before you even got the zipper down. So shut the fuck up already, nobody’s buying you’re “she’s not good enough for me” attitude you hopeless twats.

  42. lurkmoar

    ZOMG someone has a differing opinion and taste than me.. they must be teh gay!1!1!1!!eleventy-one

  43. rob

    she kind of looks like porn star Ashley Blue.

  44. Chris

    People are hating on O. Munn? Seriously? You have obviously never seen AOTS, or any of her other photoshoots. I would eat fruit salad from her ass if the opportunity arose. This is one of her weaker shoots, but she is still bangin in every sense of the word. Also, if you have ever seen or met her in person you would be shutting your mouths to stop the drool….

  45. Wait what, why is it removed?

  46. confused

    what are the odds that so many people on here have seen her in person?

  47. Timely

    You can still see her here:
    Not the greatest spread..and I like Olivia. Wishing she would just do a nude shoot for Playboy…

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