Olivia Munn in lingerie and other news

April 30th, 2010 // 126 Comments

- Conan O’Brien throws Leno under the bus on 60 Minutes. [PopEater]

- Lance Armstrong has the most powerful testicle on Earth. [Dlisted]

- Brooke Hogan still has huge breasts for a dude. [HollywoodTuna]

- Gwyneth Paltrow < Kate Hudson. [Lainey Gossip]

- Christina Aguilera has some video out. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Simon Monjack is probably banging Brittany Murphy’s mom. [StarPulse]

- Shakira will save you, Arizona. [TheFABlife]

- Heidi Montag’s tits just suffocated her career. [Hollywood Life]

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Photos: FHM

  1. she’s so hot!

  2. Randal

    The hanging chains certainly add a layer of toughness that Olivia certainly could not bring to the table on her own. There’s really nothing else to add with this one. You’ve seen one Olivia Munn picture, you’ve seen them all. Next!


  3. derek

    this chick is mediocre at best. please stop posting pics of this fug chick.

  4. derek

    this chick is mediocre at best. please stop posting pics of this fug chick.

  5. derek

    this chick is mediocre at best. please stop posting pics of this fug chick.

  6. erik

    I agree with derek and Randal.
    Body = ok (seen one, seen em all), face=FUGLY.

  7. brooklyn

    I like Ms. Munn, she has a nice persona.

    Something odd is happening however. She looks as if she has growing issues about her looks. She seems to be always turning in a manner to hide her lower regions, strange efforts to create some form of cleavage.

    She is always seeking some attention in the form of laying out in sexy outfits, but they seem overtly airbrushed – like contradictions of someone who is proudly exploiting oneself. The recent PETA thing, these photos, etc., all seem oddly contrived.

    Olivia may see the clock ticking, and wants a bigger career, before the youthful good looks change, and the changes of womanhood prove a little problematic.

    So many young Girls start out posing in their late teens, even the POP Stars, face a tough reality when they mature. And many show some real problems with their acceptance of their aging figures.

    We shall see, but Olivia does not look comfortable at all, posing as the ‘sex bomb’.

    How about wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans on the TV occasionally Ms. M?

    You are an attractive person, accept who you are…

  8. Jordan

    Her face is unique, and to be honest I’m kinda in love with it. Her body isn’t too shabby either.

  9. iseen

    I seen this chick at the Arbys at the mall that was way hotter

  10. Just Sayin

    She is pretty mediocre… nothing stands out about her

  11. Sport

    She does it for me, dunno why. Her personality adds to this mystery. My ruling = HOT.

  12. Cody

    @7 “She is always seeking some attention in the form of laying out in sexy outfits, but they seem overtly airbrushed – like contradictions of someone who is proudly exploiting oneself.”

    I dunno about seeking attention with the photos. It’s not like she’s going out of her way asking magazines to photograph her scantily clad. That’s between the magazines and her agent.
    As for the airbrushing, that’s not her fault either. She’s not doing the airbrushing and photoshop work on her own photos. That’s done in post, which I doubt she has much say to, apart from maybe selecting which photos to publish.
    She’s said herself she doesn’t care for the constant bikini shoots, stating she’d rather do a t-shirt and jeans shoot over a bikini shoot. But she knows that wouldn’t sell. She’s smart. Sex sells. So she goes with it.
    If you look at her photos from her MyMag magazine or her book she just published, you’ll notice they’re barely touched up if at all. She’s in all her freckle-faced glory. Those are photoshoots she had more say with.

  13. Master Baiter with small pole

    Penis Meter reads: smoking fucking HOT!!!!!!

  14. Jammy

    What fans? She’s not even hot and now it looks like she is full of herself, i feel sorry for anybody pathetic enough to be one of her “fans”

  15. LR

    You don’t have fans Olivia, you have some guys and the odd dyke that just want to see you naked and then move on.

    Funny though how you talk like a big celeb that is throwing the odd bone to the peasants.

  16. The Dude

    Her face is ugly. But she has a nice body. I give her a 6.8/10

  17. See Alice

    WOW has her rack grown !!

  18. FishBone

    Remember the ziplock finger character guy in the commercials? That’s what who this broad reminds me of. Her head looks like a face drawn on a finger. yeah. yellow and blue make green!

  19. Tek

    I like Olivia. Not a bad set, but it’s starting to feel like overkill now. The fact is that she has a small cult following on the net, and that’s pretty much it. She’s giving acting a try but I don’t see her going very far cuz she’s not very good… but then again neither is Megan Fox, so… next film, show TITS or GTFO.

  20. Rico Jones

    @19, I totally agree. She definitely has a small cult following on the web but it is very small. I’m not sure how she is “blowing up” all of the sudden. She is appearing everywhere these days and I’m not sure why. The only thing I can think of is that the G4 Network is investing in her public relations. I give her credit for her current success but she is just a host. I also agree that her acting is below average.

  21. chuckie

    I’m sick of this poser. She’s popular because nerds think “she’s one of us”. She’s not. She’s an lousy actress who needed a job and got hired by G4. Then everyday she reads a script. She poses for Peta, not because she cares about their causes, but because she want the attention. She is the most phonyiest person in the land of huge phonies. Give me someone like Britney and her super nips over Olivia Munn any day.

  22. asdf


    what the fuck is the fascination with this girl?????

  23. VC


  24. Admiral Nimitz

    It’s better than the usual skanks like Kardipshitian and Gosslin

  25. enough

    Enough with this overrated bitch already. There’s nothing more annoying than a mediocre looking attention whore with an overblown self image. And she tries way too hard to be goofy and “just one of the guys”, which in the end just makes her a poor man’s Jenny McCarthy. Go away already.

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  27. Gweb

    My penis approves!

  28. Rico Jones

    @25, Haha! So true about the Jenny McCarthy thing. I have often said she suffers from Jenny McCarthy Syndrome. And that is when a pretty girl is constantly trying to be witty or funny. Very annoying.

  29. Dirk Diggler

    I hate to say it, but I’m getting a little bored with Olivia Munn. She needs to either up the ante and show something or go away. She isn’t the nerd queen that all the dorks think she is. She’s just a girl who attained cult status by playing the part.

  30. shittin condoms

    gigantic asian head is gigantic and asian

  31. She look so hot in this tiny outfit.She maintain her figure so careful.I am big fan of her personality.

  32. ham

    She’s playing the “sexy nerd” card way too hard. That line about “being connected to the fans” smacks of condescension; I mean honestly, if you were a smart lady, wouldn’t you treat yourself with more respect than to pander to adolescent male fantasies?

  33. you guys are gay

    you guys say she’s ugly but you homo’s would hit that in a second.

  34. Dread not

    Oh, hey, look, it’s, Olivia Munn-dane…

  35. Nero


  36. asdf


    any guy would tap dat ass of any girl with a decent body, with a paper bag over the head.

    She could have three eyes and a pig nose, and guys would still hit it.

    but that’s beside the point. Olivia Munn is butterface

  37. Johnny Stab-O

    All you fags talk a lot of shit but each of you know you’d bang the shit out of her if she was naked and standing in front of you. But since none of you would ever get that chance all you can do is hate on her. I’d love to see just one of you fucks post a picture of a girl you’ve been with that is hotter than her. Yeah, may call her a butterface, but she’s got a nice body and she looks a helluva lot better than any of the trolls y’all probably ever nailed.

  38. Gando

    Her skin doesn’t look leathery at all.

  39. I like the second one. Maybe she seems attainable, and that’s part of her charm.

  40. captain america

    the idea that entire america can’t deal with naked women must give her suicide thoughts!!

  41. Parker

    She’s got such a hot ass I would pack her fudge any day.

  42. bill

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  43. kate

    man. face.

    she has a very pretty body, though…

  44. who dat

    on the down slope of above average, but not hot.

  45. Donkey Punch

    It gives me a huge chuckle when I see this deluded chick talk about her “fans”.

    Sweetheart you don’t have fans. Guys want to fuck you. That is all.

  46. Darth

    Since when is she running a dog walking business?

  47. cellphone

    It looks like she does only walk German Mastiffs and Rottweilers.

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  49. gen

    Read the first couple paragraphs of the article. They are gag-worthy. The amount of time devoted to “She is so cool! She plays so many video games! She is so awesome! She loves geeks!” is just depressing. Last I heard, she goes out with Chris Pine, so here’s a message to all the geeks out there who think she’ll fuck them. She is just as unattainable to you as the hot girls in high school who exclusively fucks jocks. She is still fucking jocks. Get your head out of your asses you morons.

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