Olivia Munn does Playboy

June 19th, 2009 // 148 Comments

G4′s Olivia Munn posed for Playboy Heidi Montag-style which makes no sense whatsoever. Seriously, when did Playboy become Maxim all of sudden? It’s almost like we’ve been sucked into some sort of parallel universe where everything is backwards. Quick, someone check outside and see if women are allowed to drive. Then we’ll know something’s up.

Photos: Playboy

  1. Urbanspaceman

    Welcome to the 1950′s

  2. Wealthysingle

    Wow, she is tooooooo sexy!Then it is not strange why her naked photos were posted at the forum of …..”Wealthysingle.net”….., the poster said he was her neighbor, she always enjoy in dating to different men.

  3. The photos are sexy. I like the all of the money shots! Even though I’m Not sure who Olivia Munn is. She still can get it.

  4. 3D

    Who is she!?? What is G4!??
    Tell your parents to stop being so cheap and get cable tv already. WTF

  5. Racer X

    Oliva Munn is HOTTER than the sun.

    /too bad she’s not naked in these pics

  6. God

    Man, what an UGLY face! Total buttaface right here folks, so plain. never seen her before this shoot, but i see i’m not missing much. Don’t get the hype at all.


  7. Jason

    You could land a spaceship on her head, it’s huge. Meh, doesn’t do it for me…wide flat boxer’s nose and there’s something manly about her. Same with that Moon chick in last month’s maxim…she blows too.

  8. redflackal

    I seriously question the heterosexuality of anyone here who claims that she is “ugly” or a “butterface”

  9. Jackson Jay

    To #58

    Yes, because i know beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder or anything.

    There are people who think Eva Green is ugly and she is one of the most gorgeous women in my opinion, so your comment makes no sense. This woman’s features don’t do it or me and i am not the least bit homo. She’s got that atheltic sporty rough and tumble type of features and i tend to like softer more dainty features like those of Monica Bellucci! Sorry, but Olivia is not hot to myself and i am sure to many others, that’s life. It’s not like most of us wouldn’t “fuck her”, but the girl is a dime a dozen where i live bro.

  10. Steph

    Pic number 8 is a man baby..


  11. The F'n Jem'Hadar

    So when are they going to do the photoshop on these to, you know, make her attractive?

  12. just

    Wow… she is a little uninspiring. However, this is not the point. Playboy = tits out at the very least! What on earth do they think they are up to? Has syphilis finally consumed old Heffy’s brain?

  13. Willie Dixon

    For those of you who don’t that she’s anything “super special” on the hotness meter need to see a couple Attack of the Shows. Her personality (and of course her looks) would make her the ultimate dream girlfriend. Yes, I said “girlfriend”.

    Regarding Fish’s Posts of late: yeah, cut this shit out with all the bikini picts and get more stories. Big deal, you got a winner with Munn. But I may recommend if people want brutal commentary, I prefer dlisted; if I want to see a constant parade of non-nude chicks for the sake of non-nude chicks, I’ll go to plundergirls. At least they have quality porn stars and models for “further reading” via Google image search.

    Seriously, you all have convinced me for good. I’m done with this site.

  14. WTF?

    Olivia is even UGLIER on video! I kept thinking maybe the pictures just don’t do her justice, so i youtubed her on that show she does and WTF? She look like straight ass.

    Go see for yourself, forward to marker 1:50… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8C5r2bjuvg

    It must be a “personality” thing, because lookswise this girl couldn’t be more average, my god just look at that nose and mouth, no fucking thanks. You men need to get out more.


    Hey, it is a sucky shoot for Playboy and all. When these celebs get into Playboy, it’s supposed to mean we finally get to see their boobs, and maybe a hint of bush if we’re reall lucky and she’s a total slut.

    But I am beating off to this anyway because I can see her feet in that arched position. Oh man I am a feet mans!

  16. LOL @ #59 saying Eva Green is one of the most gorgeous women. With that mouth?? And you think THIS chick is unattractive? Yes, you’re right. It is your opinion..it’s just kind of an odd one at that. I say kudos to whoever the hell this chick is. She told Playboy “no” to nude photos, yet they STILL wanted her. She got paid for being classy (I suppose) while all of you wankers sit here a complain about it. She wins. Now go on, go to the titty bar like the good, pathetic little men that you are.

  17. asdf

    focking lame.

    no tits or ass.

    lame as fock

  18. lovecraft

    I’m pretty positive that hugh hefner has had nothing to do with the magazine for many years. Christie hefner has been running PB for years and recently stepped down. It is no secret that the magazine is struggling and putting olivia on the cover is merely an attempt to briefly increase their circulation.

  19. Roxi

    im not a hater and i do recognize either if a girl is hot or not, shes just a plain woman wearing a bikini and thongs… i do not find anything spectacular on her, enough said!

  20. Icehawg

    I am interested in hearing what Daisy has to say about all this. She usually has the most insightful, deep, incredibly intelligent commentary.

  21. :B


    wrong thread. you want Geekologie

    dont go inviting Daisy here. she’s annoying enough with her photoshop comment, which isnt funny anymore.

    we dont do funny in the superficial, so maybe you should invite her…

  22. I like her. She’s funny and smart.

  23. Al Bundy

    GEEZ, WHAT A SKANK! i like it and want some…..

  24. Delgo

    Sup, fucking tendon hands







  28. Initial_G

    She’s pretty but not SO hot that Playboy should not have been able to pull getting her nude.

    I think this and the Heidi bs speaks volumes about how much Playboy has fallen from its Marilyn Monroe times and elite status when they can’t even get F-Listers to show nipples.

  29. smellmyfinger

    If you want to see what she looks like you can go to http://www.playbimbo.com/ and download the latest issue of Playboy for free.

  30. Hef

    Hey #68, I’m still EIC over here. I’m not dead yet!

  31. Darth


  32. dude

    playboy’s sucked for a long time, nothin but fake blondes and fake boobs, why not fake nudity..

  33. Jon

    Now that Hef is getting older, Playboy is turning into the new Maxim, and eventually will become People. The magazine is run by women – what do you expect? Pretty soon they’ll be fully clothed.

  34. Ace


  35. tromba

    #3 – Major DITTO – She ain’t that hot anyway…………

    Playboy has long lived past its usefulness.

  36. tromba

    #85 – Do you REALLY think she is fat? Something is just wrong.

  37. TopCat

    She is not fat at all. I think you’re used to see skinny girls.

  38. Olivia Bung

    The photographer for this shoot needs to be fired. I saw her at E3 this year and she’s so much hotter in person that she looks in these pics.

  39. meee

    who the hell is this?

  40. live and let live

    85. Ace

    You are seriously messed up in the head!

  41. Balls McCoy

    I still think Webb is hotter, she doesn’t have to try to be hot, she just is. Munn works it to the point where you just know it’s all an act and this is proof. If you were so sure of yourself and open about yourself sexually (as she is on G4), what would be the big deal w/ taking off your clothes or showing a lil nip?

  42. Balls McCoy

    I still think Webb is hotter, she doesn’t have to try to be hot, she just is. Munn works it to the point where you just know it’s all an act and this is proof. If you were so sure of yourself and open about yourself sexually (as she is on G4), what would be the big deal w/ taking off your clothes or showing a lil nip?

  43. Balls McCoy

    So nice I said it twice.

  44. dude_on

    What the hell has happened to Playboy? I could have done better photography with my cellphone. Is this right-wing porn? Britney poses better than this getting out of an SUV.

  45. Samantha

    playboy is overrated, and who is this heidi girl?

    beauty products

  46. sexy.

    She has a nice figure.

  47. Stephiphany

    Why has no one brought up the fact that she is the world’s biggest cock tease?

    All she ever does are these “oops I’m ALMOST showing you something” shots.

    Let the bitch go away.

  48. alex

    I think only comp/youtube nerds would know who she is. Attack of the Show isn’y on many people’s radar. She should play wonderwoman, as evidenced by her attack of the show bits.

  49. slime

    watch her here and tell me she doesn’t rule:

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