Olivia Wilde Really Wants Everyone To Know That If She Dies, Justin Bieber’s Fans Did It

March 13th, 2013 // 34 Comments
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Two weeks back, Justin Bieber decided to walk around London with his shirt off prompting Olivia Wilde to offer some friendly advice. Specifically, “Put your fucking shirt on.” Naturally, this angered Beliebers the world over who threaten to stab Olivia’s lesbian bitch neck off and feed it to Justin’s hamster who, coincidentally, also had a problem telling Justin what to do and look where he is now. Via Us Weekly:

“I got a lot of interesting feedback from his fans . . . about 35 million people. They had some really great notes and I have some of them for you.”
“At first I thought they were being mean, but then I realized it’s just helpful advice,” she added jokingly. “It was friendly advice like I gave to him.”
What type of “helpful advice” did she receive?
“‘Are you a lesbian or are you too old?’” Wilde read from one Bieber fan. “It’s great because it’s a question I had never asked myself before,” she said of the note. “And I was wondering if it’s that I’m too old to be a lesbian because I did just have a birthday, so I may have missed my window.”
Another favorite was, “‘Bitch (that’s me),’” she clarified, “‘You’re not his mother.’” Wilde added, “Which judging from the lack of hair on his chest in that photo I’m assuming I’m too old to be his mother.”
“There’s about 17,000 others,” she explained, “But they have too many expletives to say on camera.”

It’s actually impressive that Olivia Wilde can face her pending doom with a sense of humor. Especially considering when she called the FBI their exact words were, “Whoa, whoa, don’t drag us into this,”; “We’ve got kids, lady,”; and “Good luck. Not that it’ll help.”

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  1. gnarla

    I think I just became an Olivia Wilde fan.

  2. Beer Baron

    My love for her and wang just exponentially grew.

  3. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Toe Jam
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t believe that SNL dude hits this on a regular basis. I saw her on The Colbert Report, and she has an awesome personality on top of that pretty face, and hot body.

  4. Anything I ever said bad about her I take back now. She is officially awesome.

  5. justin’s beaver is not going to like this. Now justin’s beaver will have to have its bodyguard hold it back as it lashes out at the horrible mean public……

  6. Mike

    El Jefe is right. Why the fuck would anyone dump on this girl after this? She’s very low-key in her acting, but who gives a shit? Anyone who dumps on Justin Bieber is class in my books.

  7. jus sayin

    She IS awesome. I use to have an issue with her because my husband (who couldn’t snag Olivia Wilde if his penis grew three inches and he became a billionaire) would oogle her. Not her fault that my husband is delusional. Now I LOVE her. She is so funny. Maybe, if it’s not too late, she can become a lesbian because her awesomeness would be wasted on men.

  8. bondbabe

    Nicely done, Ms. Wilde, nicely done!!

  9. kenius0101

    This kid (Butt Hurt Bieber), is a freakin joke, and so are his 5 year old, and 55 year old fans. get a life, buy a clue, go away. Yea, like Olivia wilde is really afraid of some one that worships a little Dink like this. Like bein attacked by clueless Care Bears. would just make me laugh. Oh by the way, any of you fans feel froggy and wanna leap, I got some acid in my shed, be my guest and try and get to it, please try lol….

    • Sab

      I love what she said. Awesome. But as much as you think he’s a joke, please don’t call his normal fans the same. Yeah, these people are freaks to the nth degree but my 8 year old loves him (trying to change that, believe me) and she, nor any child, wouldn’t act like this. Don’t generalize and lump good, normal kids into this bunch.

  10. Jim

    I assume all the Bieber fans want to know if she’s a lesbian because, well, they just want Justin to find another nice girl to settle down and be happy with.

  11. Omgyay

    I fucking adore her and everything about her. Oh my God. Olivia. I’m a straight female but I will learn to love the pussy if you’ll only be mine.

  12. derpino

    Why would anyone be afraid of a Bieber fan? what are they gonna do, blow you to death?

  13. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    damn she’s fine.

  14. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love her any more than I did yesterday. But she did it.

    BTW – Beiber fans… LOLzzzzz. so tough! kinda like a bird-chested little nerd having his body guard holding him back from having his ass handed to him in a high hat.

  15. Zawada3819

    This woman should stay, she’s clever.

  16. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck yeah, Olivia. Your sense of humor and healthy disgust with that dumbass make you even hotter.

  17. Olivia just continues to get even more awesome. Good job.

  18. MJ

    She keeps stating that she’s smart and intellectual, yet she’s arguing with kids on twitter and watching Kardashian’s,

    Naahh, she’s just another slamming hot, suberliberal airhead.

  19. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Animated wax sculpture and yet so. hot.

  20. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d like to stab her too! stab her right in her vagina with my dick, over and over and over and over again

  21. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Serious question…
    Is her face naturally that defined, or is that surgical?
    Really not trying to be a dick here, just never seen someone with a face that symmetrical before.

  22. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    5 bucks says the child has her jawline.

  23. Olivia Wilde Cleavage The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiere
    Commented on this photo:


  24. ME

    I love her more after this, too. Bieber is a total douche an his fans are psychopths.

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