Olivia Munn does Comic-Con

July 26th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Here’s G4′s Olivia Munn in various outfits at Comic-Con over the weekend including Princess Leia, Lara Croft and Never Going to Make it as an Actress Girl. Also, some pictures from our wedding night in the future got mixed in here. Not quite sure how that could even happen, but hey, enjoy.

Olivia Munn’s Playboy Shoot

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Shawna


  2. *****Krazyhotkelli******

    Zhawna iz firzt. Not zuprizing cauze lozerz alwayz go firzt.

  3. Cash

    My god, that was an uncomfortable Star Wars panel yesterday.

    You could literally hear the audience getting fatter.

  4. Parker

    wow, I just imagined what it’d be like to buttfuck this girl and it was horrible. She had a nice tight ass but she talked the entire time and wouldn’t shut up so as soon as I finished I ran out the door where I imagined hopping in my Maserati and speeding away.

  5. Robot

    these are some damn good pictures! wish I could have gone there :(


  6. Kmm

    I would raid her womb,I mean tomb.No I mean womb.

  7. The Dipstix Crew gives 2 thumbs UP!

  8. Shawna

    Hey, Z retard.
    The only reason people say first is because they get a kick out of what people like you say.

  9. bribios

    @ 10

    You do realize that that reasoning doesn’t make you any less pathetic, right?

  10. Taz

    i’d pump her all day and night

  11. Shawna

    Hey, Bribios.
    Cool Story Bro.

  12. Darth

    Oh hell yeah! This girl must love cosplay!?

  13. ??????????????????

    I imagine Munn-ching on that for hours.Who cares who or what she isn’t.

  14. Nero

    Did anybody spot Rampage Jackson at the San Diego Comic-Con?

  15. Willy Wonka

    Was she always so Oompa Loompa orange?

  16. Upinya

    I don’t know who this chick is, but I want to eat her butt. She is gorgeous.I must see her buck naked, face down,ass up and biting a pillow.

  17. Upinya

    O.K. After a quick Google image search, I am in love, and now I’m all sticky.

  18. kingofbeer

    Speaking as a nerd… That is the hottest thing I have ever seen! Hot nerd chicks rule! /snort

  19. Venom

    She’s hot and she knows it. This is why she always does stuff like this (she’s even posed for Playboy… not naked though.) Anyway… more hot nerdy chicks, please. How about some Jessica Chobot posts? I’m sure your readers will appreciate it.

  20. Nerd?

    She is not nerdy, and has no geek cred. She is just an aspiring actress who got a job on a network that sometimes mentions video games.

  21. Large Black Man

    Another unknown white trash whore who is supposed to be famous? All white bitches are whores who would suck a dog’s cock to get their 5 seconds of fame

  22. Joe Fonebone

    Lovely, I’d Leia! (Le-ia, lay-her – geddit??? Oh please yerself Missus.)

  23. Wilber

    It sure must suck to be black. Always pissed off at the world.Angry at “the man” for always having is thumb on you’re forehead tryin to keep a brother down. May be you should hop in your bucket and pop some caps at some fools on the block.Nigga please.

  24. ridiculous

    Olivia Munn’s of Chinese descent and spent most of her childhood in Japan. Besides that, she’s not trashy and she’s no whore. She is a hot geek. She’s like Jenny McCarthy back in the 90s, but better. She is one of the only chicks in Hollywood I respect and want to have sweet, sweet lesbian sex with at the same time. Kudos to Munn! Funny girl, quirky, smart, outspoken, and smoking hot.

  25. Really? From the few times I have been in her company, I wouldn’t say she struck me as smart. She is pretty funny, I will give you that.

  26. I would like to reiterate my previous comments at this juncture.

  27. Wow how do you like that? Backwood Bitch been in the company of Olivia Munn! did you take your happy pills this morning ?

  28. No happy bills, but I did take some boner pills and I hope you are ready this time. I hate it when you get all weepy.

  29. Urbanspaceman

    Call me when it’s Olivia Wilde, ok?

  30. Kristin, what is that background picture from? The roman helmet action looks like something Rough Douchie would be into.

  31. @26 Well said… and you make me feel funny in my pants…


  32. She’s adorable….in my opinion. If she wasn’t quite so tan, she’d look even cuter

  33. TROMBA

    Who is this and why should I care? I saw a woman in the grocery store this afternoon MUCH better looking.

  34. Backwood Bitch’s conversations are like the wave of the sea, always makes people sick. All this couldve been avoided if his mama had stuffed him in a Jar a la after birth…

  35. Tatulia

    I think she is an asshole…her brain it’s too small to know about SW or whatever. If I were a ninja girl I would be glad to kill her :)

  36. £it

    @ 16. Nero – July 26, 2009 5:09 PM

    Did anybody spot Rampage Jackson at the San Diego Comic-Con?


    Yeah, I saw him. He was dry humping a cardboard cut out of, Carla Gugino, as the Silk Spectre. I didn’t have the heart to tell him. He seemed so…… I’ll use the word, “happy”.

  37. Racer X

    When did she get those tig-ol’-bitties?!!!


  38. Donkey Punch

    She isn’t funny or know anything about technology but I would hump her in every hole if I could.

    G4 tech tv is a lame and cynical attempt to get an audience of horny 14 year old boys. Terrible television with a little tits and ass.

  39. Bob Dole

    ridiculous – You say Olivia Munn is one of the few women you respect in Hollywood? For what, showing up in Playboy? Or maybe that ultra dignified bit where she put on a french maid’s outfit and jumped in a vat of chocolate. There are countless other women worthy of respect in Hollywood, versus some aspiring actress who can barely read a teleprompter.

  40. i really like the way she carried the costumes she wore..

    it really suits her..
    nice one!!!!

  41. Johnny

    Thx for the good stroke material, superficial! I would love to munch on that box for hours, have her suck on my manmeat then give her a good pumping and finish off by filling up her ‘tank’.

  42. Geronimo

    Hot chick. It must suck she has to do these cons and work on a game channel, since like most women she probably doesn’t even like video games to begin with.

  43. oh my

    oh my what a big light saber she has!

  44. Galtacticus

    Hola! Lara Croft is popular among these girls.How come!?

  45. Darth

    How do these girls know that i’m a Lara Croft auditor too??

  46. Darth

    Can she put both legs behind her head? She’s hired!

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