Olivia Wilde Really Wants Everyone To Know That If She Dies, Justin Bieber’s Fans Did It

Two weeks back, Justin Bieber decided to walk around London with his shirt off prompting Olivia Wilde to offer some friendly advice. Specifically, “Put your fucking shirt on.” Naturally, this angered Beliebers the world over who threaten to stab Olivia’s lesbian bitch neck off and feed it to Justin’s hamster who, coincidentally, also had a problem telling Justin what to do and look where he is now. Via Us Weekly:

“I got a lot of interesting feedback from his fans . . . about 35 million people. They had some really great notes and I have some of them for you.”
“At first I thought they were being mean, but then I realized it’s just helpful advice,” she added jokingly. “It was friendly advice like I gave to him.”
What type of “helpful advice” did she receive?
“‘Are you a lesbian or are you too old?'” Wilde read from one Bieber fan. “It’s great because it’s a question I had never asked myself before,” she said of the note. “And I was wondering if it’s that I’m too old to be a lesbian because I did just have a birthday, so I may have missed my window.”
Another favorite was, “‘Bitch (that’s me),'” she clarified, “‘You’re not his mother.'” Wilde added, “Which judging from the lack of hair on his chest in that photo I’m assuming I’m too old to be his mother.”
“There’s about 17,000 others,” she explained, “But they have too many expletives to say on camera.”

It’s actually impressive that Olivia Wilde can face her pending doom with a sense of humor. Especially considering when she called the FBI their exact words were, “Whoa, whoa, don’t drag us into this,”; “We’ve got kids, lady,”; and “Good luck. Not that it’ll help.”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News, WENN